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October 22, 2017, 02:25:40 pm
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Author Topic: Your First Day As President  (Read 7871 times)
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« Reply #25 on: March 08, 2012, 04:53:43 pm »

1 Repeal Obamacare

- limit frivilous lawsuits to $250,000 per case with 30% share for the attorney
- allow for competition across state lines for health insurance companies to expand access
- allow people to remain on parents' insurance until 23 or 25 if a student
- have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy for pre-existing conditions
- expand medicaid to provide for the uninsured
- provide option for health and medical savings accounts that work similar to social security

2 Economic Reform

- impliment tolls, user fees, and a VAT
- Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing Right to Work in all 50 states.
- advance law requiring a balanced budget each year.
- Set retirement age at 62 and keep promises to veterans and seniors.
- Talk to China about free trade to build a better alliance.
- ban income taxes
- repeal taxes on marriage, death, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco

3 Foreign Policy

- place sanctions on Iran
- place sanctions on North Korea
- close military bases we no longer use
- leave the U.N. and form an F.U. with nations who have free elections

4 Education Reform

- school vouchers for parents to choose where their kids go to school
- increase funding for charter schools
- Constitutional Amendment allowing for school prayer, but not led by a teacher.
- Graduates of state universities owe no more than $60,000 in federal loans! (Must Graduate and be in state tuition!)

5 Environmental Protection

- eliminate the gas tax
- more cap and trade programs but no options such as taxes for evasion of policy
- immediate 20% reduction in greenhouse gases
- include oil and gas smokestacks in mercury regulation
- focus on protection not regulation
- make the EPA a federal department
- release technology for hydrogen powered cares (it's available now!)
- end whaling in U.S. waters

6 Government Reform

- ban soft money to campaigns
- no more early or absentee voting because it begs for corruption
- $85,000,000 limit on federal campaigns and do not allow candidates to opt out
- term limits of 6 two-year terms and 2 six-year terms for congress
- require congress to balance the budget each year
- cut my own salary to $250,000 a year

7 Social Issues

- 3 day waiting period for guns without a concealed weapons permit or a gun to trade in
- limit abortion to hazard to the mother's life, damaged fetuses, rape, and incest
- keep affirmative action but include top 10% of graduating classes
- continue funding for stem cell research
- support legalization of marijuana but leave it up to states
- support legalization of gambling but leave it up to states
- support legalization of gay marriage but leave it up to states
- oppose death penalty but leave it up to states
- funding for immigrants who are insufficient in English
- English as national language, but allow states to have ballots in other languages.
- illegal immigrants on medicaid is ok
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