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November 18, 2017, 10:31:34 am
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Author Topic: SAVE THE BILL!!! or "Livin' Thing" by ELO  (Read 231 times)
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« on: October 11, 2012, 12:03:46 am »

Speech in Spartanburg, SC
October 10, 2012
9:00 PM
(It's a Living Thing, What a terrible thing to lose. And you! and your sweet desire! Don't You Do It, Don't You Do It....)
- In case you haven't guessed, this is about the bill, not the issue itself. Tongue

Very rarely is it that we end up discussing the issue of protecting the unborn in the Senate. That is because typically the composition of the body isn’t the most favorable on the issue and I realize that there are many diverse views on this subject even within this region. I respect people who adhered to the belief that this is a simple matter about respecting privacy and the right to choose, but I disagree that such is the only considering. I do think the unborn do deserve the right to life promised in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. I happen to think that life does begin at conception and that in the most circumstances as possible, politically and otherwise we should try to prioritize the protection of life. Now there are circumstances in which health would dictate an abortion or situations like rape and incest that, the option should be on the table for them. However, the legality of all abortions is not what is at issue here.

Recently the situation in the Senate has changed, thanks to a surprising introduction from a Senator who typically wouldn’t be someone who would strike anyone as a Conservative or so we thought Tongue, a bill has been introduced to ban late-term abortions. I strongly support this bill and am committed to seeing it passed. However, it has recently been stalled over small concerns and the lack of discussion on the part of Senators as to what is acceptable and what is not. To have this bill be killed by side issues would be horrible enough, but to have it die because the Senators are unable or unwilling to discuss and deliberate and work out a deal is in my opinion just shameful. This issue is far to important to be sidelined because so many people are so uninterested or unable to do their damn jobs!

Therefore, I encourage all Southerners and frankly all Atlasians, to contact their Senators and urge that this bill get completed and to a final vote that is largely on the underlying matter and not on some ancillary issue to either everyone agrees should be done but can’t agree on how or is more controversial then the underlying matter, that we began with. We have heard that we need to have medical exemptions but we can’t add them, “because we are not doctors”. Jumping through the fourth wall may be convenient but it is certainly not consistent with how Atlasia has operated previously. I was a corporate lawyer, when I wrote some pretty massive financial regulations. We do have technical and other limitations in this game, but we do have one advantage and that is, we are located on the internet. I would recommend that it be utilized in this instance to provide the research necessary in order to provide the detail and depth necessary in order to make such an exemption practical.

Another big limitation we have is that our actions are often limited and impacted in various unfortunate ways because of the stupid crap that occurs in real life politics. I would think that a vast majority of Atlasians agree that the current state of real life politics sucks. Why else are we spending so much time dealing with fake stuff, unless it was because the real thing was so horrible? Tongue In that case, why do we let it damage and destroy our political discourse? I think it is clear that the partisanship in real life has carried over into Atlasia and thus rendered difficult or impossible discussions of any hot button social issues. I am not saying we should have a culture war or anything, the economy and game reform issues should be topping the list of concerns of course,  but on what should be consensus issues like banning late-term abortions, we should be able to find a consensus and achieve that in order to move forward. Instead we seem to keep getting hung up on side issues.

Some of these ancillary issues are critically important and I am not saying they shouldn’t be dealt with. But if they so big of a problem, then they should be either resolved or in the process of being resolved, as we should expect from a deliberative body like what the Atlasian Senate claims to be.

Public pressure is so very rarely applied on the Senate, but it would be so influential in achieving desired results were it to be applied. Recently, the Senate’s approval has plunged, part of that is lack of communication on the part of the advocates of legislation in the Senate as to why they are necessary. This is where we need an active intermediary. A press that reports on the legislation, gets both sides and presents them to the public. We have a hard enough time getting Senators just to do their own jobs, having them have to stand in for an active press would be practically impossible. Another thing that would benefit Atlasia is the formation of citizen pressure groups to ensure that certain issues get attention and opinions get respected and heard during the debate.

It is my fervent hope that we can resolve all these difficult issues and get this bill passed before too much longer.

Dave Bless You… In Atlasia! (Come on, I went the whole speech without one of these Tongue)

People's Speaker of the Atlasian House of Representatives

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