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February 28, 2020, 07:32:58 am
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 419086 times)
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« on: January 08, 2020, 03:46:09 am »
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Not sure what label I'd apply, but probably somewhere on the left.

Social Policy

Abortion: family and healthcare decision, not something for the government to have an opinion on.
LGBT: consenting adults have the right to marry, responsible adults have the right to adopt, and you have the right to your identity as long as it's not harming anyone.
Drugs: Decriminalise everything, treat addiction rather than slapping a criminal record on more people. Legalize marijuana and any other more minor drugs for recreational use. Remove prescription requirements for certain items (such as glasses) and non-addictive treatment drugs (statins as an example.)
Slavery reparations: would depend on how we go about it, though I don't have any specific ideas in mind.
Stem Cell Research: support
Death Penalty: increasingly opposed given the room for error, though should still be applicable to mass shootings and large scale acts of terrorism (I don't support using it simply for all terrorism charges as we'll then have the charges being used just to get the death penalty)
Criminal justice reform: eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing and harsh sentences for non-violent offenses. Eliminate civil asset forfeiture
Police reform: replace live rounds with rubber bullets for standard officers (this excludes SWAT and such) so people don't pay for an officer's mistake or misjudgement with their lives, require body cams to be on at all times and make it a crime to turn them off
Gun control: I support banning assault weapons but don't see how it would be enforced from a practical standpoint; create national instant background system tied to your photo ID--similar to drivers license, your ID will carry a code or some sort of labeling of whether you're allowed to purchase, or if you might be moderate risk which would be left up to the seller's discretion. Ban person to person sales
Affirmative Action: no stance as it's too vague an issue anymore to determine one.
Prostitution: Decriminalize
Euthanasia: legal, provided you're declared of sound mind, especially in instances of terminal illness or complete debilitation.
Prostitution: legal but heavily monitored to prevent human trafficking
Immigration: set up pathway to citizenship, deport violent offenders, make DACA law.

Economic Issues

Minimum Wage: gradual increase to $15 as too sudden a change may have unknown, unintended consequences. Extend to restaurants and service industry and ban tipping practices as we know them.
Welfare: increase spending, provide based on an individual's situation rather than a specified poverty line which people can fall just outside of and still need assistance.
Right-to-Work: I'd support a constitutional amendment granting the right of workers to organize.
Taxation: progressive income tax. Eliminate tax loopholes that result in multibillion dollar corporations receiving more than they pay out.
Healthcare: treat as a utility--insurers, care providers, and pharmaceuticals can remain private but must face strict caps on what they can charge, from a regulatory board who takes everything into account when setting costs. Institute public option as well as this still won't guarantee the lowest earners would otherwise afford insurance. Opposed to M4A because it's healthcare ransom waiting to happen.
Social Security: increase spending to continue viability
Trade: Oppose tariffs and allow healthy competition from foreign companies to keep prices low. No trade with companies using less than humane labor practices. Ban domestic  companies from producing US-sold goods overseas. Require at least half of international companies' goods to be produced here (something already done for example in the auto industry)
Education: increase funding, institute national standard for education, abolish standardized tests as a means to determine funding, institute free lunch
Balanced Budget Amendment: Against
Transportation: increase in spending, create a national passenger rail network with non-repealable minimums of funding but there would be a fare to assist with this, for example receive an electronic card that measures how many stops you pass, and pay the corresponding fare once you exit. Abolish AMTRAK since it's nothing more than a tax-funded for profit corporation.
Infrastructure: upgrade roads and bridges where needed

Foreign Policy and National Security

Increased UN involvement. End all foreign military aide and arms sales.
Abolish warrantless domestic surveillance
Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan but maintain presence of advisors if those countries so desire.
Move Okinawa Marine base elsewhere.
Constitutional amendment guaranteeing right to privacy (and likewise banning the collecting, use, and sale of personal information without your explicit consent prior)
Cut the military budget in half (this could help fund infrastructure and transit)
Constitutional amendment requiring all military endeavors that are not prompted by a formal declaration of war, or military attack within US borders, to be approved not by congress but by national referendum and including only voters under 30 (as they'll be the ones sent to die). This must also be renewed annually by the same set of voters.
End the practise of being the global police force.

Climate and Environment

Invest in green energy of all varieties
Tax breaks for homes with solar panels
Institute corporate emissions cap (since carbon tax prevents nothing) and strengthen EPA's ability to go after large scale polluters
Increased spending to NOAA and forestry service, invest in upgrading technology used in weather forecasting and fire monitoring and prevention
Rejoin Paris Accord

Electoral reform

Abolish electoral college, and set up a national registration system where you are automatically removed from the voter rolls once you move and change your address, or when you die and your death certificate is issued. No removal of voters under any other circumstances.
Eliminate constituency voting and institute a proportional system, increase the House to 1000 seats, with the number of seats per state based on percentage of the population every census (similar to how house seats are divied up)
Abolish the current primary system and put each candidate running on a single national ballot as individual yes/no referendums, where the top two vote-getters move onto the general election. An alternative is to require the parties to run their respective primaries this way.
Voter ID required to vote, but also institute a free national ID system (this would be separate from your drivers license system which would function as it currently does)
Mandate voting in the primary system as you're not choosing between a slate of bad candidates--if you hate everybody just vote no for everybody.
Automatic voter registration once you turn 18
Eliminate money from politics--provide free air time for all candidates at a determined time each week
Puerto Rico and DC statehood, pending binding referendums.

I'm forgetting some things I had thought of earlier so this will probably be updated.
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