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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 383514 times)
Globus Cruciger
Posts: 49
United States

« on: September 28, 2010, 07:15:09 pm »

General philosophy: Monarchism, but in America that has little practical impact...

Social issues: Right-wing fanatic, I guess.

Abortion: Toss Roe v. Wade into the rubbish pit – should be illegal with no exceptions.
Affirmative Action: Strongly oppose when done on racial grounds. Economically, I've much less problem with it. 
Alcohol: Lower drinking age to 18. Send drunk drivers to the galleys for life.
Capital Punishment: Don't think it's wrong in principle, but today would say mercy is the better way to go unless under wartime or similar necessity.   
Church & State: Constitution says no particular denomination can be made official religion, no more. Railing against mangers on town squares or "under God" in the Pledge is ridiculous in a three-quarters Christian and nine-tenths religious country.   
Education: Abolish Department of Education, let states do whatever they want. I'm a tad biased, being homeschooled myself, but strongly support home education, and, by extension, private schools. Don't teach "alternative theories" in science classes, but religious instruction should be provided, from a neutral POV. 
Elections: Abolish the Electoral College per se, and enshrine into law our current unwritten convention of having all of a state's electoral votes going to the candidate who won the state.
Euthanasia: Strongly oppose. Murder is murder, no matter who consents to it. But no one should be forced to undergo any medical procedure they do not desire.
Free Speech: Strongly support. Flag burning, though I despise it, should be legal. The notion of 'hate speech' and 'hate crimes' is repulsive.
Homosexuality: Marriage is between a man and a woman, the law shouldn't pretend it can change that. Support “civil unions” for any couple – man and women, man and man, brother and sister, whatever – which would have every right of marriage save adopting children.
Immigration: Mixed. We shouldn't punish people for wanting a better life, but we need to secure our borders. Bilingualism creates an permanent underclass – encourage learning English.
Prostitution: Since we're not exactly arresting fornicators anymore, it's very strange to ban intimate congress when money happens to be involved. But soliciting in public should be strictly banned.
Second Amendment: Generally in favor of personal gun ownership.
Term limits: Strongly support. Limit (just tossing out numbers here, not sure in the details) senators to two terms, and representatives to six. I want citizen-legislators, not professional politicians.   

Economic issues: Not very interested in them, but pretty liberal.  Don't think what's good for the billionaire is necessarily good for the common man.
Space program: Strongly support. Let's get to Mars before the Ruskies!
Public transportation: Strongly support. It's a crying shame we don't have supersonic trains linking every city in the Union.
Foreign Policy:
United Nations: Stay in it, but it very much needs reform.
China: Recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) instead of the Marxist mob currently occupying the mainland.   
Israel: Strongly support the "Zionist regime".   
United Kingdom: Support the "special relationship". Join the Commonwealth of Nations.
Globus Cruciger
Posts: 49
United States

« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2010, 07:53:31 pm »

Oh dear, what a nice welcome. Smiley

But I guess here is where I say I am perfectly sincere, and not at all trollish, in what I said. Well except for that part about galley slaves, as I do hope you realized.
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