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  "Who would fictional characters vote for?" omnibus thread (search mode)
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Question: Who did Don Draper vote for?
#1Hillary Clinton  
#2Bernie Sanders  
#3Donald Trump  
#4Ted Cruz  
#5Jon Kasich  
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Author Topic: "Who would fictional characters vote for?" omnibus thread  (Read 230263 times)
Edgar Suit Larry
YaBB God
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United States

« on: November 03, 2011, 09:52:24 pm »

He definitely likes santorum. Anyways, I would say that he would have voted for Rudy Guiliani in the 2008 Primary and probably would have voted for McCain. I think he's a Johnson or Romney voter, but will probably will vote for Obama if its anyone else.
Edgar Suit Larry
YaBB God
Posts: 22,392
United States

« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 02:43:08 pm »

Homer Simpson - Wait, so there's another Homer Simpson on the show? Tongue Romney, as the clip showed.
Marge Simpson - She's stated that she voted for Carter twice, and is a big supporter of the Democratic Governor of the state that Springfield is in. So Obama.
Bart Simpson - Rebellious and sometimes a conspiracy theorist. Either Gary Johnson or Jeff Boss.
Lisa Simpson - Staunch environmentalist, gay rights activist and pacifistic. Probably Jill Stein.
Maggie Simpson - Very fond of guns, it seems. Virgil Goode?
Grandpa Simpson - Has bashed the Democrats numerous times on the show. Romney.
Nelson - Johnson
Comic book guy - Johnson
Ned Flanders - Write-in: Bachmann
Todd Flanders - Him and his brother are strongly implied to be gay in a futuristic episode. Probably Obama.
Rod Flanders - See above.
Chief Wiggum - Romney
Ralph Wiggum - Boss
Monty Burns - Romney (most obvious one yet!).
Mr. Smithers - Would tell Mr. Burns that he's a Romney supporter, but would in fact vote for Obama.
Fat Tony - Romney
Snake - Johnson
Hans Moleman - Always needs healthcare. Obama.
Duffman - Romney
Dr. Nick Riveria - Johnson
Edna Krabappel - Obama
Lionel Hutz - Romney
Professor Frink - Obama
Mayor Joe Quimby - Obama (he's a Democrat).
Captain Horatio McCallister - Romney
Patty - Obama (she's a lesbian).
Selma - Romney (because he's the best looking candidate).
Otto Mann  - Johnson
Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel - Romney
Lenny - Obama
Carl - Obama
Barney - Obama
Moe - Obama
Willie - Obama (he's Scottish).
Superintendent Chalmers - Romney
Principle Skinner - Romney
Apu - Obama
Milhouse - Johnson
Krusty the Clown - Romney

Good analysis of The Simpsons characters, Mitt Montgomery Burns!

So Springfield probably barely went for Obama but Romney probably did much better than McCain.
Edgar Suit Larry
YaBB God
Posts: 22,392
United States

« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 08:26:33 pm »

Mostly Democrats but for Ron Swanson, who would either refuse to vote on principle, or otherwise likely support Johnson. However Pawnee as a whole would likely go Romney.

It was obvious that Swanson would vote libertarian, I was wondering about people like Tom, Knope, and some of the other people. I would've never guessed that Pawnee would vote Romney! (I was actually didn't know how they would vote)

I wonder how Eureka and Warehouse 13 would have voted... hmn...

Knope is definitely a Hillary fan and probably came warm and stayed warm to Obama but probably likes Diamond Joe better.

I think Girgich would vote Republican but I think everyone else would vote Democrat, except for Swanson who would vote for Johnson. ...though Andy and April would probably forget to vote.

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