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May 25, 2019, 04:30:21 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 383513 times)
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« on: May 23, 2013, 10:07:34 pm »
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Social Issues
Gay Marriage
We'll start off with the BIG social issue these days. I dislike the idea of gay marriage due to my religious beliefs but I don't believe the government should have any business in restricting a popular concept like gay marriage.
Ah, the classic social issue. I believe abortion is the termination of human life and I abhor the concept of it. I would allow abortions in the case of rape, incest, and to save the mother's life but other than that it should be as illegal as murdering someone on the street.
Second Amendment Rights
The events of Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Columbine, VTech, and other shootings are truly saddening and can invoke anger towards things that aren't really the problem. I don't see guns as the problem in this matter but rather mental health and the ease of acquiring guns. I support extensive background checks and increased funding for mental health institutions to help curb this problem of senseless violence.
The War on Drugs
The war on drugs has allowed border violence to spiral out of control. I support the legalization (and heavy taxation) of marijuana. Marijuana should receive the same treatment as tobacco (not allowed in restaurants + sin tax). I support harder drugs remaining illegal (because who on earth is ok with coke-heads running around?).
Death penalty
I completely support the death penalty as a punishment for the most serious crimes.
Stem Cell Research
I am a big proponent of stem cell research and it's possibilities. The government should fund this gold mine of health discoveries.

Economic Issues
Affirmative Action
When affirmative action was introduced there was obviously a need for it. Despite this, it is 2013 and while racism does still exist it is important that those with the most merit or are more qualified for the job should not be looked over for someone else (and possibly less qualified) just to fill a race quota.
Minimum Wage
Minimum wage should remain as it is. Raise or lower it depending on the cost of living as these costs increase and decrease.
I support progressive taxation. If someone makes $250k a year then of course they should be asked to pay more in taxes than someone making $20k or less.
I support the keystone pipeline. I also support funding for researching alternative energy. The sooner we can provide financial relief to those at the pump in the short term and stop ourselves from being at the mercy of the oil companies in the long term, the better.
We have to balance the budget. The longer we put off balancing the budget, the worse our changes of doing it become. It is a priority and we shouldn't put it on the back-burner.
Government regulations hinder business output but sometimes they are needed. I think everyone can agree on this. Only regulate when necessary.
Everyone knows that America is a country of immigrants but we shouldn't bend to the will of those who are in our country illegally. Pass the citizenship test, have a work visa, or join the military or forget about living here if you are here illegally.

Foreign Policy
Military Spending
In 1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against a military industrial complex. Our military spending is uneven and increasing every year and we must stop this. National defense is of course a priority but we must build smarter instead of bigger.

I don't know what all that makes me. A moderate perhaps?
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Is this the most radical member of these boards? I'd hope so.
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