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Author Topic: Music Megathread  (Read 237518 times)
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« on: August 12, 2010, 04:54:48 am »

(some random thoughts on the previously talked about grunge and such)

It's probably been 10....15 years since I've heard Temple of the Dog....good stuff.  A little....."down" for my tastes, but getting the best parts of Soundgarden (except Thayil) and the best parts of Pearl Jam and putting them together to make a "grunge" album with a soul was a great idea.

Soundgarden isn't really grunge.  They are much more of a metal band.

Same thing with Pearl Jam....not so much metal mind you...more like a heavy "alternative" sound (whatever that means) like Mecha suggested.

Grunge was just a name for Seattle punk....at least that's how I came to read it.  Sure, Nirvana and Black Flag don't have a lot in common, but probably more in common than Nirvana and REM.  Or Black Flag and Metalica.

Punk (or in this case grunge) as a popular genre can never last because part of it's "charm" is that it goes against the mainstream by default.  Exactly like hippies...which is maybe why punks and hippies hate each other....by default.

Metal is like highschool wrestling, boring and a little gay even though they try really hard to not be either of those.

99% of country music is as bad as 99% of "pop" music.  Also both are boring and a little gay.

And no, I don't think all music I don't like is boring and/or a little gay.  I'm not a fan of Jazz, but I don't find it boring or gay.  Same is true of classic country, R&B, opera and about 50% of hiphop.

Most prog rock and folk music is though.

And I actually like a little metal, prog and folk.  Metal was all I listened to in highschool.  Well, some classic rock as well.  Boston and Gwar (probably banned in Boston) were both huge influences on me.  Aerosmith was my favorite band.  I was in my 20s when I found punk and quit the metal.  I still listen to the heavy stuff from time to time, but it's all about the punk now-a-days.  It's still fast...still hard...just a lot less big stupid hair and big stupid guitars and singing like Cookie Monster a lot more comedy, politics and generally more light hearted.  Oh and and a few girls go to the concerts.

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