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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 375503 times)
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« on: July 28, 2005, 12:04:32 am »

My attitude and personality is a bit more lewd/abrasive than my actions -- unless you get some alcohol in me.

Over time and up to this point, I'd say I subscribe to a generally capitalist economic philosophy. For the most part --- I support Bush's (attempted) reformation of social security, I support low taxes, and getting rid of useless social programs and the pork that goes with them.

I also believe the debt shouldnt get too high, for even if it's impact is overblown by some liberals, it must be considered and be dealt with.

The WTO/IMF I don't have a problem with. Free trade rocks.

When you cut taxes, you should probably cut spending as well.

I have a firm belief that strict constructionalists are the best fit for the supreme court -- people like Scalia and Rehnquist. However, if a president simply appoints a qualified candidate who has a strong understanding of the law, even if i dont agree with him on everything, ill support the candidate.

People shouldn't immediately look for any possible flaw with justices -- people who do that usually live their life in the same manner, and that's a bad way to live.


That said, I believe that faith-based institutions should play a much more active role with government and charities -- I believe that Christians elected to public office have a RESPONSIBILITY to use their faith, and their beliefs in order to make government more efficient.

In Education, I believe that more money is generally a good thing for public schools, but when it becomes wasted -- it only hurts the very things it tries to help. Get the feds out of education. Repeal No Child Left Behind, and give control to education back where it belongs -- to the states, and to the local governments (even though local is where most corruption occurs, IMO)

I don't like abortion, and would NEVER encourage anyone close to me to get them. I wouldn't report them to those crazy Catholic "pregnancy crisis centers" or whatever, but I'd try and dissuade them from getting one.

They shouldn't be banned, but they should be left up to the voters of the states. Most liberal states (California, New York, probably even Florida) would legalize it anyway. I don't vote for politicians based off their abortion position anyway, which is why I respect people like Paul Sarbanes AND Rick Santorum.

I agree with WalterMitty on gun control. Sensible gun control is good -- which means VERY little gun control. Only that which is necsscary.

I could care less about gay marriage, when I think about it.


Foreign policy:

I am a moderate hawk in foreign policy. Iraq should have
 been used as a stepping stone in combating terrorism in multiple Middle Eastern countries --- instead, we're going to end up with an Iraqi civil war. This is why I do not like Bush, and this is why I stay a Democrat --- for now.

I believe in sensible defense measures though --- maintain our current spending on national security. Attack other countries only when we're gravely threatened, or when we undergo a promise to fight terrorism -- of course, the Bush administration managed to mangle that quite a bit, but whatever.

I'm a moderate Democrat, and that's how I plan to stay, unless they decide to keep f'ing up the party. Then I'll switch.
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