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March 20, 2019, 10:30:33 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 375420 times)
Cokeland Saxton
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« Reply #1375 on: December 22, 2018, 04:39:14 am »

Social: Centrist to Center Right
Economic: Center Right
Foreign: Center Right
Party Affiliation: Registered Republican

Abortion: Abortion should be illegal except when the mother's life is threatened or the fetus is incompatible with life. If the mother doesn't want the child, they should give it up for adoption. There are plenty of people who want to adopt, but never get the chance to.

Same-Sex Marriage: I support civil unions, but no marriage. Marriage should be between a man and a woman. Civil union partners should have the same rights as other couples, with the exception of marriage.

Drug Laws: I support the legalization of medical marijuana ONLY (no recreational), but to keep it away from people under 21. I also believe that we need to limit  mandatory minimum sentences, and that we need to take a rehabilitate those who abuse drug rather than punish them. Expand funding for rehabilitation and work-release programs in order to increase access to community health centers and crack down on those who illegally distribute drugs. I will not support "Death with Dignity" laws because it is not our choice when we die. I also support lowering the drinking age to 18, putting us in line with much of Europe in this regard.

Death Penalty: I support keeping the death penalty only for those who have been convicted of the most heinous crimes (intentional murder, terrorism, etc.), but I think that more rigorous safeguards need to be put in place to prevent those falsely accused of a crime from being executed, and that a greater effort must be made to extend clemency and fair treatment to those who deserve it, such as those who are truly repentant.

Gun Control: I am very much in favor of the 2nd Amendment. Gun control laws, such as universal background checks and assault weapons bans, are not the best ways to deal with this issue. However, I do support arming teachers, expanding funding for mental health programs, and greater cooperation between law enforcement agencies and school districts, businesses, and private individuals in response to these sorts of situations. There should also be mandatory training for police and first responders on how to deal with a person who is disabled or has special needs, such as autism and other developmental disorders (btw, I am autistic myself).

Religious Freedom: I support freedom of religion and I believe that every individual should have the right to practice their beliefs, as long as it doesn't violate the rights of other groups or is meant to circumvent the law. Separation of church and state has gotten too extreme. I support most public funding for things such as Tenth Commandment memorials as long as it is optional, and I also support current court precedents regarding school prayer, but exception could be made for optional prayer.

Euthanasia: Uh, yeah no. Only allow it if the person is truly near death and in a lot of pain. We don't need to be like Belgium or the Netherlands in this regard.
Prostitution: Focus on rehabilitation for prostitutes, rather than stigmatizing and punishing them. Much of the time, these people were forced into it or did not have a good home life growing up.

Immigration: I support a strong border defense, including a barrier (not necessarily a wall but maybe), as well as extensive funding and resources to ICE. I also think that we should end chain migration and tighten procedures regarding asylum and visa applications. Visa programs, need to be curbed due to the effects of foreign labor on American jobs and American workers. At the same time, however, I recognize the humanity of those who are truly seeking asylum in this country, as well as that of those brought here illegally as children. Thus, I believe that clean amnesty should be granted to all current DACA recipients. However, we should use E-Verify for all businesses and take steps to deport all criminal illegal aliens as soon as possible.

Minimum Wage: I support having a minimum wage. It should be a living wage, but $15/hour is too much. It should be above $7.25/hour, but it should only be raised too keep up with inflation.
Right to Work: I support this. Workers shouldn't be forced to pay dues to organization if they don't belong to it. However, we should keep all laws and regulations that guarantee fair working hours, sufficient pay, and working conditions for all workers.

Taxation: I would support a progressive tax system, in which richer people pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes, and poorer individuals a lower proportion of their income, but it should be kept low and the very poor shouldn't have to pay at all. I oppose excessive tax measures such as "soda taxes" and that stuff, and at the local and state level, people should have a say in how much their taxation can be raised (like through initiatives and referendums). We need to keep property and sales taxes low, and put limits on state income taxes.

Healthcare: I strongly oppose Obamacare and it was never a good idea to begin with. It does not help enough with keeping healthcare affordable. Many middle class families I know, including mine, have lost our insurance and had it replaced with an inferior policy that doesn't cover certain conditions. And I have hard of poorer people who still cannot afford insurance. We should keep healthcare premiums as low as possible.

Education: I support any measures that can be taken to help with student loans, reduce student loan debt, and to expand opportunities for scholarships to be awarded to students who deserve them. I also support the expansion of voucher programs that allow parents to send their kids to schools that they believe will provide the best education for their child rather than zoning them to a neighborhood school. This can be damaging to a poor child, who is forced to attend a bad school because they are poor. This is why poverty continues to ravage communities. We also need more funding for our public school system. Textbooks, classroom resources, sanitation, school lunches that don't taste like cardboard, you name it. We  should also scrap our outdated model where performance is based on testing than individual aptitude and place emphasis on critical thinking and comprehension skills. we should also bring back our arts programs and encourage creativity.
Free Trade: I am not familiar enough with this issue to have an opinion.

Foreign Policy and National Security:
While I do believe in strong defense and that we should be prepared for any potential military conflict, I think that overseas military interventions should not happen unless it is absolutely necessary, and Congress should keep watch over the foreign and military policy activities of the Executive. I also think that we should curb some of the power of he CIA, NSA, and other intelligence agencies in order to and we must provide greater safeguards for protect the privacy of the people. However, we should also keep full faith in those agencies, and take all necessary steps to allow them to perform their duties, in the manner that will best keep us safe. I support maintaining current funding and resources for federal law enforcement. I also believe that we must should our funding and resources for cyber-security, and we should aid in the fight against cyber-terrorism. We should maintain our members in all current alliances, while ensuring that our allies pay their fair share. I support Israel, remain neutral toward Iran, and we should continue to attempt to make an agreement with North Korea. We should keep tabs on China and Russia, and maintain our newfound diplomatic ties with Cuba.

Climate change is an issue, but the reactions to it have been a bit hyperbolic. I do support mixing of fossil fuels and renewable energy to avert a crisis when fossil fuels run low. Other that that, I'm quite divided on this issue.

1. I support term limits on members of both Houses of Congress. Representatives should be limited to six two-year terms and Senators to three four-year terms.

2. I believe that Puerto Rico should be granted statehood (but not DC) with full congressional representation.

3. I think the Constitution should be amended to provide for a more clear definition of "legislative", "executive", and "judicial" power to clarify the differences between each and to spell out the exact powers held by Congress, the President and other members of the executive branch, and the Supreme Court along with the lower federal courts. We should take steps to curb the administrative state and to expand the role of judicial review of all agency decisions, executive orders, and legislative acts.
4. We should use the system in which votes are counted by congressional district, with the popular vote winner getting the state's two bonus districts. We should also impose the Wyoming rule for better proportional representation.
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« Reply #1376 on: February 06, 2019, 01:36:20 am »

- Allow states to ban abortion at/after 24 or 30 weeks, with exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother.
- Fully support same sex marriage; should issue federal legislation upholding the ruling of SCOTUS.
- Deport illegal immigrants convicted of felonies.
- Path to citizenship for non-felon immigrants.
- Secure border, raise immigration limits by 50% eventually, rigorous background checks and maximum of a four year wait time.
- Reduce maximum citizenship time to six years, and two years for the children, siblings, and spouses of citizens.
- Reduce voting age to 15.
- Fully support background checks and mental health tests to buy guns.
- Reduce age to serve in the Senate and House to 20, and reduce the age to serve as President to 25.
- Allow anyone who has been a citizen for over six years to run for Congress, and allow anyone who has been a citizen for over twelve years to run for President.
- Impose a five term limit on the Senate and a ten term limit on the House of Representatives.
- Switch the House to a nationwide, PR list system, with a four year term and 320 members, with another 13 members elected by D. C. and the territories using a list, PR system.
- Switch the Senate to a four year term, elected by IRV alternating which seat in each state every 2 years.

- Healthy Americans Act.
- Wyden-Ryan Medicare Reform.
- Replace Social Security and all welfare besides SNAP/HUD funding with $12,000 relative basic income for those making below said amount and those past the age of 65 - say, $9,000 a year for unmarried people not past retirement, $21,000 a year for a couple not past retirement; $12,000 for unmarried people past retirement, $27,000 a year for a married couple past retirement.

- Transaction Tax
Wall Steet: 0.1%(+$25 B.)
Bonds: 0.1%(+$75 B.)
Derivatives: 0.05%(+$25 B.)
Futures/Swaps: 0.02%(+$25 B.)

- Capital Gains Tax

- Payroll Tax
16.0% payroll tax (6.5% from employer, 6.5% from employee, 1.5% each for Medicare)

- Value-Added Tax(+$1.1 trillion)
Rebate of up to $5,400 (with receipts) [$900 Credit each for up to six kids for married couple, or up to three kids for a single parent]

- Income Tax:
10%: <$10,000; <$20,000
15%: $10,000-$30,000; $20,000-$60,000
20%: $30,000-$75,000; $60,000-$150,000
30%: $75,000-$175,000; $150,000-$225,000
35%: $175,000-$325,000; $225,000-$400,000
42.5%: $325,000-$400,000; $400,000-$475,000
47.5%: >$400,000; >$475,000
Child Tax Credit: $2,900 per child(up to 3 for single parent, up to 5 for married couple)

- Raise gas tax by 10-15 cents, and spend the money on infrastructure. Cut back by 15-20 cents in three years.

- Corporate Taxes:
7.5%: <$300,000
17.5%: $300,000-$750,000
27.5%: $750,000-$20.75 million
17.5%: >$20.75 million
Streamline several deductions and tax credits

Estate/Inheritance tax cut to 25%, lowered to $1.5 million

- $11.00 minimum wage by 2022
- $95 billion NASA spending, with the goal of two bases on the Moon by 2030 and at least one very major base/colony on Mars by 2035
- National railway system, going through the 100 biggest metros in the country. The goal of this will be to reduce reliance on cars and standard energy sources.
- Transition away from coal and fossil fuels, towards hydroelectric power and natural gas.

- $40 billion funding for Rojava, SNC, and the SDC - negotiate an alliance between these three groups.
- Stronger alliance with India.(slowly cut our relations with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.)
- Free trade deal with Thailand, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and Argentina.
- Raise all military members’s salary by $3,000.
- International coalition of Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, the European Union, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, the U. K., and America should economically pressure China into forcing Kim Jong Un down and instating Kim Han Sol into a democratic transition. If they refuse, all countries involved will reduce trade with China by, say, 60%, and place certain sanctions on them. If we’re lucky, Wang Yang might be Xi Jinping’s successor, and if that happens we have a good shot at improving relations with China.
- We should consider signing a trade deal with India, South Africa, Mozambique, Indonesia, Myanmar, Kenya, Australia and Uganda. This would allow us a strong trade boost in the Indian Ocean.
- League of Free and Democratic Nations, inviting all nations committed to freedom and democracy to join; Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Mauritius, Malta, Uruguay, and Botswana should be the governing members of this League
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« Reply #1377 on: February 12, 2019, 03:22:52 pm »

Philosophy: Communitarianism/Distributism
Political Affiliation: No Party/Independent (I vote for candidates who are closest to my principles rather than for a specific party. My state has semi-closed primaries so I can register with either party when I go to vote. Closest political party to my beliefs is the American Solidarity Party.)

My political principles are guided ultimately on the virtues of love and charity.

I believe that all human beings should be treated with love and respect. I oppose abortion and believe we need to address the socio-economic problems that often cause someone to choose to have an abortion. I believe we can do that by fighting against poverty, fighting for free public college and university education, economic support for parents, guaranteed parental leave, and universal health care which all help address other issues I see as a lack of charity for people.

I also oppose euthanasia, but believe people should be allowed to choose to refuse treatment.

I oppose the death penalty and support a system of prisons not as a form of punishment, but as a form of rehabilitation so people can rejoin as fully active members of society again.

I oppose war and believe we should not give military aid, but rather give real humanitarian aid. I believe we should trade with any country that meets a certain standard of labor and environmental protection.

I believe racism in America has caused long lasting societal effects and we need to seriously transform all of our institutions to end racial injustice. I support reparations for the descendants of slaves and Native Americans.

I support strong environmental regulations, a transition to 100% renewable energy, and banning the production and importation of products that are less than 50% biodegradable.

I support religious freedom as the ability to practice or not practice a religion as best meets the person's conscience both in private and public as long as they don't harm another person.

I support strong decentralization both of political power and economic power as I see the two ultimately aligned with one another. I believe most decision making power should be handled at the local level democratically, then at the city level, then at the county level, then the state/regional level, and then the federal level. I support publicly funded elections with donations being paid through vouchers given to each citizen who can legally vote in the election. I also support ranked choice voting, initiatives, referendums, and recall elections for all levels of government. Economically I support breaking up corporations and monopolies and banks, a transition to workplace democracy as the primarily model of worker relations for medium-large businesses while support family and locally owned businesses, supporting worker cooperatives, replacing social welfare with consumer cooperatives and prohibiting for-profit health insurance and other types of enterprise that would weaken the strength of consumer ownership of social services.
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« Reply #1378 on: February 16, 2019, 03:53:42 pm »

Social Policy:

Abortion: Pro choice with limitations, ban third trimester
Same Sex Marriage: Support
Drugs: Legalize marijuana, decriminalize drug use
Stem Cell Research: Support with private funding
Death Penalty: Abolish
Gun control: Pro 2nd amendment, open to debate on licensing/restrictions
Affirmative Action: Abolish
Prostitution: Decriminalize
Euthanasia: Allow states to decide, personally against it

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage: Raise federally to $10/hour with exceptions for small business/restaurants
Welfare: Cut funding
Right-to-Work: Support
Taxation: Cut taxes for households making under $50K/year
Healthcare: Privatize
Social Security: Privatize
Trade: Pro free trade          
Education: Very basic national standards with state leeway on curriculum
Balanced Budget Amendment: Yes

Foreign Policy and National Security:

Afghanistan: Leave
Iraq: Leave
Iran: Leave
Syria: Leave
Cuba: Keep sanctions
Military Spending: Support some cutbacks
PATRIOT Act: Abolish
NSA Spying: Abolish
Palestine: Do not recognize
Israel: Support, do not fund
Immigration: Easier process
Guantanamo Bay: Shut it down


Climate Change: Skeptical
Green Energy: Provide tax incentives
Keystone XL Pipeline: Build it

Electoral Reform:

Electoral College: Prefer popular vote, but existing system works
Gerrymandering: End the practice
Term limits: Yes
Voter ID: Yes
Compulsory Voting: No
Voter Registration: Yes
Statehood: Allow referendum for Puerto Rico
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« Reply #1379 on: February 17, 2019, 11:02:23 pm »

Social Democrat here, with hardline libertarian stances on foreign policy and social issues.

Social Policy:

Abortion: Pro choice up until viability with exceptions
Same Sex Marriage: Support
Drugs: Legalize all drugs
Stem Cell Research: Support
Death Penalty: Abolish
Gun control: Pro stand your ground, anti assault weapons ban, pro background check
Affirmative Action: Reform
Prostitution: Legalize
Euthanasia: Legalize
I am also for greatly reforming the FCC, to account for modern sensibilities by removing most restrictions on television and film. I am for regulating major social media platforms and streaming services as public utilities, giving users 1st amendment rights. I am against hate speech laws and also hate crime laws. End mandatory minimum sentencing and release all victimless criminals.

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage: Raise federally to $15 dollars an hour  
Welfare: Abolish most of the beurocracy, end snap and similar services in favour of yangs freedom dividend
Right-to-Work: Ban federally
Taxation: Cut taxes for families making less than 40k a year, raise highest bracket to 60% for earners of 5million a year
Healthcare: Med4all
Social Security: Expand
Trade: American workers First policy, end all outsourcing from American companies        
Education: Free community college, ween off of standardized testing but keep federal standards in place, albeit with many tweaks
Balanced Budget Amendment: No

Foreign Policy and National Security:

Afghanistan: Leave
Iraq: Leave
Iran: Leave
Syria: Leave
Cuba: Normalize relations, end ridiculous sanctions
Military Spending: Cut by 33%
PATRIOT Act: Abolish
NSA Spying: Abolish
Palestine: Recognize
Israel: Stand up to, no sanctions. Two state solution, period.
Saudi Arabia: Sanction
Immigration: Amnesty to all illegals, make the process easier, but no open borders.
Guantanamo Bay: Shut it down


Climate Change: Number one priority, Green New Deal hardliner
Green Energy: Mandatory
Keystone XL Pipeline: No

Electoral Reform:

Electoral College: Popular vote with rank choice voting
Gerrymandering: End the practice
Term limits: No, not even for the president
Voter ID: No
Compulsory Voting: Yes
Voter Registration: No
Statehood: Make Puerto Rico 51st state, DC area 52nd state.
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« Reply #1380 on: February 18, 2019, 08:06:34 am »

Social Security - I swear that Social Security and Medicare are Ponzi schemes straight out of a smoke filled room, sold by the snake oil salesmen known as socialists. I want Social Security and Medicare abolished.

yeah i don't like the way social security is structured right now either
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« Reply #1381 on: February 18, 2019, 07:49:20 pm »

Constitutional Reform:

I believe the US should adopt a parliamentary system.  I think the senate and electoral college should be eliminated and the house should be bumped up to at least double its current number. The president’s power should be curtailed. I think we need a new VRA and should implement national vote by mail. I also think all redistricting should be done by independent commissions who have to meet certain requirements. I think PR and DC should be states (if both choose). I also support Rick Perry’s idea to reform the SC where you have the justices term limited and have someone’s term end every other year.


*Pro choice but we should be investing heavily in things like paid family leave and sex education to limit the number of abortions.

*Religious Freedom: Do what you want , I don’t care but “religious freedom” laws are dumb

*SSM: support but it’s not an issue anymore

*Drugs: Legalize marijuana and decriminalize everything else. Wipe everyone’s conviction charged with simple possession.

*Stem Cell: For

*Death Penalty: Should only be used very rarely in cases like serial killers and terrorists

*Guns: For Universal background checks , AW ban, more education, and stricter licensing

*Euthanasia: against

*Prostitution: Think it should be decriminalized but not outright legal

*Immigration: Support the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform.

*Minimum wage: think federal MW should be raised but shouldn’t be a blanket number. Needs to be tied to cost of living and automatically raise with inflation

*Taxation: support a progressive tax system

*Healthcare: support universal healthcare but believe it should be done by expanding Medicaid to everyone who makes a certain percentage of the poverty line. I think people and companies who make over the line should be able to buy it directly from the government

*Education: I support the Finnish model. We need to be investing heavily in K-12 education in particular. I also believe that anyone whose family makes under a relatively high amount should get two free years of either Community College or Trade school. “Free college” is inherently regressive .

*Free Trade: strongly support. Tariffs are dumb.

Foreign: Think we should stick with our NATO allies. China is the biggest threat we face. I strongly believe that we should be focusing on human rights and democracy in the world but not in a neoncon way. Putin is not our friend.

Environment: I think we should be heavily investing in nuclear supplemented by renewables. The GND is dumb as is but I would support the idea with a serious proposal

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« Reply #1382 on: February 20, 2019, 06:04:12 am »

Social: Centre-left
Economic: Moderate
Foreign: Non-Interventionist
Party Affiliation: None

Social Policy:
Abortion: I generally support abortion. I take the view of minding my own business when it comes to what women do with their body. I would also expand contraception among the youth and better sex education, so we don't have to get to the stage of abortion in the first place.

Same-Sex Marriage: As a gay man, I support same sex marriage. I don't believe legalising it desecrates the tradition. It is an affirmation of a couple's life commitment and that is beautiful.

Drug Laws: I support legalising recreational and medicinal marijuana, but it needs to be well regulated to prevent misuse. I would also want to put funding into rehabilitation for ice users and those addicted to opioids.

Death Penalty: I do not support the death penalty. I don't believe the government has the moral right to kill its citizens. That being said, I still support life sentences, particularly life, never to be released, for the most hardened criminals.

Gun Control: I support increased regulation of firearms and licensing. I think a ban on some assault weapons could be a good idea. I think there needs to be a culture shift with guns in the US. In Australia the gun culture is about recreation and hunting, rather than defense. I don't support banning all guns because that would allow vermin to flourish and it would be an unnecessary incursion into people's civil liberties.

Religious Freedom: I support people having the right to practice their beliefs, so long as it doesn't encroach on the civil liberties of other. A definite separation of church and state is required.

Euthanasia: Support

Prostitution: I support the legalisation and regulation of this industry.

Immigration: I support help for those seeking asylum, those who are fleeing nations in hardship and war.

Economic Policy:
Minimum Wage: I strongly support a minimum wage, increasing each year with inflation. It should be able to be lived on modestly.

Right to Work: I support this, as I don't think workers should be forced to pay dues to organizations that they do not belong to. However, we must maintain all regulations and laws that guarantee fair working hours, pay, and working conditions for all workers. I would also indirectly encourage unionism, as that can help with improving conditions.

Taxation: I support progressive taxation, and a national sales tax. This is another thing Australia does. It distributes the revenue to the states according to need.

Healthcare: I support mulitpayer healthcare, like Australia's which includes a strong and robust public health system. I think people have a right to healthcare, to walk into the ED and get treatment, dental and eye care. These are basic necessities.
Education: I support lowering the cost of education on the student. And I also support more training and development for teachers. Including decreasing teacher-student ratios.

Free Trade: Free trade definitely has its positives, particularly if you are in an advantageous position. So I think we should trade freely with countries that would only help our country.

Foreign Policy and National Security:
I think far too much is spent on defense and national security. A policy of non-interventionism should be followed, except for cases where there is substantial evidence of human rights abuses, such as Rwanda.

There needs to be better environmental regulation. We should pursue renewable generation and storage, as they will become economically advantageous.

Electoral and Political Reform:

1. Presidential and House of Representatives races should use Instant Runoff Voting and the Electoral College should be abolished.

2. House of Reps should be increased in size substantially, to about 300,000 per district, and a national independent electoral comission should draw the boundaries, to ensure fairness.

3. The senate should should be tripled in size, and proportional representation should be implemented, so there is better representation.
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« Reply #1383 on: March 03, 2019, 12:23:31 pm »

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-Choice excluding the 3rd trimester, except in cases such as severe deformities/fetal inviability with the recommendation of multiple physicians.
Same Sex Marriage: Support Same Sex marriage. Though I believe private institutions (A church, a bakery, a catering organisation, etc.) should have the right to refuse service.
Drug Law: Support decriminalising drug use, and legalising cannabis and various psychedelics such as Psilocybin for commercial use.
Death Penalty: Opposed to the death penalty.
Gun Control: Pro Gun. Against the draconian policies of my own nation. Support Pre-Phil Scot Vermont style gun policy. I'd support an amendment to the Australian constitution upholding the right to keep and bear arms.
Euthanasia: Support legalising euthanasia in cases of terminal illness.
"Anti Discrimination" legislation: I believe private entities should have the right to refuse service for whatever reason they wish. I am opposed to all hate speech legislation. I'd support an amendment to the Australian constitution similar to that of the USA's first amendment. I believe private institutions should be able set their own policies in regards to affirmative action, gender quotas, etc. I oppose it for government institutions or institutions heavily reliant on government funding. I of course oppose mandatory gender quotas or affirmative action. On a personal level I oppose all forms of affirmative action or gender quotas.
Immigration: You cannot have free immigration and a welfare state. Free or very laxed immigration could potentially cause considerable stress on government institutions and drastic political upheaval, especially at the local level. I Support the policies currently in place in Australia in regards to illegal immigration. I think the US should follow suit (As best as it can, we have obvious geographical advantages). Immigration quotas should comply with market demands both in regards to quantity and skill specifics.

Electoral Issues
Compulsory Voting: Against compulsory voting.
Voter ID: Support implementing Photo ID laws.
Primaries: Support primaries for the house of representatives, where voters registered in the party can choose their nominee for their electorate, as opposed to them simply being appointments by the party leadership.

Economic Issues
Minimum wage: Oppose minimum wage standards.
Universal Healthcare: Oppose. I support a private/free market healthcare system
Welfare: Remove all welfare programs/pensions and replace them with a negative income tax as described by Milton Friedman where people below a deductible amount are "reversed taxed" on the difference between their income and the deductive amount.
Taxation: Support cutting taxes, reforming to a flat income tax. Support cutting the corporate tax rate and closing *most* loopholes. I think property taxes should be done away with.
Trade: Free Trade all the way.
Budget: Should be balanced, would support a balanced budget amendment.
Education: should be at least mostly privatised. If parents wish to homeschool their kids it should be legal for them to do so.
Government owned media: privatise it all.

Foreign Policy and National Security
General: I support the principles of the Monroe doctrine, those being that nations should generally limit military operations to their regional theatres. I am against the current paradigm in which the US acts as a global policeman.
Syria: I oppose US and Australian military involvement in Syria
Iraq: I oppose US and Australian military involvement in Iraq
Afghanistan: I oppose US and Australian military involvement in Afghanistan
Israel: I am against any government funding to the state of Israel.
Foreign aid: I am against foreign aid due to a distrust of the benevolence and efficiency of (especially 3rd world) governments.
Palestine: I support recognition of the state of Palestine.
Saudi Arabia: I do not support the US's arms deals with Saudi Arabia.
Military Spending: Both the US and (though to a much lesser degree) Australia should reduce military spending.
Government Surveillance/Spying: Against

Environmental Policy
Climate Change: I think its real and human activity is at least partially contributing to it. Technological advancements and shifts to renewable energy will help reduce the impacts of carbon emissions.
Renewable Energy: Should be incentivised with tax deductions
Green New Deal: Oppose
Carbon Tax: Support if implemented the right way. Congressman Carlos Curbelo's plan of swapping it with fuel taxes and cutting back on some nullified regulatory burden sounds decent.
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« Reply #1384 on: March 08, 2019, 06:14:15 pm »

Fiscally responsible socialist with a heavy libertarian streak on whatever the current "social issues" are.
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« Reply #1385 on: March 10, 2019, 07:12:13 pm »

Social: Center-left to left-wing (American norms: left-wing to far-left)
Economic: Far-left (even compared to European norms)
Foreign: Left-wing to far-left (American norms: far-left)
Party Affiliation: Registered PVDA-PTB (marxist) member

Most important issues:
Radical & social implementation of social green new deal
Free public transport (trains & busses)
Tuition-free colleges
Legalization of marijuana, decriminalization of all drugs
30 hour work week*

(*) People will have to work longer (65 to 70 years), and that's why we need to reduce the work week to reduce stress (and burn-outs). A shorter work week would reduce unemployment, as more people will be needed because people work less, but it would anticipate on a new technological wave (more automatization because of robots). I also support spreading the main shifts (8 to 5 work week) to 7 to 4 and 9 to 6 work week to reduce traffic overload.
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