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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 379478 times)
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« on: February 23, 2017, 04:57:16 pm »
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Social: Libertarian/Right
Economic: Near far right
Foreign: generally non-interventionist


Abortion/Reproductive Rights: Favor the Hyde Amendment, but don't have any specific abortion stance. Don't really care about the fate of the fetus. Roe should be overturned, as it's a perversion of the Constitution.
Marriage Equality/LGBTQ Issues: I think same-sex marriage is bad. Not supportive of LGBTQ "rights". I strongly support the NC transgender law, think the Indiana RFR law is too weak.
Death Penalty: Strongly favor the death penalty upon DNA confirmation or absolute confirmation of a crime.  
Religious Freedom: Strong supporter of religious freedoms for all faiths and those with no faith belief at all. Favor religious liberty laws for bakers and other businesses. Also strongly support separation of religion and state.
Drug Legalization: Weakly in favor of legalizing it for both medical and (more tepidly) recreational usage. Likewise favor LSD legalized.
Guns: Oppose the assault weapons ban. Also support concealed carry. Support background checks. Like abortion, this is not a huge issue for me.
Euthanasia: I am for euthanasia and assisted suicide as an individual right.
Black Lives Matter/Police/Criminal Justice Reform: Both police unions and #BlackLivesMatter are generally horrible movements. Abusive police officers are treated too leniently in this country, and so are Black criminals (and some White ones).
Transgender Issues: LOLNo.
Sex Education: I oppose sex education in schools.
Prostitution: I support legalization.
Education: I favor vastly expanding the power of the Department of Education to set curriculum over the states in a spirit of national equity so long as it exists, but preferably eliminating it, as it's a wasteful big government program. I support cutting funding for lower education and raising it for higher education. Teacher salaries are fine where they are; arguments can be made for cutting them to save money or raising them to attract talent. However, I think the only legitimate argument to be made for free government-run schools is to encourage childbearing.
Affirmative Action: Opposed to it, completely. Either class-based, or merit.
Judges: Favor constructionist judges sitting on the Supreme Court and in the lower judiciary, that interpret the Constitution based on original intent, not a "living Constitution" text.
PATRIOT Act: Strongly opposed. Abolish all unconstitutional mass surveillance.
Indian policy: Abolish the reservations and tribal governments; nobody else has them. Treat Native Americans just like anyone else.


Taxes: I support completely eliminating the capital gains tax. Taxes should be cut overall, with a greater share of taxes being exacted from wages.
Trade: Unapologetic free trader, in favor of NAFTA, but not CAFTA or TPP, and want a global market free from subsidies, quotas, and restrictions on trade. Oppose, of course, all subsidies, restrictions on trade, imports taxes, etc. However, this is hardly my biggest issue.
Social Security/Medicare: Significantly overhaul and limit benefits to the truly indigent and needy who need healthcare coverage and disability and other benefits to survive in old age. Didn't like their creation and believe we have a vastly expansive welfare state that needs curtailing.
Budgets: Hold spending down alongside tax reform to gradually enact real spending reforms that allow us to balance our budget. A BBA is unfeasible, but in general, our spending should be slowly curtailed. The House approach to cutting spending is weak and does not go anywhere near far enough.
Defense Spending: Cut it by 90%.
Minimum Wage: Oppose entirely.
Labor Unions: Not a fan. End collective bargaining for public sector unions and support RTW states.
Financial Regulation: I oppose Dodd-Frank. Otherwise, don't know enough to comment.
Welfare: Support benefit cuts. Opposed to universal basic income due to revenue collection issues.

Foreign Policy

Russia/NATO: Completely, unapologetically, and vehemently pro-Russia. Moscow is the most moral major power in the world and we should accept all its acts in Ukraine, Georgia, and Syria, and completely eliminate post-2013 sanctions on Moscow. The eventual goal is a multipolar world. I also strongly favor abolishing NATO due to its terrorist nature.
Radical Islam: A temporary shutdown on Muslims entering the United States is more than warranted. Trump's ban does not go far enough. There are simply too many Muslim terrorist attacks in the U.S. Support defeating ISIS by all serious partners. Turkey is not a serious partner, and nuking Turkey for its support of terrorist activity should definitely be on the table. At the very least, an ouster of Erdogan is warranted.
Israel: America should emulate it, but not become its puppet and servant.
Immigration: All illegal immigrants in the country should be deported, including DACA beneficiaries. No welfare benefits to illegal immigrants or education benefits. Expand legal quotas and require that all immigrants coming to the United States have a college education or some sort of essential skills. Legal immigrants should also be barred from welfare. A return to the national origins quota system is suboptimal, but superior to the current system.
Iran: Support the deal on Iran on the grounds Iran has been so mistreated by the United States over the course of these many decades. Iran has no intention to acquire a nuclear weapon, and it really doesn't matter if it does.
Foreign Aid: Eliminate all foreign aid to Ukraine and Mexico, as well as various other loser countries. Maybe also cut it to some winner countries, like Israel, who are ripping us off so badly.
Cuba: Support normalized relations here.
China: The two-China policy should be on the table. U.S. should build its own islands in the South China Sea and not recognize China's completely improper claims to it.


Climate Change: It is real, but the costs of reducing it are staggeringly high, and probably prohibitively so.
EPA: Probably does too much, but environmental protection on a Federal level is probably warranted, especially if it affects interstate issues. Not a fan of pollution from fracking chemicals.

ObamaCare: HP law. Eliminate it and replace it with something very terrific. Limit the Medicare expansion, get rid of the pre-existing condition and individual mandates, as well as most, if not all, of the other mandates. Enact sweeping changes to healthcare law that would lower costs while expanding the pool of people who pay out of pocket.
Drug patents: Consider broad patents of 10 years (if that many; patents should be limited in length to the minimum proper to spur innovation) and then allow them to become considered generic, if necessary to spur innovation. Allow drug importation from Canada.


Gerrymandering: Let it continue. It's a practice as old as the Republic and we will be fine if state legislatures and governors - elected representatives - dictate the lines. Proportional representation is a freedom idea.
Campaign Finance Reform: No limits.
Term Limits: Strongly support Ted Cruz's term limits amendment. Necessary to drain the swamp of people like John McCain and Sheldon Silver.
Automatic Registration: Nay
Early Voting: Much as we love it in North Carolina for the data it gives, I am opposed on principle.
Primaries: Shorten schedule to one month, with Iowa going the first week, New Hampshire the second, South Carolina the third, and the rest of the country fourth. Convention happens the following month. Support states deciding their own delegate allocation rules, but like the simplicity of Winner-Take-All.
Puerto Rican and DC Statehood: I'd sooner support annexing British Columbia and Baja California. So, LOLNo.
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