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April 20, 2019, 07:17:02 am
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 379389 times)
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« on: February 17, 2019, 11:02:23 pm »

Social Democrat here, with hardline libertarian stances on foreign policy and social issues.

Social Policy:

Abortion: Pro choice up until viability with exceptions
Same Sex Marriage: Support
Drugs: Legalize all drugs
Stem Cell Research: Support
Death Penalty: Abolish
Gun control: Pro stand your ground, anti assault weapons ban, pro background check
Affirmative Action: Reform
Prostitution: Legalize
Euthanasia: Legalize
I am also for greatly reforming the FCC, to account for modern sensibilities by removing most restrictions on television and film. I am for regulating major social media platforms and streaming services as public utilities, giving users 1st amendment rights. I am against hate speech laws and also hate crime laws. End mandatory minimum sentencing and release all victimless criminals.

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage: Raise federally to $15 dollars an hour  
Welfare: Abolish most of the beurocracy, end snap and similar services in favour of yangs freedom dividend
Right-to-Work: Ban federally
Taxation: Cut taxes for families making less than 40k a year, raise highest bracket to 60% for earners of 5million a year
Healthcare: Med4all
Social Security: Expand
Trade: American workers First policy, end all outsourcing from American companies        
Education: Free community college, ween off of standardized testing but keep federal standards in place, albeit with many tweaks
Balanced Budget Amendment: No

Foreign Policy and National Security:

Afghanistan: Leave
Iraq: Leave
Iran: Leave
Syria: Leave
Cuba: Normalize relations, end ridiculous sanctions
Military Spending: Cut by 33%
PATRIOT Act: Abolish
NSA Spying: Abolish
Palestine: Recognize
Israel: Stand up to, no sanctions. Two state solution, period.
Saudi Arabia: Sanction
Immigration: Amnesty to all illegals, make the process easier, but no open borders.
Guantanamo Bay: Shut it down


Climate Change: Number one priority, Green New Deal hardliner
Green Energy: Mandatory
Keystone XL Pipeline: No

Electoral Reform:

Electoral College: Popular vote with rank choice voting
Gerrymandering: End the practice
Term limits: No, not even for the president
Voter ID: No
Compulsory Voting: Yes
Voter Registration: No
Statehood: Make Puerto Rico 51st state, DC area 52nd state.
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