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« on: June 05, 2012, 02:46:05 pm »


Event date 22.1963

president Kennedy came  to  Dallas  because he  needed  desperately  to win the  south  in order to win his reelection  campaign In  1964  dixicrats

Were against the civil rights movement. while civil rights activist wanted to change  segregation

laws that had been in place since the era of reconstruction. Also, many saw President Kennedy as  a mere bystander in the civil rights movement. Taking up the presidentís time was the berlin wall

crisis, Cuban missile crisis; .Kennedy risked losing many democratic strongholds in the south by

supporting civil rights.
President Kennedy placed his arm around his beautiful wife jacueline.this must not be the 62%

that voted for Richard Nixon in 1960.

The president joked to his wife. The happy mood of the day was interrupted by gun fire.

Governor  Connolly a  experienced deer  hunter ,knew the sound all too  well it was the sound of

a high powered rifle.as  the  governor turned his head, he saw the president  shot in the left  


Governor Connolly was then shot in the throat.

Both elile Connolly and Jacqueline Kennedy grabbed their husbands to the side.

Secret service agent Gerald Blaine climbed on top of the limousine then acted as a human shield

for the president.
Blaine took the final shot for President Kennedy. Gerald Blaine had served on the Eisenhower
detail and   been on the Kennedy detail since the inauguration. Lee Harvey Oswald was a bitter  

young man, he served in the military. Then briefly left the United States to live in the u.s.s.r
once  there he took a wife and returned to America. Marina Oswald once had to lock her husband in his

room when he threatened to kill former vice president Richard Nixon. Now Oswald had joined the

ranks of john Wilkes booth the man who killed President Lincoln. Oswald fled to the   abandon  

ware house not too far from the book depository. Once there he had a shoot-out with police and
within fifteen minutes he layed dead on the floor   of the warehouse.
 Usually on a Friday night in Dallas Texas people would watch a sports game or go to the movies.


Today however people all over the country and most of the world as well, watched the latest news bulletin as the 35th president of the United States fought for his life at the parkland hospital.

Vice president Johnson told Walter Cronkite over the phone America will endure and overcome  
this tragedy. The vice president was visibly shaken after the loss of his dear friend john Connolly.
Event date 26.1963
Acting press secretary Malcolm kilduff announces president Kennedy will be returning to D.C. soon.  
January 12. 1964  

I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the family of governor john Connolly, the secret service agent that saved my life Gerald Blaine who will be given the highest honor for a secret service agent.
From the spring to the early summer, the admiration attempts to pass a civil rights bill.
Senator Hubert Humphrey is a proponent of the civil rights bill, while Carolina senator, storm

Thurmond is makes a record for the longest filibuster on the senate floor, is a harsh critic of civil rights legation.
  Sometime in June 1964

New York governor  nelson Rockefeller   wins the California  primary but, when happy Rockefeller

gives birth to nelson junior it brings back  charges of adultery  on the governors part,  marrying so soon after his first wife"s  devorce.even personal friend Connecticut senator Prescott  bush

tells his friend in public and private he should withdraw from the race. Despite a draft Scranton movement at the group convention Arizona senator Barry Goldwater wins the republican national convention picks william scrantron his running mate. As expected the Democratic Party nominates President Kennedy and vice president Johnson for a second term, George Wallace, governor of Alabama tries to take the nomination away from President Kennedy but only wins Carolina and Alabama primary.

 President Kennedy and Senator Goldwater participate in a series of town hall debates. Senator Goldwater was  popular among  voters who believed civil rights was a state issue but Goldwater was not a racist extremist like many believed at that time.
President john Fitzgerald Kennedy
Vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson
e.v. 400
57, 613, 19
Senator  Goldwater
Governor william scantron
e.v. 128
Popular, 36,115.18
Shirley chisum was elected first black female of New York. Charles Percy elected  governor of ilionoise. Senator Humphrey defeats Robert forsighyth in a landslide in minnosotta.republican Paul laxalt won a Nevada senate seat in a landslide.
President Kennedy personally called Senator Humphrey and congregated him on election night, then called senator elect chisum to congrelte her.on her historic win in New York. I Look forward to working with you, president Kennedy told them.y. On the night of his reelection victory.    At home nelson Rockefeller looked at the election night returns hell!  Thatíll teach them not to put in extremists as a candidate, Steven Rockefeller had  never seen his farther so angry before. Now the republicans will put in a knucklehead in 68.
Feb. 16.1965
After much delay, the civil rights bill is passed
President Kennedy gives the pen he used to sign the bill to doctor martin Luther king, Robert Kennedy attorney general, vice president Johnson, Senator Humphrey stand beside Kennedy as the civil rights bill is passed.
John _john is sitting at the presidents table at the oval office, Lyndon Johnson holds up his hands give me your best shot kid! John john punchís the vice president in the nose. Robert Kennedy while looking on covers his face, to keep from laughing.
I believe the Kennedy admiration is a failure on many levels.althought president Kennedy has the best of intentions he is letting the American people down. Says former vice president Richard Nixon on meet the press.

I think nixon will run in 1968.Personal
diary of john Fitzgerald Kennedy

1966- Ronald Reagan is elected governor of California having defeated governor brown in his bid for a third term in a landslide, governor elect Reagan promises to overhaulthe state welfare programs.
And do something about the states budget once he enters his first term
Interview with David Brinkley
Brinkley; what is your biggist acomplishment as president?
kenndy signing of civil right"s bil.
 Kennedy tells David Brinkley, proably still the same person that ened up my sucessor.
September 16. 1966.
Corps of peace debuts on n.b.c television. Series is about Peace Corps, it will last ten successful seasons on n.b.c. Sargent Shriver will be creative, technical consultant.
October .11. 1966
New frontier bill passed. Program to help youth obtain job skills and employment.
October 16.1967
President Kennedy meets with Neil Armstrong to discuss future trip to the moon, at the end of the decade.
February 12. 1967
The pop group, the bird"s perform for President Kennedy at the white house. The president tells Mrs. Kennedy the lads had a nice beat but my ear" was ringing for days.
         April 17. 1967
President Kennedy orders Special Forces as to South Vietnam, massive bombing of North Vietnam is suggested by Kennedy aides but the president wants to pull out Special Forces by the end of the decade.
           World Series 1967
          President Kennedy now sporting a wrinkle on his left check and visible signs of grey hair throws out a ball at the World Series. Saint Louis cardinals beat the red sox 4 to 3.
October 14. 1967
President Kennedy withdraws Special Forces from Vietnam. The president will increase aid and supplies to south to fight the Vietcong.
November 21.1967
Former vice president Richard Nixon on meet the press says the president is soft on communism. Says as president he will ensure there is more law and order.
Election 1968- due to health concerns vice president Lyndon Johnson announces he will not run for the democratic nomination. Ladybird, Johnson tells his wife of many years I would love to be the 36th president of the United States but my heart would give out on me.
Although the presidents successor is in doubt, both Huber Humphrey  senator from Minnesota makes many impressive primary wins on the democratic side-on the republican side  Richard Nixon  is the victor of  the majority of republican primaries. Although, Michigan governor George Romney   wins South Dakota, Kentucky and Maine. He has a serious gaffe when he tells a reporter he been bring washed regarding American foreign policy. Many critic"s Kennedys admintrationreluctance to send out troops but  many say look at the hippies  protesting  the  arms race do you want a bunch a long haired kids protesting some war in south east Asia?
Tragedy strikes when doctor martin Luther king is assaignated in birmington Alabama.
President Kennedy appears on live television.
Many of you are outrage a white man has killed doctor king who has been a civil rights activist for many years. I too fell anger in my heart for 5 years ago, a white man attempted to kill me, but we must move past hate, we must move past bigotry that night riots break out in Detroit but the rest of the country is peaceful.
Tragedy strikes again when Senator eugene Mcarthy. is killed by sirhan sirhan after winning the California primary. Both senator pastore and Senator Jackson had been trailing the late senator Humphrey,  john o pastore manages to win the 1968 democratic nomination, while Richard Nixon defeats New York governor nelson Rockefeller who is still hurting from the happy scandal, and California governor Ronald Reagan, who while popular with conservatives only has two years of government experience on him.
1968 elections
John o pastore
Terry Sanford

e.v. 269 popular 47.15.16
Richard Nixon
Spiro Agnew
e.v. 263 popular 41.14.17.
George Wallace
Curtis Lemay
e.v.45 popular.39.13.16.
for Richard Nixon it was a time for reflection he had lost a  election 2 times in a row, the former president could find solace in the fact, he could now go in the lecture circuit and write books.

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« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 03:11:50 pm »

The first term of president john o pastore.
In early  1970, there is a mild recession.  president john o pastore  passes the tax bill stimulus act of 1970 in late November of 1970. Robert Kennedy fullfills the Kennedy dynasty  by winning the governorship

 of Massachusetts in 1970.

president pastore finds his tenure as president very frustrating as he attempts to end the

recession of the early 1970s.on the foreign front, president pastore sends in u.s. forces to fight

communist rebels in the country of Chile.

by 1972 the communist have surrended to the pro liberty fraction of the chille \\

Governor   Charles Percy is nominated by the g.o.p despite the objections of conservatives in the republican  party. Percy selects john volpe  as his  running mate. as  governor Percy and president pastore  debate, the presidents approval numbers go drastically down.
john o pastore
vice president
terry sanford   47,163.18
charles percy
running mate
john volpe  53,714,19
jon hospers
terrie  nation
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« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2012, 04:01:25 pm »

Charles percy 33%
Vice president
John Volpe
Ex vice president
Terry Sanford   35%
Edmund Muskie

after losing the mayor  election  in 1966  William f. Buckley Junior makes a second attempt this time  he challenges  incumbent mayor John viet Lindsay to a debate. after the debate  , a hily In a


heckler throws a apple at  mayor Lindsey giving him a black eye. Buckley defeats Lindsay very easily in a landslide.
The first term of  Charles Percy

Gerald Ford is quite happy at the election returns for now he will be the new house speaker with the g.o.p in charge of the white house.    
although the Republican s won the House house g.op had Heavy loses in the senate .

I  came into office with the country facing many dire problems.
one term may not be enough.
taken from the memoirs of president Terry  Sanford
march 13, 1977
healthcare act of 1977 act passed

I campaighned for president pastore in 1968 then in 1970, i campaigned  for john Tunney for united states senator, well that fella turned out just to be like the character in the film the candidate, in  pete duel inter view with j.f.k junior george magazine 1995\
 1976, peter duel the star of gidget playing john cooper and alias smith and Jones as Hannibal Hayes. defeated senator Tunney for the democratic nomination then won the general election to become the next senator of California.
late 1979
iran revlotion is underway  embassy  personal evacuates
depsite pleas from many conservatives in the republican party. Ronald Reagan announces he will not run for president in 1980.
1980 election
terry sanford
vice president
edmund muskie
bon dole
george h. bush
john anderson
patrick  lucey
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« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2012, 04:14:08 pm »

In the second term of president  terry  Sanford
the president boycot the Olympics since the u.s.s.r is invading afghanstan.
Henry jackson 1968 candidate for democratic nomination is now secretary of state and with Henry jacksons advice  doubles the military budget in the early 1980s. also in the midterms

thomas tip o Neil replays Gerald ford as speaker of the house.

now i can retire to the golf course ford tells a reporter regarding his  election  defeat after

many year in congress.

In California peter  duel defeats Pete Wilson for election to the senate In a landslide.

Edward Kennedy  wins another term in u.s. senate despite admitting having a drinking problem. ted Kennedy and Joan Kennedy spilt up.

Former Mayor of new york William f, Buckley is elected to governor of new york in a close election.

in early eighties ,president  sanford selects Rober Francis kennedy for supreme court bench.judge <Robert kennedy  advocates for tougher crime law". a organised war against organised crime,

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« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2012, 04:26:53 pm »

1984  election
gary  hart
lloyed  bentson
 Dick lugar  
howard  baker

after the election bentson calls senator kennedy and tells him harts a nice guy but hes no jack kennedy.
january  20. 1985
judge  robert  francis kennedy  swears in  Ricard Lugar  as president of the united states, howard baker as vice president of the united states.
President  lUGAR  in many eyes  of the american puiblic was  not very charismatic , but he did n win over manu detractors.
President  Lugar worked with  gorbachev to eliminate huge stockpiles of I.>Bm warheads, once the challenger disater occure. president Lugar  canceled the challenger space program.

Dick lugar
vice president
howard baker
bill clinton
john glenn
ross perot
dan choate
13,16 17
I wish to congralate preisdent Lugarle on his win tonight,
Bill clinton  concession speech.1988
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« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2012, 01:25:16 pm »

Governor   Charles Percy is nominated by the g.o.p despite the objections of conservatives in the republican  party. Percy selects john volpe  as his  running mate. as  governor Percy and president pastore  debate, the presidents approval numbers go drastically down.
john o pastore
vice president
terry sanford   47,163.18
charles percy
running mate
john volpe  53,714,19
benjermin spock
colonel sanders   9.18.12

Charles Percy was a Senator, not a Governor.  He was first elected as a Republican to the Senate from Illinois in 1966, defeating Democratic incumbent Paul Douglas.  Are you saying to imagine that he won his 1964 bid for IL Governor against Otto Kerner?

Quote from: Dwight D. Eisenhower
There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of
her citizens cannot cure.
NO to theocracy, NO to Roy Moore.
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« Reply #6 on: June 11, 2012, 08:08:44 pm »

charles  percy won  the governor ship in 1964  in this timeline.
Thanks for clarifying.

Quote from: Dwight D. Eisenhower
There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of
her citizens cannot cure.
NO to theocracy, NO to Roy Moore.
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Governor Peter Duel is nominated by the democratic party both the Rockefeller and Clinton camp try to sway duel to pick their person as the running mate senator duel finally picks Rockefeller as his running mate. at the convention Robert Kennedy advocate for tougher laws on organised crime gives a speech, a 23 minute film on president Kennedy is shown. senator duel like George Murphy before him Ronald Reagan a actor going into politics. I will never forget the working the class as your president, Governor duel tells the cheering crowd, after shaking hands with judge Robert Kennedy, duel is greeted by old costars sally Field Ben Murphy.
during the debates. senator Paul laxilt says read my lips no new taxes in 1993.
senator duel replies
I have read senator laxalts lips and all i read is compromise and more compromise.
dan rather; We have a projected Winner of the 1992 presidential ecltions. Former Actor, turned california Governor, well be Americaa"s 40th President.
peter Duel
Jay Rockefeller
Electoral.Vote.437 popular

37,14, 19

As president of the united states, president duel visits native reservations all across America, he tells a reporter let us not forget the first Americans the native Americans.

April 7 1994, Due to the work of many progressives in congress and the support of president duel. the native American reformat in act is passed.

Gerald ford tells j.f.k junior In a George magazine article he likes the actor turned president and thinks he brings style to the white house.
while speaker of the house newt Gingrich and president duel seem to do nothing butt heads against each other.

Gingrich Call's predent duel a do nothing president.
however in late 1995 the first balanced budget agreement is passed in many years.and President duel work:s very effortlessl y as president and only take"s one vactiona year.

Although president duel is assured a good chance at relection. his health is failing an at 55 years of age dies of a cerebral hemorrhage.

we have lost a great president in peter duel, i have lost a great friend says president Rockefeller of the late president.
president Rockefeller depute pleas not to veto it, vetoes the NAFTA in late 1995.

president Jay Rockefeller
Rubin askew
Jack Kemp
Elizabeth dole
in the late 1990"s north Korea attacks the south ,so president Rockefeller sends in troops to protect the region. president Rockefeller also has the federal reserve audited. the economy continues to grow.

by the end of 1999 the korean war is over, although very popular, jay rockfeller wants to return again for u.s. senate. so, the deomcrats nominate connecticut governor John f. kennedy junior heir of kennedy dynasty. while the g.o.p nomiate former senator now governor mike huckabee.
huckba bee wins the electoral vote while kennedy wins the poular, despite a massive recount huckkabee is declared the winner.
during the early months of the huckabee admintration. neo nazies hijack a plane and plunge the plane into one of the twin toers in newyork leaving only one tower standing.

president huckabee signs leglation shortly after the tragedy on 5 _1201 that will place stricter guide lines on airport secruity. during the midterm elections g.op retain house and senate majority but a recession stars to plague the u.s..in public edward kennedy junior returns to his secound termas governor of connecticut. in private. both his uncle robert and farther ted encorage him to try again. it did not work for nixon he tells his farther regarding a secound attempt.
2000 election
John f. kenedy Junior

dick gephardt
Mike Huckabee
Bill Frist
Electoral.vote. 269
43 ,12.18

making his first appearance in a year mass. governor  JOHn kennedy says president Huckbee has created a george orwell societ, in responce to that president huckabee has said he has made America a safer place to live. although the presidents aproval rating is at 34% Kennedy is not assured a secound nomination. in fact John Edwards wins many of the early 2004, primaries but a last mintue endorce ment by candace duel daughter of the late president peter duel seems to help the kennedy campaign.
Mike Huckabee
vice president
bil frist
Rick Rubio

john f. kennedy j.r. Junior
bill bradly

on, inagration day, former president Mike Huckbee congralates his succesor Edward moore kennedy junior.
in the secound kennedy admintraion, neo nazies are contiued being aprehended. may 16.2005
u.s. Russia make a joint flight to the moon.
late 2007
john f.kenndy junior is visiting irland when a mentaly disturbed woman jumps out of the bushs and tries to shoot the president. the secret service mangage to aprehend her with out anyone getting hurt
late 2007, the stock market collaps wall street protesors take the streets many are killed in a riot along the streets of washington d.c.

Bill Frist a former vice president delares his candicay as a republican canidate
For two long america has been harmed by people who feel threaten by our equality, our middle class is shrinking as president i will do something. promises vice president Bill Frists ina g.o.p rally. president kennedy in a t.v. interview says the facory bill if passed will bring the econmy back on track, by summer of 2008. poll"s show fromer vice president Bill frist with 54% to kennedy"S 32%, this does not look good for president kennedy.
preident John f. kennedy kennedy junior
vice president
bill bradly
formor vice president
 bill frist.

later that night Frist, congralated president kennedy over the phone.
march 16. 2009
the Factory Bill is passed
Supreme court Justice rober francis kennedy die"s 2 day"s after Edward moore kennedy Senior.

the Alternative Energy bill is passed.

march .7.2009 2012

Vice president
Bill bradly
mark warner

Herman Cain
jack dupont
President cain after being sworn in, as president of the united states. tells the audience at his innaugration if i can become president of the united states anything is possible. in early 2013 president cain gets china to pass a evironmental saftey act after a china oil tanker has a tragic acident, killing its crew.the 2012 election was a historic election since both the republicans had a african american canidate for president of the united states

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