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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 379102 times)
YaBB God
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« on: July 27, 2005, 07:37:14 pm »

Social IssuesGuns: Oppose banning of "assault weapons," rifles, or pistols.  Oppose waiting or cooling off periods.  Support the legality of fireworks year round.
Drugs: Support legality of marijuana and hard drugs for medicinal and recreational use.
Capital Punishment: Oppose the use of the death penalty for all circumstances.Marriage Issues: Preferably the government should get out of marriage and both gay and straight couples could get civil unions.  Oppose government recognition of incestuous marriage, bigamy, and polygamy, and strongly support cracking down on Mormon fundamentalist polygynous communities in Utah.  Fully opposed to the legalization of incest, first cousin or closer.
Abortion: Shouldn't be legal in any circumstances, same goes for infanticide or "post partum euthanasia" as some advocates like to call it.Gay Rights: See above for stance on civil unions/marriage.  Oppose sexual orientation being protected by civil rights laws (see below for stance on "hate crimes").  Undecided on gay adoptions.  Fully support allowing gay people to serve in the military openly-- in the words of Barry Goldwater (paraphrasing), "It doesn't matter how straight you are to be in the military as long as you can shoot straight."Hate Crimes: If a white man murders a black man, it should be treated as any other murder.  Even if racism was the motivating factor behind the murder, the crime should not be weighted more because of that, as racism is protected by free speech.  Oppose hate crimes legislation in regards to race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or any other factors.
Hate Speech: Oppose any efforts to limit "hate speech."  Certainly freedom of speech shouldn't be illegal; why make an exception because someone criticizes a race or religion?Racial Profiling: Strongly opposed.Affirmative Action: Strongly opposed, for both race- and class-based affirmative action.  I also oppose racial or sex quotas for workplaces or schools.Flag Burning: There's no reason to ban this.  The amendment is a waste of time and a threat to our civil liberties.
PATRIOT Act: Strongly opposed.  Again, a threat to our civil liberties that is being disguised as an effort to stop terrorism.  I don't want to know what business Bush has with my library records, and frankly he shouldn't be able to look at them.
Gambling: Legalize it.Prostitution: Opposed to legalization.Smoking: Very opposed to efforts to ban smoking in "public" workplaces or restaraunts.  It should be up to the owner of the restaraunt whether or not people can smoke cigarettes in his building.Alcohol: Lower the drinking age to 18 (and lowered to 12 with parental supervision).  It's ridiculous that some American citizens can go to war but not drink alcohol.
Female Toplessness: Support its legalization in public areas like parks and buildings owned by the government.  For non-federal businesses it should be up to the owner of the business, as should the rest of the dress code.  Full nudity could be legal in designated in areas such as nude beaches, but not in all parks or other public places.Immigration: Support looser restrictions on immigration and amnesty for "illegal aliens."  However, I support making English the United States' official language.Euthanasia: Opposed to the legalization of physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.  By the way, I should probably make clear the difference between the two: physician assisted suicide is when you ask the doctor for a lethal prescription and he gives it to you; euthanasia is when the doctor helps your suicidal attempt by exposing you to poison gas (much like you would do to a criminal) or putting a bag over your head to suffocate you.  The other type of euthanasia, where you exterminate people without their consent (say, due to a disease), should be illegal, of course-- that goes without saying.Voting: All citizens should be able to vote, including criminals and ex-criminals.  It should also be easier for an immigrant to acquire a citizenship so that his right to vote is not infringed.  I also support lowering the voting age to 16.Presidential Qualifications: Get rid of the rule that says only people born in America can be President; it's unnecessary and discriminatory.  Property Rights: That recent Supreme Court case where the liberals on the court came up with some imaginary law that renders the government Communist was one of the greatest invasions of freedom that the United States has seen in recent years.  Obviously, if you own a building, the government can't just take it over for its own purposes.Censorship: Basically opposed in general.  No federal regulation of TV programs, video games, music albums, etc.  Internet wise, the only thing that comes to mind that they should really crack down on is child pornography, and that is finding out the source of the material and giving them one hell of a punishment.  Strongly opposed to Internet filtering in public schools and libraries.
Pornography: Only depicting consenting adults 18 and over; people 16 and over should be able to purchase it.
Term Limits: Oppose term limits on presidency (means repealing that amendment), Congressmen, and Governors (though the last should be decided by each state).
EconomicsFarm Subsidies: Support.
The Arts: Are you kidding?  No reason for the government to fund this stuff.  Some advocates of this, like Congressman Dennis Kucinich, say that the arts help strengthen the community, but it sounds like a pretty sissy excuse to me to spend taxpayer money during a deficit so that some guy can paint a picture of a triangle and call it "abstract art."Worker's Rights: I'm kind of rightwing on this one, I'll admit it.  An employer should be able to fire an employee when he wants, and it should be totally up to him who he decides to employ, not up to some "Fair Employment" committee that tells him he needs to have at least 15% of his workers be of a minority background.  However, I do support a minimum wage as one safeguard, preferably around $8/hr.  However, food and accomodation should be able to be part of a minimum wage if an employer wants, and if he were able to factor that into the eight dollars or better an hour in a satisfactory way, he should be able to do it.Departments: No more of them.  And abolish the Homeland Security and Education departments while we're at it, possibly some other ones too.  It's ridiculous how many of these we have.Socialized Medicine: Socialized healthcare should be available for those under 18 as they are not personally responsible for their parents' financial situation.  Emergency operations for adults should also be federally funded, but I mean stuff that you need in order to keep living, not something like braces, a nose job, or Viagra.Education: I'm not a fan of public education, I'll admit.  I think individual communities should have more control over what's taught in their schools.  As stated above, I advocate abolishing the Department of Education as it's a huge money waster.  Classroom attendance definitely shouldn't be compulsory.
Faith Based Initiatives: It sounds like a good idea at first, for churches to provide welfare services, but I have examined the issue closer and it's not satisfactory.  Churches are not able to preach any religious content, so from a Christian point of view, it is a violation of freedom of speech and religion, and from a liberal point of view, sanctioning religious welfare is discrimination against people who are not religious.  On the welfare issue as a whole, I am leftwing, and believe it should stay in the hands of the government, not churches (assuming that these restrictions on preaching to those who are served by the churches stay).Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Fully opposed to the funding of this, as well as being morally and ethically opposed to the research itself.Social Security: Undecided.  Both the left and right have good arguments on this one and I'm not really inclined either way.  Anyone care to convince me why their view is the best?Space: Support federal funding of missions, exploration, etc.
Foreign Policy
Weapon Treaties: Support treaties against chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons.
Iraq: I opposed the invasion, but now that we're there we'd better stay until we can clean this thing up.  Of course, we'll need to provide adequate services for our Veterans who come home with no place to go.United Nations: The United States should not pull out.  But no, we should not need the approval of the United Nations to go to war-- though it would be nice.  But if we don't have their approval, that shouldn't stop us if we actually have to go to war for a valid reason.
damn man. we agree on almost everything. I agree with you more than i disagree with you on 35 of 38 topics. a few differences:
1. physician assisted suicide should be legal (if patient is consenting)
2. prostitution should be legal but government regulated
3. hard drugs such as crack and LSD should not be legal for recreational use
4. i agree that we need to cut back on departments but disagree that we need to eliminate all of them
5. education.....i like our public schools (despite going to private schools). I also think that the government should fund higher education. 6. Stem cell research - I am morally torn but believe that it helps more than it harms. 7. guns: certain guns should be banned such as those that pierce bullet proof vests + machine guns
PS: sorry bout the compactness i ran out of room
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