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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 403621 times)
YaBB God
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« on: July 22, 2009, 12:16:11 am »

Social Issues

Abortion: Personally, I would support a constitutional amendment banning Abortion all, together. Pragmatically, let the states decide on the issue, same as they can on Gay Marriage.
Separation of church and state: In my opinion, it does not exist. Most laws are based off those that exist with the religious codes. I do not agree in a strict separation as they have today, but I do not believe in a national religion, or infringement upon any religion.
Affirmative action: No way to make it work. No matter how you try, you will always be discriminating against SOMEONE. In theory, I like it. In practice, not so much.
Gun control: The Second Amendment guarantees us that right, so I do not believe is heavy controls. However, registration, and also controls on individuals who have used such weapons for illegal purposes I would be okay with.
Death penalty: Leave it to the states.
Flag burning: Even though I oppose this, I respect symbolic speech in this case.
Euthanasia: Only in extreme cases, not on-demand.
Prostitution: Should be banned completely, but enforcement would be too lacking.
Immigration: Revamp the immigration programs so they are more up to date. At the same time, complete and effective border fence along Mexico, while also maintaining troops there.
Gay Rights: I would support Civil Unions, but thru my religion, I find the term of marriage, which I consider to be a sacrament within my church, not applicable in this case. I know they are relatively the same thing.
Drugs and Alcohol:All illegal drugs should remain illegal. Leave alcohol legislation to the states. Government taxes on cigarettes and cigars should be increased, so as to make it too expensive for 10 and 12 year olds to get from peddlers.
Censorship:As the law currently states.
Gambling:In my view the perfect creation by the Devil himself. States should have the right to legalize it, but I personally oppose.
Language:English is the American language. Immigrants may keep their own, but they cannot expect us to learn theirs. Either they learn English, or they can leave.
Embryonic Stem Cell Research:Adult Stem Cells only. Religious reasons, and that those tests have been the ones that have got any results.

Economic Issues

Taxes: Cut taxes across the board.
Trade: I would support some tariffs, but I am usually agreeable to free trade.
Spending: Depends where the money is going. However, the lower numbers tend to be the best.
Welfare: Welfare should either be completely dismantled, or at least revamped in such a way as to force people off it. Such ways could include proof of trying to find a job, or that they are on their way of being able to stand on their own feet.
Education: The government should be supporting all the shcools, whether they are private or not. The competition would generate better students in the long run, as they would all battle for government funding.
Regulations: Significantly reduce.
Space Program: Strongly Support. We should have set foot on the Martian surface 30 years ago! Manifest Destiny!
Energy Policy: Nuclear Energy should be set as a priority. In the meantime, research ways to development clean, yet cheap energy.

Foreign Policy

Military Involvement: We must have a strong military to defend ourselves and fight the war on terrorism, and we should never put military action off the table.
United Nations: I hate the organization, but withdrawing would only put us in a weaker postion. It at least allows us the ability to counter Russian and Chinese influence, who already counter our own.
Israel: Support it in it's cause for maintaining existence.
Foreign aid: Give only to nations that truly need it, not as a way to improve relations or as a diplomatic bargaining tool.
Iraq: Disagree with the initial invasion, but we cannot leave now until Iraq is completely stable. Blame Rumsfeld and Cheney for the mess, not Bush.
Iran: Have the UN operate their nuclear reactors, and make sure that they are not able to produce weapons grade material. However, I must assume that they aim at creating a nuclear weapon, due to the suspicion that Israel itself has one.
North Korea: If they move another inch, hit them hard.
Russia: Give monetary support to opposition groups to allow them to bribe their way through the barriers created by the government. From there, force democratization.
China: See Russia entry.
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