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November 14, 2019, 01:29:24 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 402782 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: December 26, 2013, 10:49:40 pm »
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Social Policy
Abortion: Completely pro-choice.
Drugs: Support legalizing marijuana. Get rid of mandatory minimums.
Censorship: Flag-burning amendment is stupid. Little radio or television censorship -- it's the job of the parents to regulate their children, not the government.
Gay Marriage: Legalize on federal level, support ENDA, etc.
Death Penalty: Ban it on a federal level.
Prostitution: Definitely a state issue.
Church and State: Oppose prayer in schools, could honestly care less about putting "In God We Trust" on money.
Affirmative Action: Support it.
Hate Crime Laws: There should be no such thing. A crime is a crime -- no regulating thoughts or opinions. These laws are blatantly unconstitutional.
Immigration: Support DREAM, comprehensive immigration reform.
Stem Cell Research: Expand it.
PATRIOT Act: I support most of it being repealed.
Gun Control: Support an assault weapons ban, magazine limits, and background checks.
Assisted Suicide: Leave it to the states.
Gambling: Legalize it federally.

Electoral Reform
Term Limits: The very notion behind these is absurd: don't trust voters to reelect their own representatives. What is the point of a democracy? End all term limits.
Statehood: Allow Puerto Rico and D.C. to enter the union with support from a majority of their citizens.
Voting Age: Support lowering voting age to 16.
Campaign Finance Reform: Require complete transparency, ban corporate donations.
Gerrymandering: Leave it up to a nonpartisan commission.
Voter ID: Completely oppose it. If you can make it to the polls, you should be able to vote.

Welfare: Support current programs.
Unions: Unions are the backbone of this country. Right-to-Work is absolutely un-American.
Environment: Invest in green energy and implement higher standards for gas mileage and the reduction of carbon pollution. Ensure that workers in fossil fuel industries are able to transition into other industries with government assistance as jobs in their industries are inevitably lost while we transition toward more renewable energy sources.
Minimum Wage: Raise across the country, proportional to the cost of living in each area, and index to inflation.
Taxation: No tax raises on middle/lower-class. No tax cuts for the rich, tax increases on them are necessary, however cut corporate taxes while closing tax loopholes.
Healthcare: Support the Affordable Care Act.
Trade: Pro-fair trade. Oppose new free trade agreements unless it can be proven that they will not be detrimental to American workers and wages.
Pork: I'm fine with it.
Subsidies: Support for low-income farmers, small farms.
Military: Cut funding, oppose Iraq, support Afghanistan and we should have made more of an attempt to assist moderate rebels in Syria. Completely support the Iran deal. Allow women to serve at frontlines.
Education: Anti-vouchers, complete support of public education. Oppose and repeal teacher tenure laws, expand funding, put technology in all classrooms.

Foreign Policy
War: Not a hawk, not non-interventionist. Supported Afghanistan but not Iraq. WWI and Vietnam were poor decisions.
Israel/Palestine: I'm pretty moderate on this issue. Support a two-state solution.
Draft: Never.
Nukes: Support START Treaty, but do not eliminate stockpile.
Foreign Aid: Minimal part of the federal budget -- make cuts only to increase efficiency.

Summary: Basically, I'm a mainstream liberal with some moderate tendencies.
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