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November 18, 2018, 11:48:15 pm
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Question: Who did Don Draper vote for?
Hillary Clinton   -16 (17.2%)
Bernie Sanders   -6 (6.5%)
Donald Trump   -32 (34.4%)
Ted Cruz   -11 (11.8%)
Jon Kasich   -28 (30.1%)
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Total Voters: 93

Author Topic: "Who would fictional characters vote for?" omnibus thread  (Read 212862 times)
Cory Booker
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« Reply #400 on: October 31, 2018, 04:50:41 pm »


Merlin the Magician Secular(CLINTON)
Witches Paige, Prue, Pheobe and Piper Secular(CLINTON)
Freddy Kreuger Traditional (Trump)
Jason "Friday the 13th"/Mike Myers Traditional(Trump)
Terminator (Arnie) Secular (CLINTON)
Finally in New Jersey
The Obamanation
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« Reply #401 on: November 13, 2018, 12:32:01 pm »

Since I'm a fan of Riverdale...

Archie Andrews: He's very easy to manipulate, but since he was Veronica's running mate in the Riverdale High elections I'm going to say Lean R.

Veronica Lodge: Lean R, the name Lodge does come from a Republican policitial figure, but she's Hispanic/Latina here and the owner of a small business, so she might vote D if it helps the business (or Archie, she's a very supportive girlfriend here.)

Betty Cooper: D, but given her role in the show is the resident detective she might be a person-voter rather than a party voter.

Forsythe P. "Jughead" Jones the 3rd: Doubt he votes, being a bit of a conspiracy theorist and gang leader. He's also a poor person who lives in a trailer park. Seems distrustful of politics.

Cheryl Blossom: R, elitist rich girl who is really mean and sexual. She is bisexual though, and has been to conversion therapy so she may have changed her registration after that.

Josie McCoy: D, her group The Pussycats are all minority women (Josie herself being black) and the Democrats are the party that supports them.

Reggie Mantle: Archie's Asian rival. As Archie is Lean R, I'll say Reggie is Lean D.

Dilton Doily: He's a crazy survivalist who has his own bunker and teaches kids how to fire a gun. He probably votes R and then hides in his bunker playing Gryphons and Gargoyles until the next election.

Kevin Keller: Betty's gay friend and the sheriff's son. He probably votes like his father.

Fred Andrews: Ran for mayor of Riverdale as the "Family Values" candidate. Not sure which party that would be.

Hermonie Lodge: Ran against Fred Andrews, so whatever the opposite party of what he ran on.

Hiram Lodge: The series main villain, and a mafia don who controls Riverdale with an iron fist. He votes for whoever he has the most control over.

Sherriff Keller: Lean D, since he's having an affair with...

Sierra McCoy: Josie's mother and the Mayor of Riverdale in seasons 1 and 2. D, of course.

F.P. Jones the 2nd: Much like his son Jughead, he seems distrustful of politics in general.

Hal Cooper: R, it's a spoiler why.

Alice Cooper: Her desire to clean herself up from her younger days probably motivates her to vote R like Hal.

Toni Topaz: D, is a Native American and dislikes the Blossoms.

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