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December 05, 2019, 07:32:31 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 406213 times)
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« on: November 17, 2014, 05:19:25 pm »

Party: Independent (Usually vote democrat)
Ideology: Progressive

Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-choice, keep abortion safe, legal, and rare.
Gay Marriage: Fully supportive of LGBT rights.
Drugs: Marijuana for medical purposes, keep everything else illegal.
Stem Cell Research: Stem Cell research saves lives, and is completely necessary.
Death Penalty: In favor, not happy with the fuss that's been made over it regarding the recent botched executions.
Gun control: Bring in background checks, ban assault weapons.
Affirmative Action: Very bad idea, we should be choosing on ability, not on race.
Women's Rights: Introduce equal pay legislation.

Economic Issues:
Federal Spending: Do not support the Ryan budgets, no cuts to social agencies.
Minimum Wage: Large increase in minimum wage, give tax cuts to smaller businesses who can't handle the raise.
Taxation: Raise taxes on the rich, introduce a progressive taxation system.
Healthcare: Support social healthcare, but don't agree with certain aspects of the ACA
Social Security: Make sure hard working Americans benefit
Education: Drastically increase funding to our broken education system, pay teachers more, keep and expand common core.

Foreign Policy and National Security:
Iran: Diplomacy is the best course of action.
Iraq/Syria: Stop air strikes on ISIS, it is only inflaming the situation, instead provide support to Kurdish fighters and other forces against ISIS without directlly attacking them, we cannot afford it.
Military Spending: Cut military operations and spending.
NSA Spying: Necessary
Immigration: Increase border control, but come to agreement on a possible amnesty, need immigration reform.

Climate Change: Call out and shame the politicians who deny climate change, start passing legislation to reduce its impact.
Green Energy: Shift our reliance on oil to renewable energy.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Against, instead subsidise companies willing to create jobs with renewable energy

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: Should be reviewed, Al Gore won popular vote in 2000 but only lost due to electoral college
Gerrymandering: Use independent groups to reform the current US districts
Campaign Finance: Repeal citizens united, strict public financing of elections.
Term limits: Against
Voter ID: Used as a base for republicans to stop democrats voting, repeal voter ID laws.
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