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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 379533 times)
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« Reply #1125 on: May 12, 2015, 03:16:49 pm »

I consider myself pretty independent. There aren't many things that get to me on a visceral level, so I tend to look at politics more detached and academically and statistically (I teach high school AP Statistics). I lean somewhat more R than D, but I like some Libertarian and Green ideas as well. I voted for Jill Stein in the last Presidential election; though Gary Johnson was closer to some of my views, he wasn't on the ballot in MI. I just didn't want to vote for Obama or Romney. By 2014 I was in a more conservative mood and for the most part joined in the national, if temporary, move toward the GOP.

My views on specific issues (abortion, gay marriage, minimum wage, etc.) tend to be nuanced, though I try to side with the underdog. I do feel something must be said on the subject of abortion, however. We often think "pro-life" vs. "pro-choice"; however, I have heard of more than one person who has advocated that in certain cases abortion should be *mandatory*, thus taking the choice away from the mother.
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« Reply #1126 on: May 12, 2015, 03:21:58 pm »
« Edited: May 12, 2015, 03:24:14 pm by mathstatman »

I'm surprised people keep calling themselves pro-life and then in the same sentence, type that they'd let the individual make the choice. You do realize that makes you 100% pro-choice, right?
I include myself in that category. I have supported a neighborhood crisis pregnancy center because I believe they do, in fact, provide a valuable service for women and children (and that that makes me "pro-life"). At the same time I believe abortion is a very personal choice, not one that should be made by politicians.
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« Reply #1127 on: May 20, 2015, 11:15:01 pm »

Social Issues:

Abortion: Strongly Pro-Choice until the point of viability.

Gay Marriage: 100% in favor of, overturn state laws banning it at the federal level as discriminatory.

War on Drugs: Legalize all drugs, abolish the DEA

Prostitution: Legalize

Stem Cell Research: Expand

Affirmative Action: For but based on class instead of race

Gun Control: kind of torn, I think that there's a strong left-wing case to be made in favor of allowing people to bear arms. I can't understand liberals wanting to give racist cops a monopoly on gun ownership in big citites. At the same time if you could implement some kind of background check to prevent mass shootings i'd be all for it. I really think that overlaps with other issues also though like mental health.

Gambling: Support legalizing but I disagree with how it's done. (see below)

Immigration: The US is a nation of immigrants and I know that my ancestors were discriminated against by the WASPs when they first came here and I feel that people are hypocritical to oppose immigration. Yes it may depress wages somewhat but they're are other ways of stimulating them again. (see under economics)

Civil Liberties: Abolish the Patriot Act, Espionage Act, end NSA spying and police militarization, ban the use of domestic drones by police departments.

Other stuff: I guess i'm more socially libertarian then Socially Liberal since i've always had a problem with progressive paternalism. I think that sin taxes are fundamentally regressive and it annoys me how things like cigarette taxes and gambling are always tied to funding programs. It just seems like a bullsh**t way to avoid taxing the rich. I also think that bars should be able to allow smoking if they're adult only venues. Also the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen.


Pro-Union, support single payer health care, free universal college education, guaranteed minimum income as a means of offsetting outsourcing. If we had guaranteed income it would be a boon to the economy as more people could leave their sh**tty jobs and either start businesses or pursue some creative venture. It would also be stimulus for those at the bottom. I also think that giving those at the bottom money directly is less demeaning to the poor then forcing them to be dependent on busy body social workers. Also institute a stock transaction tax and reinstate glass-stegal.

Foreign Policy:

Israel/Palestine: I believe that ethnic based states are fundamentally racist and if their ever could have been a two state solution it's been ruined by the nutty settlers moving onto what should have been Palestinian land. There should be one multiethnic secular state and I say this as a partial Jew myself.

Iran: I think we should lift the sanctions and move towards better relations with Iran and away from Saudi Arabia.

Afghanistan: Pull out already!

Draft: 100000% opposed

The US should remained engaged in the world and I think that under extreme circumstances intervention can be justified to prevent genocide but in general we should reorient our foreign policy towards one based on human rights and less in serving corporate interests.

Overall: Basically a Libertarian Socialist as my name would imply or more accurately an (LSD) Libertarian Social Democrat. I also think that my politics are in some ways close to Christopher Hitchens before 9/11.


Hate to break it to ya, but your not a Libertarian Socialist.
                                                                    -A Libertarian Socialist

Libertarian and Socialist are not possible as Liberatarian is the most pro free market, anti governemnt party while socialist is the opposite
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« Reply #1128 on: May 21, 2015, 11:58:03 am »

Social Issues:

Abortion: Strongly Pro-Choice until the point of viability.

Gay Marriage: 100% in favor of, overturn state laws banning it at the federal level as discriminatory.

War on Drugs: Legalize all drugs, abolish the DEA

Prostitution: Legalize

Stem Cell Research: Expand

Affirmative Action: For but based on class instead of race

Gun Control: kind of torn, I think that there's a strong left-wing case to be made in favor of allowing people to bear arms. I can't understand liberals wanting to give racist cops a monopoly on gun ownership in big citites. At the same time if you could implement some kind of background check to prevent mass shootings i'd be all for it. I really think that overlaps with other issues also though like mental health.

Gambling: Support legalizing but I disagree with how it's done. (see below)

Immigration: The US is a nation of immigrants and I know that my ancestors were discriminated against by the WASPs when they first came here and I feel that people are hypocritical to oppose immigration. Yes it may depress wages somewhat but they're are other ways of stimulating them again. (see under economics)

Civil Liberties: Abolish the Patriot Act, Espionage Act, end NSA spying and police militarization, ban the use of domestic drones by police departments.

Other stuff: I guess i'm more socially libertarian then Socially Liberal since i've always had a problem with progressive paternalism. I think that sin taxes are fundamentally regressive and it annoys me how things like cigarette taxes and gambling are always tied to funding programs. It just seems like a bullsh**t way to avoid taxing the rich. I also think that bars should be able to allow smoking if they're adult only venues. Also the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen.


Pro-Union, support single payer health care, free universal college education, guaranteed minimum income as a means of offsetting outsourcing. If we had guaranteed income it would be a boon to the economy as more people could leave their sh**tty jobs and either start businesses or pursue some creative venture. It would also be stimulus for those at the bottom. I also think that giving those at the bottom money directly is less demeaning to the poor then forcing them to be dependent on busy body social workers. Also institute a stock transaction tax and reinstate glass-stegal.

Foreign Policy:

Israel/Palestine: I believe that ethnic based states are fundamentally racist and if their ever could have been a two state solution it's been ruined by the nutty settlers moving onto what should have been Palestinian land. There should be one multiethnic secular state and I say this as a partial Jew myself.

Iran: I think we should lift the sanctions and move towards better relations with Iran and away from Saudi Arabia.

Afghanistan: Pull out already!

Draft: 100000% opposed

The US should remained engaged in the world and I think that under extreme circumstances intervention can be justified to prevent genocide but in general we should reorient our foreign policy towards one based on human rights and less in serving corporate interests.

Overall: Basically a Libertarian Socialist as my name would imply or more accurately an (LSD) Libertarian Social Democrat. I also think that my politics are in some ways close to Christopher Hitchens before 9/11.


Hate to break it to ya, but your not a Libertarian Socialist.
                                                                    -A Libertarian Socialist

Libertarian and Socialist are not possible as Liberatarian is the most pro free market, anti governemnt party while socialist is the opposite
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« Reply #1129 on: June 04, 2015, 07:28:16 am »

Same Sex Marriage: Same-sex marriage, polygamy, human-animal marriage, human-object marriage, human-concept marriage, etc. should all be legal. Of course, as long as it's consensual.

How can you have consent with things that can't give consent, such as animals, objects, and concepts?

Also, I totally disagree with your views on Euthanasia. Making it mandatory to end people's lives simply because they're old is truly barbaric. I think that if people are clearly thinking they should have the ability to do it, but ending one's life just because they're a "burden" is just terrible.

That being said, your foreign policy is spot on. Ditto on the death penalty.
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« Reply #1130 on: June 04, 2015, 10:34:37 pm »

Social Policy:

 - Abortion: I'm against it on the grounds that a fetus is a human life and ending human lives is one of the few things the government has the right to make illegal. But I support comprehensive sex-ed, birth control, day care, adoption, and anything else to help with unwanted pregnancies.
 - Same Sex Marriage: Legalize all marriage between consenting adults. Conservatives often ask where does it end. Simple: it ends with consent. Although I'd rather see the government remove itself from marriage altogether, it's a matter of people, not the government.
 - Drugs: Legalize. It hurts no one who doesn't consent to it.
 - Death Penalty: Abolish it. The government (or a jury enforcing government laws and punishments) has no right whatsoever to end a person's life, or decide who deserves to die.
 - Gun control: Some gun control, but I think we need to allow people the right to responsible gun ownership. If we ban guns outright, the only people who will have guns are bad people and the government, two groups I don't want to use force unopposed.
 - Affirmative Action: I'm mostly opposed to it. We need to change the system from the grassroots level. The government can't legislate quality any more than it can legislate morality.
 - Prostitution: Legalize and regulate. Like drugs, it hurts no one who doesn't consent to it.
 - Euthanasia: Allow it for people who can make decisions on their own. Don't make it mandatory.
 - Speech: I believe in free speech, not hate speech. Censorship of any kind is a violation of the 1st amendment. I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of association, and freedom of cartoonists.

Economic Issues:

 - Minimum Wage: Don't raise it, that leads to inflation.
 - Welfare: Make it more voluntary, and don't help people who don't need it. Try to teach people to fish instead of giving them fish, metaphorically speaking.
 - Right-to-Work: I support it, but I understand the need for labor unions, and the help they provide for the worker.
 - Taxation: Make taxes as low as possible. While there is need for money to help people, I think it's bad for the government to take things from people without their consent.
 - Healthcare: Try to privatize it. I understand that poor people need healthcare, but I don't think the government is the best way to do that.
 - Social Security: Work on privatizing it. It's running out of money.
 - Trade: Free trade.
 - Education: I support school vouchers and am skeptical of common core. Homeschooling can often be a better system, don't restrict that at all.
 - Balanced Budget Amendment: We need one. Government spending is out of hand.

Foreign Policy and National Security

 - Middle East: Don't go to war there. Work to end terrorism and improve living conditions with the UN and other allies. But don't go to war at all, and also don't work together with either dictators or terrorists, even if it's in opposition to another threat.
 - Cuba: Normalizing relations was a good idea. Try to encourage democracy there.
 - NSA Spying: Only on people we have real evidence need to be spied on.
 - Israel/Palestine: Try to find a peaceful solution, respecting Palestine's rights but also not abandoning Israel as our ally.
 - Immigration: I'm a moderate on illegal immigration: you want to keep bad guys out, and you want to have them follow the law, but you also don't want to deport good people who want to live in this great nation of ours. I'm a big supporter of legal immigration, I think it's a key part of what makes America America. Maybe deport people like Ann Coulter who are against it.
 - Guantanamo Bay: Close it.
 - Draft: Constitutional amendment to permanently abolish the draft. The government has no right whatsoever to force a person to abandon their life to risk it in what's probably an unjust war in the first place.
 - United Nations: Work with them to achieve goals such as peace and human rights, but don't give up autonomy at all.


 - Climate Change: I think it's probably real, but I would support more proof for the many people who think it isn't. If it is real, it's probably our biggest concern.
 - Green Energy: Try to support it within the free market. I'm pro-green energy, but anti-subsidies.
 - Keystone XL Pipeline: Support it, but be careful.

Electoral Reform

 - Voting System: Enact a form of proportional representation in congress. Either STV or MMP.
 - Electoral College: Either abolish it or make it not winner-take-all.
 - Gerrymandering: Enact laws to minimize gerrymandering.
 - Term limits: I support consecutive term limits, but where they can return after setting out a term.
 - Perks and Privileges for Politicians: Eliminate them. They're our employees, not divinely-favored nobility. They should have the same rights and restrictions as the rest of us, no more, no less.
 - Voter ID: Cautiously support it to protect voter fraud, but I'm skeptical that it won't hurt more than it would help.
 - Compulsory Voting: Never. We're better off if people who don't understand how important voting is don't get a say in the system. And I'm against making anything compulsory at all.
 - Statehood: Let in DC, PR, and anyone else.
 - Organization of Government: Limit the power of both the executive and judicial branches. The power should be held in a representative, proportional congress. Also give state and local government's more power relative to the federal government, but with the main goal to give the individual sovereign power over themselves.

Overall I'm for limited government. The government should be there to ensure our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not to enforce "equality" or some moral standard.
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« Reply #1131 on: June 07, 2015, 03:54:08 am »

Social issues
Abortion: I believe that women (and men) should have complete control over their bodies, and therefore support the right to abortion, for reasons of conveneience or otherwise.
LGBT/Feminism: I support marriage equality and, as a transgendered person, support laws that protect our human dignity and the destigmatization of our gender identity. I am also a feminist and support all efforts to kill the rape culture and end gender discrimination. I am personally opposed to prostitution, but a woman should feel free to sell her body if she wants to do so voluntarily.
Drugs/Tobacco/Etc: I oppose subjecting minor vices to regressive taxation, let alone criminalization. Legalize all drugs, repeal all sin taxes, set a uniform age of majority for access to these substances. Drug addiction should be dealt with as a medical condition.
Gun Control: Generally opposed. I am more concerned with demilitarizing the police than disarming the public.
Immigration: I support the free movement of people and full blanket amnesty for undocumented workers.
Death Penalty: I oppose the state murdering people as a punishment, especially given the abundant imperfections in our justice system.

Economic issues
Labor: I believe in worker solidarity and empowerment through democratization of the work place and horizontal organization. Collective bargaining rights should be fiercely protected.
Safety net: Strongly support subsidizing for food, housing, transportation, and internet access for the working class.
Minimum Wage: I am of the belief that business are unfairly dumping their labor costs on the safety net when the pay wages that their employees could not realistically live on. I support the 15$/hr mimimum wage as advocated by 15Now.
Taxation: I support returning the capital gains and federal income tax rate to 1956 levels. I'm fine with the current corporate rate, I care more about closing he loopholes that allow big businesses to pay little to no taxes.
Trade: I support punitive tariffs on abusers of human rights, even if that means less cheap stuff to choose from at Walmart.
Social Security: Abolish the cap on pay roll taxes so that they are more progressive, oppose all privatization.
Health Care:  I completely reject the ACA as a working class funded handout to the private health insurance industry. I want it repealed and replaced with a national health service that provides free comprehensive medical care and prescriptioms for all.

Foreign Policy/National Security:
Military Intervention/Spending: I am categorically opposed to imperalism and favor a smaller, exclusively domestic military. I am not an isolationist, I do support keeping solidarity with international worker struggles and people's liberation movements in the form of material support.
Human rights: I oppose maintaining full diplomatic and economic relations with human rights abusers such as China, Saudi Arabia, etc
NSA/PATRIOT Act: 100% opposed to trading civil liberties for security. The undisputed right to privacy should be written into the constitution.
ISIS: We shouldn't legitamize ISIS as a "country" with a declaration of war. Overall, it's the responsibility of the countries in the region to dismantle ISIS, the US has nothing to gain by dedicating its self to another protracted military conflict with a loosely organized terrorist group.

Electoral reform: Support implementing IRV, proportional representation, public financing of elections, and abolishing ballot access laws that discriminate against third parties. I oppose term limits.
Arts/Public Radio: I strongly support subsidizing the arts, museums, commercial free public radio, and other culturally beneficial institutions
Education: K-12 should be well funded, through tax dollars and not weird gimmicks like standardized testing and sin taxes, with the goal being to teach to each students potential.  Support providing university and trade school free of charge.
Environment/Energy: Climate change is real, anthropogenic, and bad. I support  enacting tough carbon emission standards, even at the cost of economic output. I also  support nationalizing the energy sector.
Banking: I support nationalizing the banking system and prosecuting the crooked Wall Street executives responsible for the Great recession.
Gambling: Ambivalent. It's ultimately a bad thing for the working class, but it's the sort of indiscretion that I prefer not to criminalize.
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« Reply #1132 on: June 12, 2015, 09:19:22 pm »
« Edited: June 12, 2015, 10:15:11 pm by Wolverine22 »

Social Policy:

 - Abortion: Pro-choice. Banning abortion only results in women resorting to illegal and unsafe methods of abortion. We should teach comprehensive, LGBT-inclusive sex education in schools, as well as make contraception affordable and accessible to all women, regardless of socioeconomic class, in order to reduce the abortion rate, and reduce teen pregnancy.

 - Same Sex Marriage: Same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional per 14th Amendment. Consenting adults who aren't related and are of sound mind should be able to get married, no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

- Transgender issues: Regardless of how one feels about people who identify as a gender other than their assigned sex, I believe that we must work to end discrimination, and that includes gender identity. Nobody should ever be fired or kicked out of their home simply because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

- Drugs: The War on Drugs has been a colossal failure that has resulted in our country leading the world in the number of people incarcerated per capita. Legalizing recreational drugs and treating it as a public health issue through education and PSA campaigns, much like we did about condoms during the AIDS crisis, is the best way to reduce drug dependency. I strongly support legalizing marijuana and levying a tax on cannabis.

 - Death Penalty: Support only when the crime is heinous and disgusting enough, as well as there no possibility of the defendant being innocent. However I strongly oppose the death penalty the way Texas uses it, and quite honestly, if I'm a governor and a death penalty repeal bill hits my desk, I'd sign it.
- Gun control: To quote Ronald Reagan, "I support the right to own a firearm for sport or defense of a home, however an AK-47 is not a sporting weapon." I support an assault weapons ban, and Brady background checks. I also support banning open carry in public.

- Affirmative Action: Neutral.

- Prostitution: Legalize and regulate.

- Euthanasia: I support assisted suicide. Having had to watch a loved one die a prolonged, painful death, I do believe that those who are terminally ill and of sound mind should be able to end their lives with assistance from a doctor.

- Speech: I believe in the First Amendment and free speech. Of course, that inevitably results in despicable nonsense being spread, but free speech does not mean consequence-free speech.

Economic Issues:

- Minimum Wage: Raising the minimum wage doesn't make inflation go up, inflation going up results in the need for a raise in the minimum wage. $7.25 today has about the same buying power as $4.23 did the day minimum wage went up to $7.25. I support raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hour, as this has the same buying power today as $7.25 did on that day in 2007.

 - Welfare: Don't punish the poor. Give aid, as well as free educational and job training opportunities at a local community college. To quote William Winter, a Democrat who served as Governor of Mississippi from 1980-1984 once said, "The road out of the poorhouse runs right through the schoolhouse."

 - Right-to-Work: Right-to-Work is a misnomer. It has nothing to do with the right to find gainful employment, it is nothing more than a ploy to weaken unions. It allows workers to enjoy all the benefits of union membership, including the pay and benefits, without paying dues to the union that bargained for that contract. States that have so-called "Right-to-Work" laws see lower wages, fewer benefits, and fewer worker protections.

- Taxation: The rich should pay their fair share in taxes, and the tax burden should never be shifted onto the lower earners. A flat tax is a major tax hike on the lowest income Americans, and a major tax cut for the richest 1% of Americans. I support a progressive tax structure that gives tax relief to the working and poor, those that need help the most, and makes the rich pay their fair share.

- Healthcare: I support a single-payer health care system. The current for-profit system and its exorbitant costs have bankrupted too many Americans. The Affordable Care Act was a good stop-gap measure, however America needs single-payer.

- Social Security: Don't privatize Social Security, just get rid of the tax cap. Currently, only the first $118,500 of income is subject to the Social Security tax. Most Americans have every dime of their income taxed to pay for Social Security, but just 5% of Americans don't. If we get rid of the cap, Social Security would be able to pay a livable pension to the elderly and disabled-the two groups who make up the majority of people living in poverty in America-and still be overfunded.

 - Trade: I oppose any so-called "free trade" deal. Ross Perot was right back in 1992 when he warned America that if we passed NAFTA, "you'll hear a giant sucking sound of all the jobs going to Mexico." NAFTA, the Chinese Free Trade Agreement, and every other trade agreement we've signed have devastated America's manufacturing sector. President Obama likes to talk about seeing products that say, "Made in America," but now he champions a trade agreement that will further harm our manufacturing sector and put even more Americans out of work. I'll stand up to any President, Democratic or Republican, and fight against any trade agreement.

- Education: I oppose school vouchers, and believe that we must improve education by investing in it. Republicans continue to cut education and funnel taxpayer dollars to for-profit charter schools. This is wrong. If we actually worked to improve public education and kept it adequately funded instead of presiding over its funeral, we can fix education.

- Balanced Budget Amendment: I oppose a Balanced Budget Amendment. This would hamper our national defense, and hurt our economy.

Foreign Policy and National Security

- Middle East: I oppose preemptive wars, and believe in diplomacy over force. War is not a peaceful solution, and shouldn't be used as a first resort.

 - Cuba: I support normalizing relations with Cuba and ending the embargo.

- PATRIOT Act: I support the USA FREEDOM Act, and believe the Patriot Act is unconstitutional.

- NSA Spying: I believe the Fourth Amendment is clear: that the government must have a warrant to conduct a search.

- Israel/Palestine: I support a two-state solution.

- Immigration: I support the DREAM Act. People who were brought here as children through no fault of their own should be able to stay in the United States and earn citizenship if they follow the law and are productive members of society. Our Border Patrol is working hard around the clock to keep drugs and human traffickers out of the United States, and I believe we can increase funding and resources to them without passing laws that encourage racial profiling.

- Guantanamo Bay: I support closing Guantanamo Bay, and I oppose detention without trial.

- Draft: I oppose the draft and believe that no one should ever be forced into military service against their will.

- United Nations: I support the UN and believe we should be held accountable to international law and not above it.


- Climate Change: Climate change is a real threat at this very moment. It's no coincidence that after two centuries of unregulated pollution, we're now seeing some of the most extreme weather patterns in documented human history. We must take steps now to protect our environment and natural resources before it's too late.

- Green Energy: Clean, renewable energy is the future of our economy and the way toward a cleaner environment. We need to invest in green energy.

- Keystone XL Pipeline: I oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline. Far too many people are going to lose their homes and land to eminent domain to build the pipeline, and many others will see their property values slashed to build a pipeline that sends Canadian oil to the Gulf of Mexico to be shipped to China. To hurt thousands of everyday Americans just to create 55 permanent jobs isn't worth it.

Electoral Reform

- Voting System: First past the post.

- Electoral College: Ban states from using a district plan to prevent a rigged vote.

- Gerrymandering: I support a constitutional amendment to ban gerrymandering, that would constitutionally require Congressional and state legislative districts to be drawn fairly.

- Term limits: I oppose term limits for Congress and state legislators, and support consecutive term limits for Governors. I support the 22nd Amendment, though I think a better idea would be to have a single, six-year term.

- Perks and Privileges for Politicians: Status quo.

- Voter ID: Voter ID is a thinly disguised way of preventing people who tend to vote Democratic from voting. Republicans are trying to win elections by blocking their opponents from voting. This is the most unpatriotic thing I've ever heard of. We need to expand voting hours and make it easier to vote, not allow Republicans to pick and choose who gets to vote based on who they're going to vote for.

- Compulsory Voting: If everyone voted, we wouldn't have a lot of the problems we currently do with our government. It should be mandatory.

- Statehood: If Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, or any other territory wants to become a state, they should be allowed to do so.
- Organization of Government: We have three branches of government with checks and balances to prevent each from growing too large. The judicial branch's job is to strike down laws that are unconstitutional, in spite of public opinion.

Please describe my beliefs. Am I a Democrat, liberal, socialist, libertarian, none of the above/all of the above?
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« Reply #1133 on: June 13, 2015, 08:08:52 pm »

Please describe my beliefs. Am I a Democrat, liberal, socialist, libertarian, none of the above/all of the above?

You sound like a generic liberal Democrat to me.
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« Reply #1134 on: June 17, 2015, 09:55:28 pm »
« Edited: September 01, 2015, 05:43:12 pm by DimpledChad »

Social Issues
Abortion: Support, including late term abortions.
Gun control: Support background checks, mental health exams, caps on magazines, and I support an assault weapons ban. No other country as advanced as ours has this many mass shootings. This needs to stop. Enough nonsense from the NRA. People lean on ideology regarding this issue. It's an epidemic. People are dying. Children are dying. It's time to stop this.
SSM: Support. It's a basic right. Right-wingers can guise it as whatever they want, it's hateful to oppose this.
Marijuana: Legalize and tax.
Death penalty: Firmly opposed.
Affirmative Action: Support
Prostitution: Legalize and regulate. It would kill the sex trafficking black market to legalize this. It would bring sex workers out of the shadows and allow them to live a safe and secure life. Also, make sure that sex workers have a way out of the industry if they want. I've seen a number of statistics which say more than a supermajority of prostitutes would get out if they had other options.
Assisted suicide: If the patient is in a rational state of mind and suffering from an incurable condition, I support this.

Foreign Policy and National Security
PATRIOT Act: Vehemently opposed. Clear overstep of government powers.
ISIS: The actions of the Bush administration in Iraq, especially in disbanding the Iraqi Army, and the failure of Bush and Obama to negotiate a provision to leave a residual force in Iraq created an environment in which groups like ISIS can thrive. Obama's policies on this are mostly effective. We don't need to re-invade Iraq and we don't need a four-way ground war in Syria. We need to form a coalition of regional powers to supplement our airstrikes with a strong ground force. Sending additional advisers is a good step. But, read my lips: No ground troops.
Russia: Unfortunately, Mr. Putin got away with his takeover of Crimea and faced no long term consequences. We need to make it clear to Putin that this type of aggression will not be tolerated. His actions were the enemy of freedom.
Cuba: I support lifting the embargo and fully normalizing relations with Cuba.
Israel/Palestine: It is terrifying to see the Republican Party move against a two-state solution. It is the only way forward. Both groups deserve their own state. Jerusalem should become an international city, under the control of neither Israel nor Palestine.
Immigration: I support the DREAM Act, and I support simplifying the legal immigration process. I support a path to citizenship for those who are currently here illegally, aside from criminals. We are a nation of immigrants, we should embrace all who want to come here. Multiculturalism is one of the central tenets of this nation.
Guantanamo Bay: Close Guantanamo Bay.

Economic Issues
Trade: I am very reluctant to support free trade agreements, but I believe globalization as a broad concept is probably inevitable. But, we should not globalize for the sake of globalizing. Support free trade agreements if they don't hurt American business and American workers. Too many trade agreements hurt us.
TPP: They need to publicly detail what exactly is in this. Until then, I'm opposed. The "trust us, this one is different" rhetoric is what we heard before NAFTA. I want them to woo me with the environmental and labor standards. Tongue
Minimum Wage: I support raising the minimum wage to a living wage. $15 an hour at least. No one who works 40 hours a week should live in poverty.
Taxation: I support a progressive tax rate based on ability to pay.
Social programs: The positions which people who receive welfare benefits find themselves in is a very vulnerable position. It would be easy to take advantage of these people. They pay into these programs in the form of taxes so that if they ever find themselves down on their luck, they won't slip into poverty. If you ever find yourself in a situation like that, you'll be damn glad we have these programs.
School vouchers: I oppose vouchers for school choice. We can't abandon public schools. It is one of the tenants of life in America. We need to invest more heavily in public schooling to ensure a fair and quality education for all.
Balanced Budget Amendment: Opposed. It's too rigid and doesn't accept that sometimes the federal government will run deficits. I am opposed to running long-term deficits, however. That would be fatal.

Electoral Reform
Electoral college: Abolish the electoral college
Gerrymandering: Non-partisan committees should handle redistricting
Congressional term limits: I'm ambivalent, but lean towards supporting this.
Mandatory voting: Opposed. It is an expression of free speech to not vote, and the people who don't vote are usually low-information voters. I don't want the future of America to be in the hands of people who just don't care. Let them stay home if they want to.
Voter ID: People can show their driver's license when they show up to vote, I have no problem with that, but the plain fact is voter ID laws disproportionately affect Democrat-leaning demographics. It's advocates know this. Opposed.

Climate change: This is a real and growing threat. All of the climate change deniers need to stop politicizing this serious issue which impacts our environment and our world in dangerous ways.
Carbon emissions: I support a carbon tax to limit carbon emissions.
Green energy: I support the further development of alternative energies and I support subsidies for this research.
Stem cell research: I fully support stem cell research. It is my belief that government needs to stop regulating genetic research to death with ethical regulations. As far as I'm concerned, we should go as far with this technology as we possibly can.
Labels for GMOs: Of course I support this, but we shouldn't scare people with it. GMOs are not inherently unhealthy. But, people have a right to know what they're eating.
Keystone XL: I am fully opposed to the construction of this pipeline. It will bring dirty oil down from the Alberta tar sands, through dozens of vulnerable waterways (including the Yellowstone River), to be sold to China. No way, Jose.
Deforestation: This destroys habitats for thousands of different species. It's time to get serious about stopping deforestation. There is very little political will to do something about it, but we need to take aggressive action against it.
NASA/space exploration: We need to re-invigorate our space program. There has been virtually no political will for space exploration since the 1970s. It's time to stop pussy-footing around with abortion and same sex marriage, and start focusing on things which are really going to matter hundreds of years from now. Enough with this ridiculous austerity, give NASA proper funding.
Conservation efforts: It's time to get serious. We are witnessing the Great Holocene Extinction right now. It's time to end our push into the wild habitats of animals, pushing them to extinction and wiping out a world of biodiversity. We need to take serious action now.
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Abortion: Discourage abortion through expanded access to birth control, comprehensive sex education, paid parental leave, and a national daycare program. Abortion should remain legal, and like all healthcare procedures, should be free of cost.

LGBT Rights: Full equality under the law for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender citizens. Hate crime laws are a bad idea however, as the judicial system can not accurately determine whether or not a crime is based on hate.

Feminism: Equal pay for women needs to be enforced. Add the equal rights amendment to the constitution. Discrimination based on gender must be eliminated from society.

Marriage: Marriage should be between any number of consensual adults. Governments should continue to recognize marriage as long as there is a popular demand for it.

Drugs: End the failed War on Drugs. Legalize all recreational drugs with no minimum consumption age and no sin tax. Essentially, usage of recreational drugs should not result in legal punishment. Establish a rehabilitation program for those who need it. Ban advertising for any controlled substance.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Full funding should be directed to any science with the potential to save lives.

Death Penalty: I don't trust the government to carry out the death penalty or life imprisonment. The strictest punishment should be life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.

Prisons: Ban private prisons, end mandatory minimum sentences, grant voting rights to felons, and make sure that prisoners are treated ethically.

Gun Control: Focusing on the societal causes of violence would be much more effective at reducing incidences of gun violence. That being said, there needs some basic restrictions on gun ownership, such as background checks for gun purchases.

Police Brutality: Serious reforms are needed to prevent occurrences of police brutality, such as ending militarization of police departments and serious penalties for racial profiling and brutality, but I'm skeptical of the effectiveness of body cameras.

Affirmative Action: Through public works programs and the like, the government should guarantee a right to a job for all of its citizens. This would eliminate the need for Affirmative Action in the hiring process.

Prostitution: Legalize and strictly regulate in order to prevent sex slavery and the spread of STDs. Exploitative business models such as pimping should be banned.

Euthanasia: End of life decisions are no one's business but their own. Legalize.

Speech: Increased restrictions on advertising  are necessary, but any form of expression should remain legal.

Gambling: If someone wants to gamble, that's their business, but it should be actively discouraged, and public lotteries should be abolished.

Net Neutrality: Enforce net neutrality and expand it to apply to all electronic devices.

Church and State: Separation of church and state must be maintained, but purely symbolic debates like under God in the pledge of allegiance are meaningless wastes of time. As long as non-profits remain tax-exempt, churches should fall under that category. Businesses do not have the right to exert religious beliefs on their employees, and the Hobby Lobby decision should be reversed.

Organ Donation: Should be designed as an opt-out program, we need to respect bodily autonomy, but unless an individual specifically requests otherwise, their organs have the potential to save lives and should be utilized.

Minimum Wage: Raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. Promote unionization so that workers can negotiate higher wages as necessary.

Welfare: Most welfare programs that include some form of cash payment to the recipient should be replaced with a basic minimum income adjusted for the cost of living.

Unionization: Organizing a union should be as easy as possible. Unionization is important to ensure that the rights of workers are maintained. Repeal nonsense like right-to-work and Taft-Hartley. I'm sympathetic to the concept of workplace democracy, and it should be encouraged as an alternative business model. Some worker's rights should be enforced by the government, such as a reduction of the workweek to 35 hours.

Taxation: Taxation should be steeply progressive. The primary taxes should be capital gains, income, and inheritance. Abolish corporate income and sales taxes.

Monetary Policy: Oppose nonsense like the gold standard.

Healthcare: Clearly a right. Eliminate the age restriction on Medicare to expand its benefits to all citizens.

Social Security: Absorb into a minimum income program for all. Cutting Social Security is not an option.

Trade: Replace the current free trade agreements with loosening of restrictions of labor between borders.

Pork: A pretty illegitimate form of funding. Ban and grant equal funding to all local governments. 

Education: Free of charge from preschool to graduate school. Common Core needs to be revamped into a decentralized national curriculum that focuses less on teaching to the test; with a couple of exceptions, schools should generally have the same format for which courses they offer. While standardized tests serve a purpose, their importance needs to be reduced and they should play a much smaller part in the educational system. The idea that evolution should not be a part of educational curriculums needs to killed with fire. I'm sympathetic to the idea of phasing out homeschooling and private schooling for minors altogether.

Corporations: Require that all corporate management boards have 50% of seats reserved for union representatives.

Banking: Nationalize the banking industry and model the program similarly to the Bank of North Dakota.

Arts: Due to global dominance of American pop culture, I recognize that subsidization of the arts is not as necessary here as it is in other countries. I do still support public television and radio, and subsidization of museums and public art.

Budget: Deficits serve a purpose and a balanced budget amendment in the name of financial responsibility would be pointless and destructive.

Space Exploration: Return space exploration funding to Cold War levels, with the eventual goal of colonization of other planets. Space is a fragile area, and I oppose allowing private investment in it.

Environment: Nationalize the energy sector in order to facilitate a quick transition to renewable energy without negative effects on the consumer or workers in the energy industry. Upgrade the EPA to a full-scale department with increased powers. National parks and the like should be expanded and actively promoted as both a method to conserve the natural environment and spend time outdoors.

Animal Rights: Should be advanced legally, but only when it's practical for humanity. Asking for universal vegetarianism is impractical, but excessively cruel activities like animal use in circuses should be banned.

Farming: End current farm subsidies, legalize hemp and raw milk, and promote environmentally friendly farming practices.

GMOs: Labeling GMOs creates a needless fear over harms that do not exist. Monsanto is a crooked corporation however, and should probably be taken into public ownership.

Transportation: Build a national high speed rail system, expand public transit and make it free of charge. Alternatives to automobiles need to made as available as possible.

Iran: We should actively discourage any country from owning nuclear weapons, although sanctions will not necessarily achieve the desired goal. Exert diplomatic pressure.

Iraq: The Iraq War was unnecessary, but created a dangerous power vacuum. In order to combat ISIS, we should continue with airstrikes, arming the Kurds, and humanitarian aid.

Afghanistan: While the original intervention was justified, troops should be withdrawn at this point.

Syria: I support fighting ISIS there, and Assad is the lesser of two evils in this case.

Cuba: Embargoes are idiotic. End it and normalize relations.

Russia: Oppose Russian imperialism and don't recognize annexation of Crimea, but sanctions are ineffective.

Military Spending: Cut by approximately 50% or so, which would still leave us with the largest military on the globe. End the propaganda campaigns which grant the military extensive privileges with recruiting on campuses.

Government surveillance: The government has no right to violate civil liberties and granting it this ability comes with dangerous consequences. The NSA should be massively scaled down, and its abolition or reabsorption into other agencies should be considered. The Department of Homeland Security should be merged with the Department of Justice.

Torture: Return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba and end any cruel or unusual punishment carried out by the government.

Israel/Palestine: While the notion of nation states on the whole is ridiculous, and the Israelis and Palestinians should be able to coexist in the same secular state, that's not going to happen. The U.S. needs to stop taking sides in the conflict and actively promote Palestinian self-determination and the secularization of both states.

Immigration: Amnesty should be granted to all U.S. residents and becoming a citizen should be made easier, although complete open borders are an impractical solution. Immigration quotas should be less focused on skilled workers and more focused on refugees; we have the capacity to accept many more of them, and the moral imperative to do so.

Nuclear Weapons: Would ideally be eliminated from society, but the only practical way to do this is multilaterally through an international treaty. Nuclear energy should not be included as part of any transition to renewable energy.

Draft: Abolish the selective service and the notion that citizens are obligated to fight wars for the government.

Foreign Aid: Humanitarian aid is noble on the surface, but we need to ensure corrupt governments aren't taking advantage of it.

NATO: Really served its purpose during the Cold War, but is an irrelevant organization now. Dissolve it.

United Nations: Replace the current organization with a global elected parliament that could eventually evolve into a global government that has the ability to address pertinent global issues.

Voting Age: I'm in favor of expanding suffrage as much as possible within reasonable limits, so the voting age should be lowered to 16. Voter ID laws should be abolished as they make voting more difficult. There should be a national voter registry in order to combat voter fraud instead.

Mandatory Voting: Voting should be considered a civic duty, as long as a write-in/none of the above option is available.

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Campaign Finance: The concept of campaign donations is the antithesis of democracy. Ban all monetary donations to campaigns and publicly fund elections.

Primaries: Primaries should be designed as a national vote, with the focus eliminated from arbitrary early primary states.

Executive Branch: Abolish the electoral college and elect the president with instant runoff voting. The powers of the presidency should be reduced, but term limits for president should be abolished, with elections held every two years.

Legislative Branch: Abolish the senate and elect the House of Representatives with Mixed Member Proportional Representation. The constituency seats should be elected with instant runoff voting. Constituencies should be drawn by an independent commission.

Judicial Branch: Judges should remain appointed and not subjected to term limits. I support a liberal interpretation of the constitution, but the document is outdated and should be updated for the 21st century.

Statehood: Hold a statehood vs. independence vote for all current U.S. territories. With the exception of D.C., I would support independence for most territories. Redraw the 50 states to reflect the realities of 2015 so that all are approximately equal in population.
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Copying the topics from LibertarianRepublican

Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-life except when the mother's life is in danger. Abortion should be illegal in all cases except when the mother's life is in danger.
Same Sex Marriage: Legalize it. It's already done now, though.
Drugs: I personally oppose all drugs. That being said, we should let the states decide whether to legalize marijuana or not. But only marijuana. Everything else that's already illegal should stay that way.
Stem Cell Research: Oppose embryonic stem cell research, but we should be funding more research on adult stem cells.
Death Penalty: Abolish it.
Gun control: Criminals already won't obey the law. Gun control won't work, and the right to bear arms is protected by the Constitution.
Affirmative Action: Eliminate it. "Race" isn't a real thing, and continuing to pretend that it is only perpetuates racism and benefits the unqualified.
Prostitution: Personally oppose, but legalize and regulate it.
Euthanasia: Ban in all cases.

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: Let each state set its own minimum wage. Overall support a slight increase, along with a decrease in taxes.
Welfare: Limit welfare to food stamps and shelter for children, the elderly, the permanently disabled
Right-to-Work: Completely supportive. While I do (in theory) support unions, all men should have the right to refuse to join one if they want to work.
Taxation: Since lower-income people already spend a higher percentage of their income on basic necessities, I do support a slightly progressive tax. That being said, the tax code needs to be reformed to be much simpler, and taxes need to be lower.
Healthcare: Health insurance providers should be allowed to compete across state lines. States should allow low-income families to receive for tax credits if they can't afford insurance on their own, and subsidies if they still can't. Pay for all medical expenses for veterans.
Social Security: Phase it out into privately owned retirement accounts. Social Security should eventually be privatized.
Trade: Free trade, especially with our neighbors (Canada and Mexico) and highly developed allies (EU/NATO, Japan, South Korea, Australia/New Zealand). We should be working towards a Pan-American Free Trade Area, a Trans-Pacific Free Trade Area, and a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area.                  
Education: Increase funding, but abolish Common Core and get rid of most standardized testing. Offer completely free education in public universities to veterans, and offer low/no-interest student loans to students from low-income families.
Balanced Budget Amendment: In favor, but need to allow some exceptions in case of emergencies. This can and will be abused by liberal governments, but we cannot limit ourselves.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Afghanistan: Should train the Afghan military to protect their country from the Taliban. Support.
Iraq: Should have intervened in 2002 or so. Should've trained the Iraqi military to defend their country better and left a token force to prevent the new government from depriving the Sunni minority of their rights.
Iran: Improve relations and gradually open up, but keep them from getting a nuke. Encourage/pressure them to democratize.
Syria: Should have backed the moderate rebels when they were still around. Should be involved fighting ISIS via airstrikes and indirect support for Middle Eastern countries.
Cuba: Gradually open up. The best way to defeat Castro is with a Wal-Mart and McDonald's in Havana.
Military Spending: Maintain but find ways to become more efficient
PATRIOT Act: Replace it with the FREEDOM Act.
NSA Spying: Get rid of spying on American citizens and our allies, but continue to spy on neutral and hostile nations.
Palestine: Do not recognize Palestine, but pressure Israel to grant them equal rights and end settlements.
Israel: Continue to be allied, but pressure them to grant equal rights to the Palestinians and end settlements.
Immigration: Grant amnesty to all immigrants already here and make it much easier for immigrants to come here.
Guantanamo Bay: Maintain but shut down the detainment center.

Climate Change: Not a big deal. Probably happening, but not entirely due to humans.
Green Energy: Increase funding for research.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Oppose, but not for environmental reasons. The Keystone XL Pipeline would cut through what is currently private property, and the government should not have the right to take that without the owners' permission.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: Abolish in favor of an instant runoff voting system based on the popular vote.
Gerrymandering: Ban it and require that non-partisan organizations redraw the Congressional districts.
Term limits: Yes. Two four-year terms for President, six two-year terms for House members, three six-year terms for Senators, one ten-year term for Supreme Court justices.
Voter ID: Yes, but provide IDs upon registering to vote.
Compulsory Voting: No.
Voter Registration: Automatically register all citizens when they turn 18 and provide a free voter ID.
Statehood: Make Puerto Rico a state and give DC one voting representative in the House, but no Senators.


Space: Increase funding for NASA and merge it into the DoD. Get a manned mission back to the Moon by 2025 and a manned mission to Mars by 2040.
Size of Congess: Expand the size of the House to 537 (543 with Puerto Rico) using the Wyoming Rule.
Voting Systems: Abolish our FPTP system and replace it with an instant-runoff voting system.
Net Neutrality: Oppose. Government has no business telling internet providers what they can or can't do.
Requirements for the Presidency: Eliminate the "natural-born" requirement for becoming President. Allow anyone who has been a US citizen for at least ten years, is at least 35 years old, and has lived here for 14 years to become President.


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Someone make sure darthebearnc never gets into office. Mandatory euthanasia defines Orwellian. Yeah, screw that Second Amendment!
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Social: Conservative
Economic: Free market capitalist
Foreign: Staunch nationalist
Gov't Style: Republican

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-Life: I do not oppose contraception or day-after pills.
Same Sex Marriage: Indifferent. I opposed the Supreme Court decision for the sole reason that it took the decision out the hands of the states.
Drugs / Narcotics: Illegal. I would also increase restrictions on pharmaceuticals. Americans are over-medicated. Severe cases need to be locked up, as they were in the past.
Death Penalty: Permitted. I would apply stricter guidelines, increase the burden of proof, and streamline the process to decrease the time between conviction to execution. The penalty would also be expanded to apply to violent sexual criminals and child predators.
Gun Control: Status Quo. I am willing to entertain requiring a license to purchase firearms with a reasonable process including background checks and training, but I have not heard any good proposals, yet.
Affirmative Action: Prohibited. Individuals should be evaluated based on merit alone. Private industry and non-profits may operate as they wish.
Prostitution: Illegal. Clients ought to receive much harsher penalties than prostitutes.
Right to Die: Legal. The government should have no say in the matter, regardless of the circumstances.
Public Education: State matter. The federal government should have no part in public education.
PATRIOT Act: Supportive. Despite what most people think. The worst provisions have expired.
NSA Spying: Opposed. The NSA doesn't need quite as much power as they claim.
Immigration: Reformed. Streamline the process so that people don't need to come illegally. Immigrants are human beings deserving of the blessings of liberty. It's either that or we extend substantial foreign aid to Mexico, et al. in order to make life better for them there. Anyone?

Economic Policy
Minimum Wage: Status Quo. No one deserves a living wage simply because they work full-time. Some jobs are not meant to give someone a living. Emptying trash isn't worth paying $15/hr.
Welfare/Social Security: Reduce it. Children, the disabled, and the elderly should have access to assistance. There need to be reasonable cuts and increased age-limits for retirement.
Right-to-Work: Oppose it. I personally dislike unions, but companies ought to have the right to make deals with unions as they see fit.
Taxation: Reduce it. The size of the federal government needs to be reduced.
Obamacare: Reform it.. I can't honestly say that I know enough about the issue of healthcare, the law itself, or the effect that the ACA is having to make an informed judgement. I am not opposed to the style of the law in principle. The most important thing to me is that employees are no longer held hostage by their employers for their health insurance.
Trade: Free Trade. Though, I would support the establishment of a preferential trading system among western nations and particularly the Anglosphere and Commonwealth.
Federal Student Loans: Reform it. Introduce a system to provide increasingly better assistance based on merit/performance. Require a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to receive additional federal loans. Students with a GPA of 3.75 or higher should have substantial loan amounts forgiven upon graduation, starting at 25 percent and increasing one percent per hundredth.
Climate Change: Address it. I believe that climate change is occurring and that it is the result of human activity. We need to address the issue before it addresses us.
Alternative Energy Subsidies: Supportive. Wind, solar, and other alternatives with merit ought to be subsidized to a reasonable degree by the government, both in research and development and manufacturing.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Indifferent. Leave it to the states and localities in which it is to be laid.

Foreign Policy
Afghanistan: Supportive. The country should be garrisoned indefinitely with enough troops and capability to prevent the return of terrorist training camps and interdict cross-border activity.
Iraq: Opposed. There was absolutely no reason to invade Iraq. Nothing that was accomplished was worth the blood and treasure.
Iran: Containment. Exhaustive diplomacy should be undertaken to come to an agreement, but I would support all military measures necessary if diplomacy should fail.
ISIS/Syria: Containment. Continue to support opposition with arms, airstrikes, and other services. If ISIS threatens to spread into Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, more aggressive measures may be necessary.
Cuba: Normalize relations. If we're willing to do business with countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere, why not Cuba? They're not special.
Military Spending: Status Quo. Cancel the F-35. Purchase additional F-18s, an additional tranche of F-16s and F-15s, and...I don't know what the Marines will do. The F-35 sucks.
Israel/Palestine: Pro-Israel. Try living in a virtual foxhole your entire life. Then you can talk to me about it (the conflict).
Terror War Detainees: Indifferent. You either have to give them constitutional rights like all criminals or you have to treat them like POWs. Make up your/my mind. I don't care which, but I'm sick of dealing with this issue.

Constitutional/Government Reform
Presidential Elections: Abolish it. Have the president chosen by the states and confirmed by the Senate, or something similar.
Senatorial Elections: Abolish it. Return the power of appointment to the state legislatures.
Gerrymandering: Abolish it. Establish independent bodies to draw congressional districts.
Term limits: Reform it. Increase the presidential term to six years and prohibit a second term. Limit Senatorial service to two terms. Establish a federal office service limit of 1 years. Individuals become ineligible to run for federal office after their 15th year of service.
Voter ID Laws: Unnecessary. Little or no voter fraud actually takes place.
Compulsory Voting: Unnecessary. The fewer people who vote, the more valuable my vote is.
DC Statehood: Supportive, with a caveat. The District of Columbia has to be somehow merged into the State of Maryland.
Puerto Rico Statehood: Opposed. Puerto Rico should remain a territory for now.

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Social policy:
Abortion: Pro-choice. I have some personal qualms about abortions after viability, but don't think that the government should be in the business of legislating personal medical decisions. Government and schools should expand (non-abstinence) sex-ed and access to birth control, particularly IUDs. Insurance companies should be required to cover birth control and abortions if they are for-profit.
Marriage: A fundamental right for every loving couple.
Drugs: End the war on drugs, provide for free, anonymous addiction treatment for anyone who needs it. Use of any drug should not be illegal, although trading, selling, and producing dangerous and addicting drugs such as heroin should be illegal.
Stem Cell Research: Support wholeheartedly as well as federal funding for it.
Death Penalty: I can be talked into or out of it on a case-by case basis, although I'd say the against side tends to have better arguments. Lean in favor of repealing.
Gun control: Used to be much more libertarian on this issue, but recently have come to support much greater restrictions both on guns and ammunition. I see no reason to own battlefield-style guns on the streets of America, and I believe everyone wishing to own a gun should undergo a background check and a training course. This would apply to intra-family transfers as well as gun shows, online sales, etc.
Affirmative Action: Only economic, not racial, and only as a tie-breaker between equally qualified candidates.
Prostitution: Netherlands-style system.
Euthanasia: Like abortion, I see no need for the government to legislate personal medical decisions.
Vaccines: Obviously I favor vaccines, but like euthanasia and abortion nobody should go to jail because their views aren't in line with the common consensus. That being said, if children want to attend public school, they should be vaccinated.
Feminism: Extremely and proudly feminist.

Economic issues:
Minimum Wage: There is no practical correlation between the minimum wage and unemployment on the national scale. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/82/Funnel_Graph_of_Estimated_Minimum_Wage_Effects.jpg
However, minimum wage should only be a single component of larger wage reforms including caps on bonuses and a general return to holding employees in higher esteem than shareholders.
Welfare: Scandinavian-style system.
Right-to-Work: Like it in theory, hate it in practice. Generally opposed as a consequence.
Taxation: Support a progressive income tax. Eliminate sales tax.
Healthcare: Ideally, I'd support a single-payer system. That not being feasible in modern America, I think Obamacare is an acceptable compromise.
Social Security: See welfare.
Trade: I support free trade, although the government should put taxes and penalties on buying from countries with poor labor laws and perhaps even questionable political systems. Thus, we should be allowed to do business with Iran and Cuba, as well as China and Bangladesh, although the price of goods from these countries would reflect their true cost.                  
Education: It is important to have certain national and even international standards to ensure that students will not feel at a dramatic disadvantage as they move between schools and levels of education. Support free universal pre-K and 2 years of free community college.
Balanced Budget Amendment: It sounds great in theory, but so does an "Unemployment never goes above 5%" Amendment.

Foreign policy and national security
Afghanistan: Increase soft power, decrease hard power.
Iraq: Largest foreign policy mistake since Vietnam bar none. For now, the best we can do is aid the Iraqi government when our help is requested but ensure that our aid goes to official forces and not the Shi'a proxies.
Iran: We may not like their government because of what they did in '79, but that is no excuse to abandon the people and write them all off as anti-American or terrorists. We need to support local NGOs and maintain cordial relations with the Rouhani administration, which has made a point to reach out to our nation.
Syria: Ensure that the bordering nations have the support they need to ensure their protection, as well as innocent civilians. If that includes airstrikes within Syria, so be it.
Cuba: Went there in 2013. Great country. Not condoning the Castro regime, but seriously, it's 2015 not 1962.
Military Spending: Much of modern technology was popularized because it was first used in the military. If we really want to spend more than any other country by a dramatic margin, use that funding to modernize NOT expand our military. We can remake out army to fight the wars of the 21st century and improve our economic standing.
PATRIOT Act: Stupid law. Repeal it entirely, and then if there's anything we really can't do without, we can vote on it piece-by-piece.
NSA Spying: I don't really have a problem with bulk collection of meta-data, although it's clear that it has compromised our legitimacy among our allies. On balance, I think the program should be eliminated.
Palestine: Support Fatah, and push for expansion of PA-controlled areas to promote democracy.
Israel: Support Israel from external threats, but internal threats are its own problem. Israel should further take responsibility for the thousands of people living in areas of de facto Israeli control, but ineligible to participate in their government. Settlements should end immediately and without condition.
Immigration: The vast majority of "issues" with our immigration system are born from our antiquated visa system, not our borders. Make it easier for people to get and renew their visas, and stop pretending that Donald Trump or Lou Dobbs "has a point." It's race-baiting pure and simple, just like it was when it was the Irish, the Italians, and the Chinese.
Guantanamo Bay: Should be closed immediately, accompanied with a formal apology from the President. Dangerous criminals should face trial under the framework of the Constitution, and all others either extradited to the appropriate country or released without prejudice.

Climate Change: It's real, it's our fault, and it's our responsibility to either try to cut back on pollution or start preparing for the effects that will result from not changing our ways. Yes, the Earth is naturally going to have climate fluctuations over time, but these alone cannot explain the dramatic increase in temperatures we have seen in recent decades, nor can mere "statistical noise."
Green Energy: Obviously.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Ambivalent as long as it does not go through protected areas, although I think the economic benefits have been largely overstated.

Electoral reform:
Electoral College: Abolish it.
Gerrymandering: I'd much prefer an at-large, proportional voting system on a state-by-state basis.
Term limits: As far as I can tell, the old-timers in Congress don't tend to be the problem.
Voter ID: Violates the 24th Amendment, and is wholly about trying to prevent "their type" from voting.
Compulsory Voting: Sure, as long as people can still make protest votes (Mickey Mouse, blank votes, etc.)
Voter Registration: Automatic with voluntary opt-out (Oregon system)
Statehood: Self-determination (simple popular vote majority) for anybody that wants to enter, Constitutional amendment required for anybody that wants to leave.
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Someone make sure darthebearnc never gets into office. Mandatory euthanasia defines Orwellian. Yeah, screw that Second Amendment!
The joke went right over your head.
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« Reply #1142 on: July 25, 2015, 12:24:10 pm »

Political Philosophy: I consider myself an orthodox Trotskyist. This means that unlike the majority of ostensibly 'Trotskyist' groups in the United States (and elsewhere), I do not shirk from unconditional defense of the remaining deformed workers' states (China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea) against internal counterrevolution and imperialist attack, while also calling for the workers of these countries to overthrow their respective Stalinist bureaucracies. As far as I am concerned, non-support for these deformed workers' states against the imperialist powers is tantamount to stabbing the international proletariat in the back, and I don't consider persons who claim the mantle of Trotsky and don't support defense of the gains of the socialist revolution in these countries to be revolutionaries in any sense. At best, they're social democrats with goatees, and at worst, they're counterrevolutionaries.

Social Issues

Abortion: Abortion should be free and available on demand. All laws which discriminate against younger women, or require parental consent, or any other kind of invasive procedure in order to get an abortion (e.g. mandatory sonograms) should be repealed. The labor movement should mobilize to defend abortion clinics against attacks from far-right, anti-abortion terrorist groups.

Drugs/Legalization: All drugs should be legal. The War on Drugs is a war against the working class, specifically the most oppressed sectors of it, black and brown youth in America. All persons jailed for drug offenses should be released from prison.

Euthanasia: All persons should have the right to end their own life, should they see fit. I personally don't see any reason to limit that right to persons who are terminally ill, either. If you'd rather take an early exit from life than stay for the long haul, that's your right, and no one should be able to force you to stick around against your will.

Gay Rights: Nothing short of full legal equality should be the norm for LGBTQ persons. Of course, under capitalism, true equality is impossible, but we must move in the direction of enforcing protections against the use of what divides us (race, gender, orientation, age, etc, etc.) by the ruling class to cause infighting amongst ourselves and weaken our position. The labor movement must fight for inclusive contract language to protect LGBTQ persons and must stand for the defense of LGBTQ persons against homophobic or transphobic attack.

Gun Control: If guns are banned, only racist cops and the Klan (often one and the same!) will have guns. Gun control should be fought at every step of the way and the working class should arm itself for the defense of picket lines, its most oppressed sectors (e.g. the black population, which is subject to death by cop at any given moment in America), abortion clinics, etc, etc. There should be no compromise of the right to armed self-defense.

Immigration: Immigrants should be protected from discrimination on the job, in getting access to government services, and from deportation by a militant labor movement. The immigrant worker is not the enemy of the American-born worker, but his or her comrade in the class struggle. The real enemy is the boss, and there's nothing the boss fears more than multiracial labor solidarity.

Prostitution: We should demand nothing short of the full legalization of sex work. At the end of the day, all work under capitalism is a kind of prostitution, in which the laborer sells not only his or her ability to labor, but his or her dignity. Full legalization of sex work will not only make it easier for sex workers to organize, strike, and collectively bargain, but also make it harder for the kinds of abuses that occur on the black market to continue going on.

Separation of Church and State: The separation of church and state is a vital cornerstone of the bourgeois revolution that must be defended and extended in the coming proletarian revolution. I do not reject the defense of this vital gain of our first revolutionary upheaval in the United States, nor do I make excuses for religious fundamentalism or seek to build alliances with reactionary organizations that deal in religious opiate (which is more than you can say of pseudo-left groups like the ISO, which cheered on the Iranian Revolution and whose sister party, the UK Socialist Workers' Party, has formed alliances with Islamists in the past). Religion, whatever its origins, is now a component part of the capitalist system, and is used to confound and confuse, to divide and defeat. The labor movement must become a school for unity across religious lines, and ultimately, a movement united against religion, which will always act as the enemy of proletarian power when the hour of decision is near.

Scientific Research: This category was originally 'Stem Cell Research', but given that it is 2015 and not 2005 anymore and no one really still has any issues with 'Stem Cell Research', I figured that I would change it to incorporate my views more broadly on scientific research. I am not a 'green', nor am I an 'environmentalist'. I am a Promethean communist and want to see man conquer (not 'live in harmony with') nature, because only the conquest of nature can make communism a real possibility. I support all scientific research that furthers that goal, and reject the anti-scientific, romantic garbage of the 'environmental movement', and its pseudo-left apologists.

Smoking Bans: I am totally opposed to smoking bans and restrictions on smoking in both indoor and outdoor facilities. The anti-smoking campaign is fairly obviously a campaign against working class people, who are more likely to smoke than other segments of society, for obvious reasons. Its also interesting that the current bout of anti-smoking hysteria started in the late 1980s, a period in which capital began searching for ways to make workers more productive (how convenient then, that states would begin adopting workplace smoking bans!) and wring out more surplus value from them. I think you should be able to smoke wherever you want, whenever you want, and the liberal busy-bodies should butt out. Likewise, I oppose bans on public intoxication and having an open container of alcohol in public, and would obviously oppose any such bans on the use recreational drugs should they end up becoming legal.

Affirmative Action: I support defense of affirmative action, as affirmative action is one of the few methods whereby black Americans can continue on in higher education. However, I reject fundamentally the premise behind Affirmative Action, which is that education is a 'scarce' good that requires us to compete for access to it. The answer, then, is the nationalization of the university system, making education at every level completely free of charge, the abolition of the administration (let the students and their teachers manage their own education), and living stipends for all students.

  • I support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • I oppose the security state and would like to see the whole of it abolished.
  • I oppose all efforts to police the Internet, be it to remove or censor content (I oppose all censorship efforts by the capitalist state or it's lackeys, be it the Christian fundamentalist right or the feminist pseudo-left) or to prosecute copyright violations.
  • I oppose attempts by the state to regulate what goes on in the bedroom. Like I said above, I support the legalization of sex work, but I'll go further and say that I oppose any and all laws which prohibit sexual activity in which effective consent is given by the parties involved. I oppose age of consent laws, am in favor of abolishing 'sex offender' registries (which are more or less designed to incite lynch mobs), and am completely opposed to locking someone up for viewing 'forbidden images', reading the wrong stories on the Internet, or offending the sexual mores of the majority in anyway. That said, none of what I wrote in this bullet should be interpreted to include any non-consensual sexual activity, which should obviously be punished with the utmost severity.
  • I oppose the administering of the death penalty by the capitalist state.
  • I support comprehensive, sex-positive sex education, from a young age. I am opposed to sexual prudery no matter how it's framed (and these days its more fashionable to clothe it in feminist garb than in that of the church) and oppose age restrictions on viewing and purchasing pornographic material. Sex is a normal biological process, and shouldn't be put on a pedestal or viewed as dirty. We all (well, this is Atlas Forum, so most all) of us do it at some point in our lives and most of the time we don't do it to have kids, we do it for pleasure. And that's fine.
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Economic Issues

Taxation: I oppose the capitalist state taking with the one hand what it allows us to keep from the other (in the form of pithy amount of value we're allowed to keep from our daily toil). Most egregious is the widespread use of regressive taxation (on things like booze, cigarettes, license fees, etc., etc.), because of its disproportionate impact upon working class budgets. I strongly oppose tax increases matted out by the bourgeois state on the working class in particular, and recognize of course that 'tax hikes on the rich' under capitalism are fundamentally not all that effective, given the ability of the rich to dodge taxation by moving their money overseas, bribing legislators to create loopholes, etc, etc.

Education: As I noted in the Affirmative Action section, I support nationalizing higher education, making it free for all, abolishing the administration, and giving all students a living stipend. Likewise, for public education, I support much of the same, absolving students and parents of all fees and educating students in a manner which prepares them for the rough and tumble of capitalist society, at least under our present epoch. Education should be polytechnical and democratic, and students should be encouraged to work with both their brains and their brawn, rather than falling neatly into one category of work or the other.

Environment: See Scientific Research. I am not an environmentalist or a 'green' in any real respect, and I support the ultimate subjugation of nature to human needs. I oppose capitalist-led climatic change and support efforts to rein it in, but I am not fundamentally opposed to 'climatic change' in general, and think that fundamentally altering the climate of the earth (and in the future, other planets) to suit human needs is a worthwhile endeavor.

Social Security: The Social Security system is designed, not as a kind of universal pension program, but as a stopgap measure to prevent extreme poverty among workers who have been given the opportunity to 'retire' for lack of ability to continue meaningful work under the capitalist system. I support defending the system against attack by neoliberal privatizers, but I also think the system itself is woefully inadequate. Every person should be guaranteed a pension and should be able to take it whenever they want, provided they've hit the age of at least fifty-five (55). Any such pension should guarantee a living income for the retired, so they don't have to go back to work if they choose not to (which is ultimately what Social Security requires so many of them to do).

Unions: The labor movement must become a school for communism. But before we can even get to that stage, we have to have a labor movement in this country. Only 6 percent of private sector workers are union members, which is a good part of why the whole country has gone down the shitter the past few decades. The unorganized must be organized, especially in the South, which is fast becoming the new industrial heartland of the United States. I oppose all efforts at state intervention into the internal affairs of unions or the class struggle, be it by hired thugs by management, the scab army (e.g. the police), or the National Labor Runaround Board. Unions should be internally democratic, with officers not paid more than the average worker, and should be organized along industrial lines.

Health Care: There's no excuse for anything less than full, universal health coverage. This should include all aspects of care (especially dental care, which is often neglected in existing 'universal' systems) and should be fully socialized, along the lines of the British NHS.

Energy: The energy sector should be nationalized and energy production shifted away from oil and toward nuclear power. Contrary to what the greenies might tell you, we don't have the capacity at the moment for solar power or wind power to run the entirety of the economy, and even if we did, there's no reason that we necessarily should adopt these kinds of power as the building block for our society, as both would (at the present juncture) result in a massive lowering of living standards for the population. Nuclear power is clean and will sustain our living standards while allowing countries in the underdeveloped world to catch up to those standards and provide for the ultimate eradication of poverty under a socialized economic system.

  • I strongly support the development of driverless cars and the use of automation (under a socialist system, of course) to reduce the need for human labor and extend free time for everyone. Likewise, I support a 30 hour workweek, with further reductions contingent upon the widespread adoption of labor-saving devices across the economy.
  • I support the nationalization of the banking sector, which will of course make it a hell of a lot easier to expropriate the wealth of the bourgeoisie when the time comes.
  • I support the establishment of workers' committees in every town and city that would have the power to regulate wages and prices. Ultimately, of  course, I support the creation of workers' councils that would not only regulate wage and price rates, but also act as the component part of a system of nested workers' councils whereby the working class would rule society itself.
  • I support equal pay for women, paid leave, access to twenty-four hour socialized daycare, and ultimately, the socialization of domestic labor entirely. The individual family is the primary unit of women's oppression, and should be done away with under socialism, where cooperative living arrangements, free love, and the raising of children by the entire community would replace the individual home, straightjacket monogamy, and the parceling out of domestic labor and child rearing.
  • I oppose union-busting schemes like 'workfare/welfare-to-work' and prison labor, both of which I think should be prohibited outright. No person should go without a job, and no one should be paid less than union wages on the job. Prisons should be abolished and persons subject to correctional authority be allowed to live in their own homes and continue their own lives while they pay back their debt to society.
  • I support a ban on most forms of advertising.
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Foreign Policy Issues.

Military Spending: Shrink the military of the bourgeois state to the size that you can drown it in the bath tub. No, seriously. I oppose the massive military budgets enacted yearly by the U.S. imperialist state and would like to see the military dismantled, bit-by-bit. Military recruiters should be kicked off of campuses across the country and the working class should organize its own militias and self-defense groups to protect picket lines, stop police brutality, and defend abortion clinics, etc, etc.

Islamic State: The United States should withdraw from Middle East entirely, and should immediately disengage from its ongoing conflict with the Islamic State.

Afghanistan: See Islamic State. It's really too bad the Soviet Union was driven out of Afghanistan by religious lunatics funded by the United States in the late 1980s.

Ukraine: I support Novorossiya in its fight against the fascist-led government in Kiev, and reject all attempts to deny the Novorossiyans their right to self-determination. Russia is not instigating anything in Ukraine, the United States and its lackeys in Kiev are. We should respect the Crimea referendum as legitimate and allow for the integration of Novorossiya into Russia proper, if they so choose.

Diplomacy/Sanctions: Sanctions are war through the backdoor.

  • I oppose the 'War on Terror' and support the withdrawal of U.S. troops and closure of all U.S. military bases from every country in which there are U.S. military bases.
  • I oppose Zionism and support the overthrow of the Israeli (and Palestinian) governments by an Israeli working class united with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. The only solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is a unified, socialist federation of the Middle East!
  • I support China, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, and North Korea against internal counterrevolution and imperialist attack. I support proletarian political revolution in all these countries to overthrow the Stalinist bureaucracies which currently run them and replace these with a dictatorship of the proletariat, committed to extending the gains of these countries' respective revolutions across the globe.

Electoral Issues/Government

Voting Regulations: I oppose all efforts by the bourgeois state at curtailing the ability of anyone in the United States to vote. Likewise, I support all efforts at opening up the electoral system, lowering the voting age, and making sure that all voices (even those I disagree with personally) are heard in political debates.

Elections: I think that the President's proposal for mandatory voting is stupid, and likewise I think that in the case of elections, at the present juncture, there's really no one worth voting for. I could see myself voting for someone on the basis of critical support, but nothing really further than that at this point. As a Leninist, I definitely support participation in bourgeois legislatures, but from a revolutionary oppositionist standpoint. Candidates should run to propagate the need for proletarian revolution, and if they win, they should gum up the works as much as possible from within the bourgeois legislature.

The Senate: I support abolishing the Senate, as well as abolishing the whole of the existing state apparatus. The working class should form workers' councils, which should move to take power from the bourgeois state and establish themselves as the sole political power in the United States, which should become something like a United Council Socialist States of America, or something like that.

Referenda: Depends on the issue at hand, but in general I don't oppose using referendum votes as a way of propagating a political line consistent with proletarian revolutionism. Often referenda provide a better means of propaganda, as there are no tendencies toward 'lesser evilism' in a vote of yes or no on a particular issue.

Electoral College: See The Senate. I support abolishing all executive offices of the bourgeois state and transferring all power to workers' councils.
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Political Philosophy - I'm not rigidly defined by anything. Don't interpret that as me calling myself "pragmatic", ugh, which is a gross word used by fools who kid themselves into thinking they have no idealogy. I am just of the firm belief that everybody on earth; whatever their gender, ethnicity, orientation, class or circumstances of birth; deserves a good life - to be educated up to their desired limits, given quality healthcare throughout their life and to have a meaningful and productive life ( definitions of "meaningful" and "productive" are up or grabs).

Social Issues:

Abortion: should be available, and ideally free (no-questions asked) until the end of the second trimester. (After that only for medical issues and other special circumstances - obviously very few women go for abortions for funzies during the third trimester, so it's not like that's too much of a burden. Obviously parental consent is an ageist sham, and thugs should not be allowed to protest and harass clinics/their patients.

Animal Rights: all sentient beings should be granted rights. Personhood status should be granted to simians and cetaceans; and their use in entertainment, invasive experimentation and food should be banned. Factory farming, and (eventually, with increased research into faux foods) the widespread consumption of meat and dairy should be discouraged and phased out.

Drugs: soft drugs legalised, hard drugs treated as medical issue and given free to addicts. Treat all soft drugs like Tobacco and Alcohol - in that we should be distrustful of their industries but recognise them as necessary evils.

Euthanasia: legalise for any reason, but with enough checks that people aren't being coerced into it by unscrupulous individuals.

Gender and Sexual minority rights: (normal) full legalisation of; crack down on discrimination in all sectors, school bullying and transgender people should be allowed to change their gender without surgery.

Guns: ugh (non-American, normal). No need for ( non-decorative) guns unless you're a farmer, although defensive weapons like pepper spray should be legal. As I do not support rich aristocratic psychos or those who seek to emulate them, I oppose recreational hunting.

Immigration: as a long-term goal, open borders should be the dream. Rich countries should be forced to take in more refugees and asylum seekers; and the UK should introduce birthright citizenship.

Prostitution: although I feel the industry is largely moot in the Internet era, I think the Nordic Model makes the most sense at this point in time.

Separation of Church and State: yeah, disestablish CofE; ban funding of religious schools (even, nay, especially in Northern Ireland). Obvious.

Affirmative Action: should be done, but only as a crude and temporary measure to fix existing ills. I support gender quotas for boardrooms, legislatures and the civil service until they became unnecessary; and racial quotas in certain contexts (e.g. South Africa).

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Healthcare System: I see Obamacare as an important step to the future. However, I believe the true goal should be universal single payer healthcare. Focus on preventive care first. I support patent reform and tort reform to lower costs.
Social Security: Raise the contribution cap, lower benefits for the rich possibly
Taxes: I believe in a progressive but simpler income/corporation tax, where loopholes for the rich and corporations are closed. Also, I love the idea of a Robin Hood Tax. Don't mind high sin taxes too.
Campaign Finance: Strict limits on donations and reforms for more transparency need to be enacted.
Voter ID: I oppose these provisions
Gerrymandering: Control redistricting via independent commissions
Voting Age: Lower to 16 on the local level
New States: DC and Puerto Rico should both be admitted
Banking: Pass Glass Steagall, break up big banks, don't bail out banks, support community banking.
Federal Reserve: Nationalize it.
Minimum Wage: Raise to $12.00 an hour and index for inflation thereafter
Free Trade: Prefer fair trade over free trade, implement protective tariffs against human rights abusers.
Unions: I support strong unions and stand against "right to work".
Welfare Reform: Crack down on waste and fraud, end "workfare"
Farm Regulation: Change the regulatory system to be fair towards family farmers, legalize hemp, legalize raw milk, loosen rules on urban farming.
GMO's: Label them, but they have very beneficial potential.
Environmental Regulations: Carbon tax or cap and trade are necessary, ensure that polluters are severely punished, ratify the Kyoto Protocol
Energy: Pivot away from oil, coal, and gas and towards nuclear, solar, wind, and fusion power
Cars: End the stupid ban on personally importing cars newer than 25 years old, stop inspecting cars before re-registration, lower emissions regulations on carmakers
Education: Ensure that schools are well funded. Fight the race-to-the-top standardized testing mentality that currently pervades schools.
Foreign Conflicts: Generally isolationist, although I do believe in drone strikes and airstrikes as a form of limited military intervention. Act when necessary to end major human rights violations or extreme regional instability. I do not like ground wars though. Any intervention should be done multilaterally and constitutionally.
Iran: Ease sanctions on them, work towards a nuclear deal.
Cuba: End the embargo once and for all.
Russia: Preserve economic sanctions, provide military aid to Ukraine, and station troops in Europe
ISIS: Ramp up airstrikes and surveillance, work with Iran
Palestine: Recognize the Palestinian nation. End military aid to Israel and treat both nations equally.
Surveillance: Not much of a problem with the Patriot Act. Make sure it stays within legal bounds, but preserve the NSA for national security purposes.
Foreign Aid: No problem with it, as long as we follow up to make sure it ends up in the right hands.
Drones: I think drone strikes are effective, efficient, and should be used to fight terror
Military Budget: We really need to cut it. Now. Cut Pentagon overhead costs, cut the active combat budget, cut wasteful spending, but keep the A-10 and F-35 going
Gun Control: Ban assault rifles, institute universal gun and ammo background checks
Marijuana: Keep it illegal, but shift away from imprisonment and more to punitive fines.
Smoking: Ban smoking in public places except for smokeshops, bars, and a few designated smoking areas.
Gay Marriage: Equal rights yo, this is 2015
Abortion: Personally strongly opposed to abortion, but I am pro-choice until around viability (22 weeks or so is a good cutoff imo), at which point I am pro-life with the usual exceptions. Safe, rare, and legal. Birth control needs to have widespread use.
Prostitution: Completely oppose legalization.
Physician Assisted Suicide: Oppose
Feminism: I support gender equality, but do not consider myself a "feminist" per se.
Affirmative Action: Strong supporter of race-based affirmative action. I also support gender based affirmative action in some cases.
College: I believe that for public colleges, the US needs to shift to the Oregon Plan.
Police Brutality: Police officers need to use body cameras. More crisis training and non lethal methods need to be emphasized. Police militarization should be scaled back.
Crime: Fight crime using a data based approach to predict and preempt criminal activity
Immigration: Multiculturalism strengthens our nation. Help undocumented immigrants attain documented status and eventually citizenship.
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Why was this unpinned? Surely it's more relevant to this board than say, "Which Disney Princess' politics do you agree with the most? Huh"
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« Edited: July 30, 2015, 03:46:18 am by sex-negative feminist prude »

I'm going to be using TNF's rubric for issues, with some modifications. Leaving out foreign policy because my views on it are kind of all over the place; leaving out electoral issues and government for when it's not four-thirty in the morning.

Political philosophy. Christian Left. I consider most of my politics to derive directly or indirectly from the practical implications of my religious beliefs, which are Catholic (so far within the Anglican tradition) with a grounding in an understanding of the nature of being that owes some debt to Jewish theology. If I hold a political position that doesn't in some way develop from my religious beliefs I see that fact as a problem to be fixed. My very broad-strokes ideal for society is one in which people freely come to a point where they can uphold and respect personal and cultural traditions, and in which those traditions are constituted and put into practice in such a way as to produce just social outcomes. This means that I will sometimes come to a socialist position through conservative-influenced thinking, or to a conservative position through socialist-influenced thinking. Classical liberalism has relatively little influence on my thought since I conceive of the freedom through which people mediate their interactions with justice and tradition as a positive ontological entity that entails responsibilities of its own, rather than just an absence of coercion.

Social Issues

Abortion: I currently lack the mental and emotional acuity to develop a clear and specific position on this, beyond the standard religious-Left combination of strong personal disapprobation and lack of desire to see it banned.

Drugs/Legalization: Drug possession or use should not itself be a criminal offense. Drug addiction is a moral issue but one with sociological and medical roots and sociological and medical solutions. 'Soft' drugs should probably not be illegal in any aspect. Harder drugs should remain illegal to produce and sell. I haven't developed a preference for how to produce or obtain whatever drugs may be necessary for addiction treatment.

Euthanasia: My feelings on this are somewhat similar to my feelings about abortion, but with stronger personal disapprobation. I voted against the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in my state in 2012.

Gay Rights: Obviously I support my own rights. I support pretty much every actual or proposed expansion of LGBT rights currently under serious political discussion with the exception of heterologous fertility treatments, but I'm beginning to get a little wary of some of the extremes of LGBT rhetoric and gender theory.

Marriage and Family: I reject as chimerical and pernicious the idea that marriage and family life are inherently or fundamentally oppressive forces. I also reject the idea that the married couple (and optionally children)--absent extended and collateral relations, friends, mentors/protegees, associates, well-wishers, et cetera--stands alone as the acme of human interpersonal relationships. Many of the problems plaguing the modern family unit could be solved by increased emphasis on and support for extended families and other such social connections.

Gun Control: The revolutionary-socialist position on this that TNF articulates would be appealing if I thought that it had any real chance. In reality America's experience with guns has been almost wholly negative. This includes guns in the hands of those who in mainstream political discourse are seen as the people who 'should' have them, law enforcements officers and (somewhat less overwhelmingly negatively) soldiers.

Immigration: I support freedom of movement. The current tension that exists between immigrant labor and native-born American labor in terms of regulations and wages is a function of the prevailing economic system and ought to be ameloriated or erased upon its reform or elimination.

Prostitution: The Nordic model is the most sensible and compassionate response to the problem of prostitution.

Separation of Church and State: I'm less than entirely wedded to this in theory, but in practice it is necessary at least until such time as existing religious institutions can be purged of elements and influences that cause them not to live up to their full promises. The demand that you hear in some corners of American liberalism these days to 'tax the churches!' makes no sense under the terms of the current US tax code except as a way to penalize and discriminate against religion.

Scientific Research: I'm opposed to transhumanism for religious reasons; I honestly, really don't care about the space program; I'm interested in scientific research mostly for purposes of disease cures (the basic limitations of the human form emphatically not being understood as 'disease'), environmental preservation, and energy production.

Smoking Bans: I support prohibitions on smoking in most public places, and fail to see why anybody with a more than superficial concern for the health and welfare of the public wouldn't. If secondhand smoking didn't exist or hadn't been as conclusively demonstrated to be a problem then my views on this would be different.

Affirmative Action: I support affirmative action for what it is, but I have a lot of sympathy with the position that the scarcity of educational placements and jobs that creates the need for it is artificial and should be reduced or eliminated by any means necessary. I support the full socialization of higher education and radical reduction or elimination of tuition fees.

Economic Issues

Taxation: As long as liberal capitalism obtains as the prevailing economic system I advocate making taxation as progressive as possible. To this end I'm especially opposed to regressive sales, value-added, and 'sin' taxes; in the latter case this is not the right way to legislate moral behavior and only succeeds in further punishing people who are for the most part already in marginal and perilous situations.

Education: I support free, public, and up to a point mandatory education from kindergarten through university, and view the perceived conflict between giving students a well-rounded humanities education and preparing them for 'careers'/'the real world'/STEM fields (let's be honest about what we mean here) as a destructive illusion. Students should be taught both general and specialized knowledge, and should be specifically taught habits of information acquisition and study, as to be able to pursue their interests independently both alongside and after their formal education. Religious conviction should be the only permissible reason not to place a child in a local public school.

Environment: I'm deeply emotionally invested in conservation, and see it as a profound moral responsibility.

Social Security: Social Security is insufficient for its purposes and, far from being privatized, should be expanded into a genuine, respectable pension system.

Unions: Both public and private sectors should be unionized to the greatest extent possible, and unions should be politically active and advocate democratic socialist policies.

Health Care: Full, universal, nationalized health care, including mental and dental.

Energy: The energy sector should move away from fossil fuels towards almost literally anything else possible.

Agriculture: Agricultural policy should be focused on minimizing environmental impact, breaking the backs of big agribusiness conglomerates and encouraging smaller-scale farming, and discouraging (certainly not banning, probably not even rendering socially unacceptable, but discouraging) the consumption of large amounts of meat. I don't know enough about agriculture to know whether or not this is a 'pick two of three' situation, but if it is, I'd prioritize the first two.
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Political Philosophy: I consider myself an religious left, with a strong consideration of community. I believe that the community is more important than the individual, and that society should have laws protecting community norms. I believe we need to peruse economic equality, through government and have some reasonable restrictions on freedom to live in a safe and morally righteous society.

Social Issues

The right to life, supersedes the right to choose. A woman does not have the freedom, to abort a child as that is taking away the life of the fetus. Whether, the fetus is alive then, it will eventually be alive, and a person should not be judged on what it currently is, but what it can be.

 I support laws restricting abortion, except to save the life of the mother, rape or severely under-age pregnancy ( -14). I oppose straight out blanket laws banning abortion, in all but those case as there may be some exceptions in where the abortion needs to happen, even though it is the morally wrong thing to do.

I also believe there should be no government money, directly going to fund abortion companies or funding for abortions.

Drugs, are a threat to society, and depending on their level of danger should be banned or not banned. Drugs should be decriminalized, and people who take drugs should be put into rehabilitation instead of jail. Marijuana and other light drugs, can also be legalized if society is ready for that.

Euthanasia: On the whole, Euthanasia should not be legal, however there should be some exceptions for people who are suffering from sever conditions, with no hope for recovery, or are in immense pain.

Gay Rights:
Gay Rights should be supported and Same-Sex marriage should be legalized. However, a church has a right to deny marriage to same-sex couples as it is a private entity and operates under religious values, and is the one giving out marriage licenses.

Gun Control: Gun Control is essential and needed in any civilized society. We as a society, should have gun restrictions, gun registration, and psychological tests for anyone who wants to use a gun. Anyone using a gun should have their guns restricted from them, until they complete and pass these tests to make sure they are sane people. Some guns, including assault weapons and military weapons should be banned from society, including cops and only be used in terrorist cases or in the military.

Immigration: There should be an increase in legal immigration in a country, Immigrants are an essential part of the country that they come to and are an enrichment to society. However we should not have open borders, and we should regulate whoever comes into the country, to ensure that they will not cause harm to society. Immigrants should also be required to learn the native language of the country that they come to.

Immigration Laws should be followed, and Illegal Immigrants should not stay in the country, until they apply for citizenship the legal way, Illegal Immigrants can get a pathway to citizenship after they have gone back to their home country.

We should legalese Prostitution, not because I approve for it, because we need to make sure everyone in the Prostitution business is being treated fairly, and that women or men are being treated with dignity. We also need to regulated actions going on in the Prostitution business and not legalizing it, will not make this possible.

Separation of Church and State: The separation of church and state is necessary is an government system, to make sure that one faith is not holding more power than others. However, Prayers should be allowed in school and in public places, if it is not mandatory, and it is not directed at a specific religion. Religious references in public, are alright as they hold the religious beliefs of the nation.

Scientific Research:
I support scientific research in topics and to further our knowledge about the world, however there are some things that science cannot solve. I do not oppose GMO's and acknowledge that they are prefectly safe to eat, however consumers have a right to know what is in their foods, and I would not eat GMO's because they are not grown naturally, even if they do not have any health effects on the body.

Smoking Bans: I support smoking bans in public ( or anywhere other than in a private home), to stop passive smoking in public, and exposure to smoke for children. I support banning second hand smokes, and support raising 'sin' taxes on smoking, to try to force people out of smoking. I support providing money from 'sin' taxes raised to help people that addicted to smoking and try to help them to force quitting. I support restricting smoking ads and the availability of cigarettes in shops.

Affirmative Action: I oppose affirmative action, as it disregards the white working class, in comparison to the black working class, and the fact of the working class and middle class in their attempts of finding an education, based on academic level, and not because of race.

However I dot see the necessity of affirmative action, in some cases, where groups were oppressed, like apartheid in South Africa, and the caste system in India and Nepal. However, this would not be needed, if we made tertiary education public, and free for all, and providing vouchers for talented students to go onto private colleges free of charge.
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