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January 18, 2020, 07:01:53 am
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 413169 times)
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« on: April 10, 2014, 02:21:56 pm »

Social Policy
AbortionSad/b] I am pro-life. However, I do not believe it's within my rights to take this away from someone. I would rather incentivize adoption and make it a more attractive option for mothers who do not want to raise a child.
Drugs: My main concern with this is pushing people away from jail who are users and pushing the distributors towards it. This would be done through decriminalization of some, if not all, recreational drugs, and placing very strong laws on the production and distribution of the drugs.
Censorship: Thoroughly against it.
Gay Marriage: Pro-gay marriage. More or less I don't see why it's my business. Marriage isn't a religious institution historically. I don't see why I should distort the facts to maintain an antiquated social norm.
Death penalty: State issue. I don't believe I could carry this out in anything other than an extreme circumstance, ie Osama or Hitler.
Prostitution: State issue.
Church and State: Fine with where we're currently at, but common sense should rule this debate. If a town wants to put up a Christmas tree, let them.
Stem cell research: Fully support this and the advancement of science in general.
PATRIOT Act: Repeal it.
Gun control: I'm fine with the imposition of some simple restrictions, ie background checks at gun shows. But, overall, I would want it to be coupled with a guarantee of the security of rights to gun owners and advancement of mental health studies.
Assisted suicide: No.
Gambling: I'd be in favor of some gambling reforms; however, I'm not sure what they'd be.

Electoral Reform
Term Limits: 20 for SCOTUS judges, 12 for Senate members, and 8 for House members.
Voting Age: 18
Campaign Finance Reform: Ban lobbying nearly completely and restrict donations to certain periods.
Gerrymandering: Proportional.
Voter ID: I'm very torn on this.

Economic Issues
Welfare: Reform social security, medicare, medicaid and replace Obamacare. Social security would be replaced for those under 40 with a private fund. Those private funds would have a safety net of a certain amount of dollars. Those making more than a certain amount will not receive SS. Most of my health reform will be discussed in the appropriate section. In terms of the impoverished, those who cannot help themselves should be given aid, but those who are generally poor should be pushed toward employment by offering skill training and like programs.
Unions: They're basically dead. Localized unions without a nation, or state-wide, apparatus can be beneficial.
Privatization: In favor of some privatization efforts.
Environment: Very much pro-environmental progress. I may be skeptical of global warming timelines; however, there are only positive externalities to the progress of this. It will also help us grow our economy substantially if we become the leader in green energy.
Minimum Wage: Australian, age based, system.
Taxation: Cut the death tax to 10%. Cut corporate taxes and close loopholes. I'm in favor of taxes raises and cuts depending on the economic situation.
Healthcare: Payment reform is required. Doctors should receive a salary, not payment based on the services they perform. Near complete elimination of paperwork. The costs associated with PAPER are astronomical. This baffles me. Deincentivize negative life choices like cigarette smoking. Cut the state restrictions on insurance companies and place national reforms on the industry. Tax reform on employer insurance coverage. Tort reform. Voucher, or similar, system with Medicare.
I would also be infavor of an outside the box idea, like enrolling in an exchange of competitive bidding where companies would bid to cover your service. This would be a more free market option, but I'm not sure how it would work.
Trade: Free trade.
Embargo: End the embargo with Cuba. It will push them towards capitalism
Pork: Ban
Subsidies: In favor of them if they will return either a highly beneficial addition to the economy or something that is fantastic, but otherwise impossible.
Military: Cut the waste. Efficiency is key for me in every part of the budget.

Foreign Policy
War: It's a foreign policy tool. One that I would use if needed. That said, I strongly prefer the use of other means to support the interests of this country.
Israel-Palestine: Recognize Israel and negotiate an Arab mega-state similar to the Ottoman Empire and what was being planned with Hussein bin Ali.
Draft: No. No. No.
UN: The UN is fine, but I don't take them seriously. I'd do what I want.
Nukes: Support a world wide proliferation effort.
Foreign Aid: Support nations who need it. These nations do not need hefty sums to derive heavy returns. However, I would generally support a substitution of American products and training aid to nations.
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