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Author Topic: Non-Played Characters  (Read 2950 times)
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« on: October 11, 2012, 08:11:59 am »

OOC - I found this on a USB from last year... since there were only 14 MPs, i wrote up bios for all the MPs in the caucus...
Thought this could be fun to create a parliament full of characters even if they were not played

Antillan Cooperatives

Stella Bruun-Bailey 46- Marksland (Skellerseat) – Journalist, Governor Skellerseat, MP.
Bastian De Wilde 32 – Bronseland (Kristiana) – Mayor Kristiana.

Adila Adoyo 40 – Marksland (St. Mark’s) – Economist, Author. Born in Kenya, in 1976 at age 7 she escaped the rule of Idi Amin with her entire family and settled in Antilla. She holds a Doctorate in Economics from St. Mark’s University (where she first met and befriended Mrs. Bruun-Bailey); a Masters from TSE (Toulouse School of Economics) and a BSc in Economics from LSE (London). Author of three books and well known leftist analyst, she was elected to the Assembly this year.

Jacob Bao Truong 39 – Bronseland (Sorland) – Lawyer (Int’l and environmental law). Son of Vietnamese immigrants, he worked first in his family’s restaurant, when he was old enough, he worked in the local copper mines to pay his way through law school. He first began working with the European Environment Agency, and then returned to Antilla to work for the Ecology Defense Council.  He was elected to the Assembly this year.

Audrey MacIlwraith 55 – Pitfarris (Auldburgh) – President FPSW (Federation of Public Sector Workers), former Auldburgh councillor, MP. She entered the civil service at a young age and worked her way up to become the first Pitfarran elected president of FPSW. In the mid-80’s we was among a wave of Greens elected across Antilla, the first Green Councilor in Auldburgh. After a long and popular run as a city councilor, she was elected to the Assembly in 2003, in 2008 she was one of the founding MP’s of the Cooperative Party.

Tor Lysbakken 34 – Bronseland (Vanaheimr) – Actor/Director, Councilor Freyjasby. Son of one of the country’s most notable Nordan poets and progressive voices, as a young adult Tor was a regular in English and Nordan independent films. He soon grew into one of the most acclaimed independent and documentary film directors. In 2000 he was elected to Frejyasby Council, his most cherished success was the creation of the Nordan Filmativeral (Nordan Film Festival). He served in council until being elected to the Assembly this year.

Heidi Anne Thorsen 60 – Bronseland (Sorland) – Urban Planner, Councilor Fairhairfjord, MP. Born into a traditional Nordan fishing family, graduated Kings University in Kristiana with an Engineering degree, returned to Fairhairfjord soon after were she was elected Councilor in 1974. Credited as one of the planners that helped redevelop the once sleepy fishing town into one of the centres for the Oil, Gas and Wind industries. One of the most fervent advocates for bilingualism, she’s known for speaking almost exclusively in Nordan during Assembly debates. Originally elected to the Assembly as a Workers Party MP in 1988, she is now the second longest serving member of the Cooperatives.

Johan Moradi 21 – Bronseland (Kristiana) – Director NFS (Nat. Fed. of Students), Bachelors of Education from Settlers University. Is the youngest member of the Assembly, of Iranian and Antillan ancestry, the first Iranian ever elected to the Assembly. Johan was and still is very active among the Anti-Globalization, anti-EU and Environmental protest and lobbyist groups. Johan was the Director of NFS for two years before being elected to the Assembly this year.

Thomas Fitzsimon 36 – Peterford (Midding) – Former Rugby player, President RPA (Rugby Players Assoc.). Grew up in a large, rough middle class coal mining family, a natural athlete, to keep himself out of trouble he made sport his passion. He began his Rugby career as one of the youngest players at 18, but at 27 suffered a career ending knee injury. Ever the fighter, he began to work with the RPA, becoming the youngest president at 29.  Thomas was elected to the Assembly this year.

Ole Holmsgaard 71 – Bronseland (Vanaheimr) – Miner, President MGB (Miners Guild Bronse.), MP. The grandfather of the Cooperatives, a star leftist icon and author known for his beard and pipe, he’s tied for longest serving member of the Assembly with SPP MP Achilles De Bruijn both elected in 1978. Originally elected as a Workers Party member, he served in three coalition governments (MacAdams, MacDougal & Houtsman) in cabinet posits. Since 1978, Ole had served as leader of the Workers Party, and ran in 2005 for the Cooperative leadership, finishing second behind current leader Stella Bruun-Bailey.

Yeeun Kwok-Frahm 27 – Marksland (St. Mark’s) – Magazine Editor/Artist. A self-trained clothing designer of Korean and Danish decent was seen as a darling of the Antillan Fashion industry, hosting her first showcase at 17. A strong advocate for sustainable and local textile manufacturing, she helped establish the Fashion house Nordic Silk. After 3 years at the helm Yeeun took on a role as Style Editor of the St. Mark’s based Culture and Style magazine BRIL. Politics has been a secondary passion and hobby, which this year lead to Yeeun being elected to the Assembly.

Abraham Al-Farooq 35 – Lindsay (Lindsay-on-Sea) – Navy Medical Corps (Lieutenant). Antillan born son of Palestinian immigrants, Abraham attended the Royal Military Academy choosing both to become an officer and specialize in the medical corps. Abraham is the first navy officer to serve as MP for the Cooperatives, this unique situation has given increased credit to the parties pacifist approach to military policy; he is also the first Cooperative to be elected from Lindsay. He was elected this year to the Assembly.

Margrete Wilkinson 45 – Bronseland (Kristiana) – Professor (Settlers Univ.), MP. Born into a mixed Nordan and English family, she is fluently bilingual. Margrete comes from a well-known political family, Her mother, Tove Eldegard-Wilkinson the longtime leader of the Socialist & Radicals (now Cooperative) on Kristiana Council while her grandfather, Thor-Erik Eldegard was the first SR MP elected to the National Assembly, serving for more than 40years. Margrete followed first after her farther Cecil  who was a professor of archeology, Margrete perused a career in education where she took a post at Settlers University as a Professor of Political Science and History. In 2003 she was elected as a SR MP, helping to found the Cooperatives in 2008.

Abigail Jensen 40 - Peterford (Adland) – Crafter and Artist, Small business owner. She grew up in a poor working class family, and at a young age she developed an artistic, environmental and utilitarian flare. She began to sculpt using scrap metal and carve with driftwood, using found and recycled materials to work with. She opened an eclectic but successful shop and would attend artist fairs through the country. She began to be renowned nationally for her work and quoted as one of the dominant environmental artist of the times. In 2003 she was elected as a Green MP, and a founding member of the Cooperatives.
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« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 12:26:46 pm »

Looks good. I'll do something similar for (some) of the SPP members.
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