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March 22, 2019, 05:42:02 am
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 375637 times)
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« on: October 19, 2016, 02:16:53 am »


Social: Largely liberal with some left-wing communitarian impulses
Economic: Left-wing
Foreign Policy: Noninterventionist in most cases
Political Registration: No party registration in WA; would register as a Democrat if there was

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-choice, willing to accept some restrictions on late-term abortion
Same-Sex Marriage: Support strongly
Drugs: Decriminalize all drugs (Portugal model), legalize marijuana
Stem-Cell Research: Support
Death Penalty: Oppose strongly
Gun Control: Support
Affirmative Action: Support
Prostitution: Unsure - the most important thing is eliminating trafficking and abuse
Bathrooms: I'm trans and I like not being harassed when I use the bathroom. Gender and sex are distinct and people should use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity (or a gender-neutral bathroom).
Euthanasia: Support

Economic Policy
Minimum Wage: Raise and tie to inflation
Social Security: Keep public and don't raise the retirement age
Right to work: Oppose strongly (likes unions)
Taxation: Increase taxation on wealthy, reduce WA sales tax and introduce a state income tax
Obamacare: Protect/expand, but I would prefer universal healthcare
Trade: Generally pro-trade if labor rights and the environment are protected (anti-TPP)
Keystone: Oppose strongly
Balanced Budget Amendment: Oppose
Poverty: Address poverty through government intervention: higher minimum wage, better unemployment benefits, improving schools, etc.

Political Reform
Electoral College: Abolish, replace with national popular vote with ranked choice voting
Gerrymandering: Establish nonpartisan commissions in each state to redraw districts (works well for Washington)
Public financing: Support strongly
Term limits: Neutral, lean oppose
Voter ID laws: Oppose strongly
Early/absentee voting: Support strongly
Vote by mail: Support strongly
Voter registration: Automatically register all citizens at 18 years old
Primaries: Make all primaries open. Use only primaries to allocate delegates, not caucuses. Establish regional rotation in primaries: one cycle the South goes first, the next the Midwest goes first, etc.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Iran Deal: Support strongly
Syria: Too messy for me to come up with an answer
Military Spending: Cut waste wherever possible
Patriot Act: Oppose strongly
Israel/Palestine: Both are seriously flawed. Israel has a right to exist but shouldn't be putting so many settlements in Palestinian territory and it should respect the rights of all of its citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity. Pro two-state solution.
Immigration: Make it easier to immigrate legally, address root causes of illegal immigration (poverty in Latin America/Asia)
Russia: Oppose Russian actions in Ukraine and Syria without antagonizing them to the point of war
Afghanistan: Withdraw troops as soon as possible

Environmental Issues
Climate change: The biggest threat facing our planet. Anyone who doesn't believe it exists is scientifically illiterate.
Green energy: Switch to green energy as quickly as possible.
Coal: End coal mining as soon as possible, establish some sort of program to help coal miners re-integrate into the workforce to avoid turning West Virginia into a giant Youngstown
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