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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 414443 times)
Idaho Conservative
BWP Conservative
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Political Matrix
E: 2.00, S: 3.00

« on: September 30, 2017, 12:44:55 am »

Social Policy
Abortion: Allow on demand at any stage of pregnancy, with no questions asked, no frivolous restrictions placed upon it by state legislatures and completely free of charge.
Drugs: Legalize 'em.
Censorship: No thank you.
Gay Marriage: I'm partial to the 'end marriage and give everybody a civil union' school of thought, but I think the time when that might have been a possibility has largely passed, so I'm obviously in favor of marriage equality and am favorable toward the idea of further re-defining marriage and allowing more people to get in on the action (i.e. legalization of group marriage) in years to come.
Death penalty: No thank you.
Prostitution: Legalize it.
Church and State: Ban religious schools, restrict religion in the public sphere, and tax churches proportional to their income.
Stem cell research: Support (not living in 2003)
PATRIOT Act: Repeal it.
Gun control: Completely opposed, legalize all guns and require gun training courses in schools. Ideally replace the standing army with citizens' militia, same goes for the police force (assuming we're also abolishing most of the criminal code in favor of a more restitution-oriented kind of criminal code, of course) and nationalize the gun industry. Very strongly supportive of "gun culture" and individual self defense.
Assisted suicide: Legalize it.
Gambling: Collectivize the gambling industry and make it a socially productive activity.

Electoral Reform
Term Limits: I oppose term limits in that they're anti-democratic. A better solution is to implement recall provisions for all elected officials, from members of Congress to the President.
Statehood: For whom? Let the territories decide their own fate, err on the side of independence. Ideally redraw all state boundaries along cultural/geographic/economic lines.
Voting Age: 16.
Campaign Finance Reform: Ban all corporate donations, end corporate personhood, limit campaigning to two weeks only, completely cover all campaign expenses out of the public treasury.
Gerrymandering: Adopt proportional representation for the House of Representatives on the D'hondt method, abolish the Senate.
Voter ID: End voter registration, let anyone who can make it to the polls vote.

Economic Issues
Welfare: Universal basic income + National Healthcare + Universal housing program + $21 an hour minimum wage + Right to a Job + National Education
Unions: Should essentially run the economy, very very very supportive, abolish all restrictions on them (Taft-Hartley, Landrum-Griffin, Hatch Act, ect), encourage their growth, ban scabs, require union shops and hiring halls, etc. Collectivize industry and allow unions to manage it wherever industry is collectivized.
Privatization: Make a U-Turn and start collectivizing large industries, with vital sectors divided between state owners and worker owners. Eventually stamp out private enterprise altogether and transform the economy into a worker-owned and managed democratic enterprise. (i.e. socialism)
Environment: something something free mass transit something something universal auto insurance something something national parks
Minimum Wage: $21/hour
Taxation: Land Value Tax pls
Healthcare: NHS style, with the state owning the hospitals and allowing Nurses and Doctors' unions to manage them; the state should also own all drug companies and produce useful drugs for public consumption
Trade: End "free trade," in favor of an industrial policy focused on employing Americans and creating products that are long lasting and cheap. Collectivize factories left here by ungrateful corporations and let workers own and manage them.
Embargo: End it, recognize the Castro government and make amends to build a better relationship in Latin America.
Pork: Ban
Subsidies: Nationalize/collectivize any institution receiving federal dollars
Military: End standing army in favor of citizen militias, end all overseas activity, bring troops home etc

Foreign Policy
War: Only if the US is attacked
Israel-Palestine: Recognize Palestine, ignore Israel
Draft: No, but favorable to the idea of universal national service in non-military settings, provided said service pays union wages to those employed by it (and because that's not likely, the answer is emphatically 'no')
UN: Support, make more democratic and weaken the influence of the Security Council
Nukes: Seek international treaty banning or placing them under UN control
Foreign Aid: Cancel all debt owed to the US and leave them alone
What?  BAN RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS?  You are quite the authoritarian.
Idaho Conservative
BWP Conservative
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Political Matrix
E: 2.00, S: 3.00

« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2017, 01:15:39 am »

I am a Libertarian Conservative
Social Issues(very libertarian): legalize drugs, prostitution, gambling, gay adoption.  The federal government shouldn't define marriage as it is not a federal issue.  I also am opposed any censorship, safe spaces, trigger warnings, hate crime laws, and anti-discrimination laws applying to private businesses and private landlords.  Death penalty needs to be reformed and should only be used when there is no doubt of guilt and truly indisputable evidence proving the crime was committed  (basically an official confession or DNA evidence, ect.)  I also oppose gun control.  Also, I oppose NSA spying and strongly believe in the rights of the accused including habeas corpus and freedom from indefinite detention and freedom from unjustly long prison terms.  The only social issue where I am right wing is abortion.  I view and unborn child as a human being that deserves the same rights the government guaranties the born, the right not to be murdered.  To be honest, if you see abortion as an equivalent to murder it isn't socially authoritarian to believe people should be protected from murder.

Economic Issues(conservative): I do not think the government should have a big role in regulating the economy.  Basically, I believe the government should protect customers form fraud, have basic workplace safety standards, standards that food, drugs, and items sold are safe to be consumed, anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies and ensure fair competition, a low, basic minimum wage, some environmental regulations, and basic bank regulations to prevent economic crashes.  That's it.  I think with minimal regulation the economy can function best and people can open up their own businesses.  As long as basic safety regulations exist and monopolies and bank crashes are prevented, the economy will do great.  Also, wages will rise as the economy does better.  As far as taxes go, the tax rate on the wealthy should not be raised and the tax code should be simplified eliminating loopholes.  Gradually, the brackets should be flattened and deductions should be capped to prevent shell games.  The middle class should receive the greatest tax break as extra spending money in the middle class will boost the economy.  Also, the corporate tax rate should be lowered so companies and incentivized not to move overseas.  When a company moves overseas, all assets leaving the country should be taxed.  In terms of spending, it needs to be cut greatly.  Entitlements need to be reformed so they don't go bankrupt and make the country bankrupt along with it.   Cut welfare programs and other wasteful studies.  Get the government out of education.  Medicare needs great reform and should gain the right to negotiate drug prices in order to cut costs for the taxpayer.  Also, we spend more on our military than the next 8 countries combined so we should stop increasing military spending and when we take military action that helps another nation, the nation we helped should reimburse the American taxpayer for the cost spent, including a lump sum for every wounded American soldier and for the family of every killed American soldier.   We must make across-the board-cuts so that we no longer increase the debt by 2030 and we pay back at least $50 billion in principal each year starting in 2035.  Pass a balanced budget constitutional amendment.

This pretty much sums up my views.
Idaho Conservative
BWP Conservative
Sr. Member
Posts: 420
United States

Political Matrix
E: 2.00, S: 3.00

« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2019, 01:30:36 am »

Social Policy:

Abortion: Pro-life, life of mother exception.
Same Sex Marriage: oppose
Drugs: Legalize medical marijuana.  Oppose recreational drugs. 
Stem Cell Research: Support
Death Penalty: Support only when irrefutable evidence is present.
Gun control: Support background checks, oppose further gun control
Affirmative Action: oppose
Prostitution: oppose
Euthanasia: oppose

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage: Raise to $10, tie to inflation.  Adjusted anually.
Welfare: Support for short term and disability.  Remove incentives for having more kids.  Free birth control for those who can't afford it.
Right-to-Work: Support
Taxation: Cut middle class taxes.  Raise top marginal tax rate to 40%.  Tax capital gains as income.
 Simplify code to remove loopholes.
Healthcare: Support Medicare and Medicaid.  Subsidies for people too wealthy to qualify for Medicaid.  I oppose single payer strongly though.
Social Security: Preserve it by abolishing contribution cap and adjust payroll tax rate accordingly until it's solvent
Trade: Allow international trade with regulation.  Punish companies who outsource.  Make the US government buy American.       
Education: State issue.  Open up more opportunities for non college bound students. 
Balanced Budget Amendment: Unsure

Foreign Policy and National Security:

Afghanistan: Leave
Iraq: Leave
Iran: Leave
Syria: Leave
Cuba: Keep sanctions
Military Spending: Maintain
PATRIOT Act: oppose
NSA Spying: oppose
Palestine: don't recognize
Israel: support, should not receive free money
Immigration: Deport illegal immigrants.  Abolish birthright citizenship, one parent must be a US citizen for the child to be granted automatic citizenship.  Remove citizenship from anchor babies (meaning both parents are not legal residents) on case-by-case basis.  Cap permanent immigration at 100,000 per year and make it merit based.  Cap immigration from any individual country at 10% of total immigrants to preserve diversity.
Guantanamo Bay: Keep it open


Climate Change: Real and manmade.  Support investment into green energy, especially solar and thorium reactors. 
Green Energy: See above
Keystone XL Pipeline: Support

Electoral Reform:

Electoral College: Support
Gerrymandering: Permit
Term limits: support for president
Voter ID: support
Compulsory Voting: oppose
Voter Registration: this is an issue?
Statehood: support DC retrocession into Maryland.  Would support DC statehood, provided that Montgomery, Prince George, Charles and Howard counties of MD and Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford counties of Virginia are included in the state of DC.  Makes sense for DC metro to be a state.
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