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January 18, 2020, 10:12:44 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 413335 times)
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Social Policy
Abortion: Against, with exceptions for rape, mother's health, and severe fetal abnormalities that would render it unviable. I'd be ok with states deciding their own policy up to 24 weeks. No public funding whatsoever.
Drugs: Decriminalize weed. Stop the drug war against the others, but keep illegal.
Censorship: Against, except for illegal things
Gay Marriage: The federal government doesn't issue marriage licenses, so I think it should be left up to the states to decide.
Death penalty: Undecided. I can see both sides of the argument.
Prostitution: Allow it, but heavily restrict where brothels can be set up
Church and State: Keep separate. I have no issue with "In God We Trust" on the money, after all, they are technically Federal Reserve Notes.
Stem cell research: Support, as long as it's not derived from embryos. Heavily support research.
PATRIOT Act: Repeal. Also eliminate the DHS.
Gun control: Keep it how it is now.
Assisted suicide: Against.
Gambling: Allow it

Electoral Reform
Term Limits: Against.
Statehood: If 2/3 of the states agree, a territory can become a state, or a region of an existing state can break away and form a new state.
Voting Age: 18
Campaign Finance Reform: Companies and unions restricted from donating  
Gerrymandering: It's going to exist as long as race plays an issue
Voter ID: Completely support, and allow free access to an acceptable form of identification.

Economic Issues
Welfare: Should primarily be for those who cannot help themselves. For people who fall on hard times, there should be assistance, but only for a limited amount of time.
Unions: I don't support mandatory membership in a union, and I think unions generally end up cannibalizing their members. There can be a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship though between businesses and unions where both sides work in good faith together without vilifying the other.
Privatization: Privatize AMTRAK. Raise the Social Security age for people 40 and younger.
Environment: Convert most government vehicles to natural gas or electricity and require all future non-law enforcement vehicles to be run on natural gas or electricity. Test pilot placing solar panels on government buildings. No carbon taxes or cap-and-trade. Against nuclear power.
Minimum Wage: Tie it to inflation - with a cap of 3% per year. It adjusts every five years.
Taxation: $1 income tax on the first $30,000. Cut other rates by 10%. Increase tariffs. Reduce the corporate tax. Eliminate the inheritance tax.
Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare. Make the FDA more efficient in approving new drugs. Require labeling of GMOs. Remove fluoride from the water.
Trade: Repeal NAFTA, CAFTA, and the other "free trade" agreements that hurt Americans. They are scams - true free trade agreements would be the repealing of the laws that originally created the impediments to trading freely, not passing bills that create rules of how to "freely" trade and set up trans-national courts that supersede US law. I'd rather spend a little more for American-made products.
Embargo: Doesn't really matter to me.
Pork: Each congressional district gets an equal amount of money each session to use for pork projects. Whatever the figure is cannot be exceeded. If it is, it is taken out of the representative's salary.
Subsidies: I think it depends on a case-by-case basis, but generally against.
Military: Close most overseas military bases and reduce the defense budget accordingly.
Miscellaneous: Reenact Glass-Steagal. Support a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Foreign Policy
War: Non-interventonist. No wars, unless we're attacked or unless there is an immediate, verifiable threat
Israel-Palestine: Recognize Palestine, substantially reduce foreign aid to Israel.
Draft: Against.
UN: Get the US out. The UN believes the government gives people their rights, instead of the people giving the government its rights. This is the antithesis of what the United States is about.
Nukes: They're here to stay, might as well keep them to provide a good deterrent
Foreign Aid: Drastically reduce foreign aid. Solve American problems first.
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