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December 14, 2019, 07:13:16 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 407628 times)
Sam Smith
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United States

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« Reply #1425 on: November 10, 2019, 07:15:30 am »

Labels: Paleolibertarian,Paleoconservative,
Pro Life
Anti-Gay Marriage
Pro Death Penalty
Pro 2nd amendment
End affirmative action & repeal the civil rights act of 64
Climate Change: It's a hoax & eliminate the EPA
Deport all illegal immigrants & cut legal immigration by 90% & Ban all Muslim Immigration
Repeal the current Tax scam with a 10% Flat Tax & 20% Import Tax
Medicare,Medicaid,Social Security cut 50% & send it back to the states
Eliminate the Dep. of Education & Energy
Balance the Budget every year
Foreign Policy: Non Interventionist. Bring our troops home & shutdown all bases.
End Foreign Aid. Get us out of NATO & the UN. 
End the FED,End the Drug war & repeal the Patriot act!
Cory Booker
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« Reply #1426 on: November 23, 2019, 07:48:19 pm »

Secular, supportive of climate change, secular religious thought and supportive of DC statehood.

Abortion,  LGBT and amnesty not captive of Dem Establishment. Follow my own mind, and Griswald on abortion stands on former grounds, since there is a conservative majority on Crts, now
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« Reply #1427 on: November 26, 2019, 03:52:03 pm »
« Edited: November 26, 2019, 03:58:40 pm by Laki »

Democratic socialist; ecosocialist; anti-immigration; environmentalism; left-wing populism; marxism; communism; protectionist; libertarian socialist

Pro-LGBTQ rights
Anti Death Penalty but lifelong sentences for rape & murder
Background checks for guns
End affirmative action
Climate change is true and we need to intervene, regulate the economy, use nuclear energy and alternative energy resources
We need to trade with countries that have the same social and economic standards, otherwise tarrifs, that includes the USA. Why? Because companies can move away and put their HQ and companies in other countries, take our jobs simply because a country doesn't have the same labour standards. That's why i'm staunchly against free trade agreements like TTIP and CETA, which are a disaster economically for EU.
Free healthcare
Free education
Free public transport
Progressive tax system, fight income inequality, implement a 30 hour work week.
Fight against monopolies and multinationals, because they form a threat
No PAC money, cap on donating money, cap on party finances
End the war on drugs and legalize marijuana
End foreign aid and military interventions. Bring our troops home.
Deport illegal imigrants, put caps on immigrants and refugees that enter our country, and bring others back to rebuild their country again
I believe in punishing crimes instead of rehabitiliating for major offenses.
YaBB God
Posts: 2,948

Political Matrix
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« Reply #1428 on: November 27, 2019, 11:21:28 am »
« Edited: November 27, 2019, 11:41:26 am by Laki »

Some Belgian issues:

Flemish independence: Undecided, leaning towards no mostly because socialism is stronger in the south. If we do split, make Flanders, Wallonia regions of Wallonia, and create from Brussels an independent capital / city of the EU, and abolish monarchy. I'm also in favour of reunification with the Netherlands if we keep our autonomy.
Monarchy: Abolish, replace with a ceremonial presidency with max 1 term of 4, 5 or 6 years, alternating terms between french-speaking candidates and dutch-speaking candidates. Candidates need to fluidly speak both languages. Candidate needs to be supported by 50 of both French-speaking parties and Dutch-speaking parties. Add a first round, if no candidate ends up with 50%, run-off. Correctly filed presidential candidates need to prove they speak both languages and have enough signatures (10.000)
Electoral reform: Leaning towards banning ISLAM and extremist parties, lowering electoral threshold to 3%, direct democracy, direct referenda, and voting on internet / e-mail. No decrease of voting to age of 16. Abolish obligatory voting. Present a Flemish list for regional and federal elections, not only for European elections in Flanders, likewise for Wallonia.
Provinces: Abolish
Trade: European Free Trade zone, Tarrifs for Canada, UK and USA. Economical sanctions for China, Iran and other countries that are not in our interest. Against free trade agreements with countries that do not share our values in terms of social & economic policy because that harms us.
European Union: Stay in, but reform from the inside. I'm in favour of splitting the EU in several blocs, in which we would naturally be in the EU-West Side (stretching from Portugal to Finland, from Italy to Austria to Germany and Denmark).
Borders: Leaning towards leaving Schengen
Euro: Keep, but no strong feelings.
Russia, Iran & China: keep relations we have and build up new diplomatic relations
End Saudi Arabian weapons export
Crime: Tougher for both small & huge offenses
Justice: Reform, make it work faster
Education: Reform high schools & universities, make public schools free, and costs for university and high schools as low as possible. Education should be an opportunity, not a privilege.
Healthcare: Make waiting lists less longer, and expand psychological & psychiatric healthcare, as this is a huge problem, not only for us, but for our neighbouring countries. The Finland & Slovenia education systems are examples for us.
30 hour work week: implement
Marijuana: end the war on drugs, pardon all cannabis users, legalize both recreational and medical marijuana, and focus on prevention and care of drug users. Marijuana is a health issue, not a crime. Reduce costs for medicines, implement a "kiwimodel"
Immigration: cut legal immigration back and add tougher conditions to it (high-skilled workers, workers in areas we need more workers, showing proof of ability to pay taxes), send all illegal immigrants back, let refugees in but send them back when the war is over. Only allow refugees out of regions in conflict. Focus on integration first, second and third-gen Belgians. Let immigrants vote on mayoral elections, and after 10 years they can demand their nationalization after doing some exams of knowing basic knowledge of the country, language, culture & traditions, than they can vote for federal, regional, presidential and european elections
Privatisation of public transport: Fully against, make public transport free.
Minimum wage: increase to 15 euros, increase wages for teachers and nurses.
Media: abolish public media, media should be reliant on their own incomes.
Culture: against cutting subsidies, as i've protested against, with a yellow banner on Facebook recently, although culture institutions should become more independent and less reliant on government resources.
Foreign development: Cut expenses
Military: Cut expenses, become more efficient, and focus on domestic security & cyber-security instead.
Pensioners: increase wages, increase age of retirement, but propose a less busy work week schedule, and allow retirement at younger age for heavy labour & risk jobs. Direct towards administration jobs.
Political party funds Caps, caps, caps. Don't allow donations, be completely self-reliant on member's money.
Government institutions: Abolish the provinces, abolish two of the six governments (the bilingual governments), and cut incomes for government workers and MP's, as well as the king/president and ministers.
Farmers: Subsidize, create a climate change funds for natural disasters related to weather & climate catastrophes (like drought, storms and go on...)
Climate change: Do not implement a COČ taxation, but implement a progressive airflight taxation, which increases by every flight you take). Create a miles tax (every mile you drive on the roads of Belgium should be taxed for construction & maintaining roads & infrastructure + climate tax), invest heavily in public transport and implement parts of the GND proposed in the USA. Every climate tax should at least be a progressive tax.
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