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April 24, 2019, 07:35:48 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 379835 times)
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« on: February 20, 2019, 06:04:12 am »

Social: Centre-left
Economic: Moderate
Foreign: Non-Interventionist
Party Affiliation: None

Social Policy:
Abortion: I generally support abortion. I take the view of minding my own business when it comes to what women do with their body. I would also expand contraception among the youth and better sex education, so we don't have to get to the stage of abortion in the first place.

Same-Sex Marriage: As a gay man, I support same sex marriage. I don't believe legalising it desecrates the tradition. It is an affirmation of a couple's life commitment and that is beautiful.

Drug Laws: I support legalising recreational and medicinal marijuana, but it needs to be well regulated to prevent misuse. I would also want to put funding into rehabilitation for ice users and those addicted to opioids.

Death Penalty: I do not support the death penalty. I don't believe the government has the moral right to kill its citizens. That being said, I still support life sentences, particularly life, never to be released, for the most hardened criminals.

Gun Control: I support increased regulation of firearms and licensing. I think a ban on some assault weapons could be a good idea. I think there needs to be a culture shift with guns in the US. In Australia the gun culture is about recreation and hunting, rather than defense. I don't support banning all guns because that would allow vermin to flourish and it would be an unnecessary incursion into people's civil liberties.

Religious Freedom: I support people having the right to practice their beliefs, so long as it doesn't encroach on the civil liberties of other. A definite separation of church and state is required.

Euthanasia: Support

Prostitution: I support the legalisation and regulation of this industry.

Immigration: I support help for those seeking asylum, those who are fleeing nations in hardship and war.

Economic Policy:
Minimum Wage: I strongly support a minimum wage, increasing each year with inflation. It should be able to be lived on modestly.

Right to Work: I support this, as I don't think workers should be forced to pay dues to organizations that they do not belong to. However, we must maintain all regulations and laws that guarantee fair working hours, pay, and working conditions for all workers. I would also indirectly encourage unionism, as that can help with improving conditions.

Taxation: I support progressive taxation, and a national sales tax. This is another thing Australia does. It distributes the revenue to the states according to need.

Healthcare: I support mulitpayer healthcare, like Australia's which includes a strong and robust public health system. I think people have a right to healthcare, to walk into the ED and get treatment, dental and eye care. These are basic necessities.
Education: I support lowering the cost of education on the student. And I also support more training and development for teachers. Including decreasing teacher-student ratios.

Free Trade: Free trade definitely has its positives, particularly if you are in an advantageous position. So I think we should trade freely with countries that would only help our country.

Foreign Policy and National Security:
I think far too much is spent on defense and national security. A policy of non-interventionism should be followed, except for cases where there is substantial evidence of human rights abuses, such as Rwanda.

There needs to be better environmental regulation. We should pursue renewable generation and storage, as they will become economically advantageous.

Electoral and Political Reform:

1. Presidential and House of Representatives races should use Instant Runoff Voting and the Electoral College should be abolished.

2. House of Reps should be increased in size substantially, to about 300,000 per district, and a national independent electoral comission should draw the boundaries, to ensure fairness.

3. The senate should should be tripled in size, and proportional representation should be implemented, so there is better representation.
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