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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 379043 times)
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Political Matrix
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« on: February 23, 2017, 05:04:28 pm »
« edited: June 13, 2017, 09:24:02 pm by Spark498 »

Social: Conservative
Economic: Center-left
Foreign Policy: Hawkish
Registration: Independent

Social Policy

Abortion: Strongly oppose in all cases.
Same-Sex Marriage: Oppose, but accept the law of the land, allow civil unions.
Religious Liberty: Strongly support
Drugs: Strongly oppose drug legalization
Death Penalty: Oppose except in cases of terrorism
Gun Control: Background checks are fine, but the Second Amendment must be protected
Affirmative Action: Oppose
Prostitution: Strongly oppose
Euthanasia: Strongly oppose
Immigration: Support amnesty but oppose citizenship for illegal immigrants
Transgender Issues: Let private businesses determine their own bathroom access rules

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage: Left at $7.50/hr, entry level jobs
Welfare: Should be no need for it
Social Security: Transition to mandated individual savings with income supplements for financially distressed seniors
Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare and move to a market-based health system based on transparent pricing and cash payments for services; keep Medicaid for low-income Americans
Trade: Support fair trade with friendly countries
Deficit/Debt: Reduce the scope of government first, then we can talk about the bottom line
Campaign Finance: The status quo is fine
Unions: Support, abolish right-to-work nationwide, and encourage average workers to become more involved with their unions to reduce the influence of hardline activists in organized labor
Energy: All of the above policy - let the market sort it out
Job Creation: Government doesn't create jobs, and working is a lifestyle choice
Education: Support vouchers and school choice.
Higher Education: Greatly reduce government loan/grant programs to deflate the education bubble, end government funds going to proprietary schools, regulate the word "university" in every state
Taxes: Support increased sales tax while abolishing the inheritance "death" tax, and decreased income taxes.


ISIS: Work with Russia to defeat ISIS
Russia: Improve relations with Russia to defend Christendom from external threats, but make it clear we stand with NATO allies
China: Remove diplomatic recognition and recognize Taiwan
Cuba: Sever diplomatic relations
Iran: Prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon
Israel/Palestine: Stand with Israel and support a one-state solution with Israel remaining a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital; move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
Syria/Refugees: Don't accept any refugees, we can't afford terrorists to enter our country


Climate Change: It is real and we need to impose a revenue-neutral carbon tax (that would return all revenues to small businesses and taxpayers). (TD's words, I agree) But in addition to that we should invest heavily in solar and wind power, abide by the Paris agreement, and aim to eventually phase out fossil fuels.
EPA: Maintain strong support for the EPA. Our planet is our future and we need to balance growth with environmental protection, but let's not hesitate to challenge corporate polluters and stand up to them.


ObamaCare: Repeal it and use a single payer system, keep provision that states children can be on parents health care plan until 25.


Gerrymandering: There should be a neutral commission to regulate this
Electoral College: I support the Interstate Compact.
Statehood: Should not be given to DC, but another referendum should be held for Puerto Rico.
Campaign Finance Reform: Return to where we were before Citizens United.
Term Limits: Support
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