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December 05, 2019, 07:42:43 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 406215 times)
Emperor Charles V
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« on: November 02, 2014, 11:07:14 am »

Abortion: 100% Pro-Life, I believe abortion is never justified, even in cases of rape/incest
Gay Marriage: I am completely for it but also take the extra step further and believe the government should completely take itself out of marriage and make it a private institution. The only threat to the sanctity of marriage is government regulation of what should be a private matter.
Drugs: Legalize everything! The government should have no say what people put in their bodies
Death Penalty: Completely opposed to it
Gun control: 100% for Second Amendment gun rights and am an NRA member, people need to defend themselves
Affirmative Action: I am completely opposed to it and I think it's racist and doesn't fulfill it's purpose of giving minorities equal opportunities to succeed
Prostitution: Completely legalize it. It's a business and I believe the government shouldn't interfere in ANY business regardless of how "moral" it is
Euthanasia: Completely opposed
Stem Cell Research: support regular, completely oppose embryonic

Minimum Wage: This is a state issue (having a federal minimum wage is bogus IMO) and raising it only will cost more jobs
Welfare: I do believe it's necessary unlike some more radical libertarians but people should be required to work
Right-to-Work: Yes, this is common sense, people should have a choice in whether or not they want to join a union
Taxation: Abolish the federal income tax (repeal the 16th Amendment) and the IRS, change "progressive" taxes to flat taxes
Monetary Policy: bring back the gold standard, end the fed!
Corporation Subsidies: Hell no
Balanced Budget Amendment: yes, this is common sense IMO
Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare, it's a state issue, privatize it but if states want to pass their own health care laws, go ahead, abolish the Department of Health and Human Services
Social Security: Leave it the way it is
Education: 100% a state issue, abolish the Department of Ed, common core is a train wreck

National Security
Afghanistan: Get out, opposed to the war since the beginning
Iraq: The war was a horrible mistake, get completely out
Iran: So what if they develop a nuclear weapon, they do not threaten our national security.
Syria: Please no war with them, please no.
Cuba: End the embargo.
Military Spending: Cut it, we spend WAY too much on useless wars
PATRIOT Act: Get ing rid of this horrible piece of legislation!
NSA Spying: NO!!!!!
Palestine & Israel: The United States does not need to police this area. I do support a two state solution but we don't need excessive U.S. military involvement in the region for that to happen.
Immigration: I am pro-immigration reform. Though I do think we should increase border security we need to have a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and make it much easier for immigrant to get into this country with the proper documentation in the first place. We are a country of immigrants and immigration should be safe, easy and efficient.
Guantanamo Bay: Close it, it's useless

Climate Change: I'm sorry but I'm not buying the "scientific proof" that humans cause it. Sure it's happening but nothing outside of natural cycles.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Common sense, will create thousands of jobs.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: I am 100% for national popular vote but keep the electoral college for ceremonial purposes. So in other words, states will allocate electors based on who wins the National Popular Vote, not who wins in the states
Gerrymandering: Independent commissions
Term limits: these should be set by the states but I think the best option is 4 two-year terms for the House and 2 six-year terms for the Senate.
Voter ID: Completely opposed. Voter fraud is barely a problem and come on, do we need a national ID card to combat a very small problem?
Voter Registration: Should be automatic, see no reason why it shouldn't be
Statehood: should be completely up to the territory who wants to be a state and is best accomplished via referendum
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