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October 17, 2019, 11:08:53 am
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Author Topic: PA-Sen: Casey +18  (Read 2700 times)
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« on: March 29, 2018, 12:35:28 pm »

I think the mistake is in thinking about it as a zero sum game. To be fair a lot of the people who I've heard make Sunbelt Exclusive arguments come from states that currently receive 0 national attention, and so could be forgiven for being aggressive in their quest for national resources. But I think a party that allows regional variation and evenly distributes resources is the one that comes out best.

I do like the idea of investing everywhere, but the party should still identify districts/states with the most promise and try to develop them with more resources than say, Wyoming or what have you. I don't think the party does a good enough job with this. They spend way too much money on advertisements/consultants and not enough on building a permanent + sustainable ground game that can also support organic GOTV in states that may not warrant as much financial help from national orgs as other, more competitive states/districts.

I'm not a believer in that the Democratic Party's status as perpetual minority party for the past couple decades was completely avoidable - I think the Republicans were eventually going to come out on top after the 80s, but Democrats have made things worse by not maximizing their potential. In fact, maybe maximizing isn't even the best word. Sometimes Democrats seem to shoot themselves in the foot out of stupidity or greed. Look no further than the issues with the DNC, and how that was all easily avoidable.

It's so frustrating.

The reason many despise the suburban strategy is many of the elites in the DCCC/DNC - who have wrecked the party slowly since 1979 - want to go down the suburban route. I realize the data suggests the suburban route is what demographics suggest, but I personally fear that party lines being divided solely on social issues, which is what the elitist likely want, will continue the the polarization seen today, and due to the composition of the Senate, make it very hard for the Democrats to develop a coalition that gives them anything more than narrow majorities. I think we're in agreement that at the congressional level, it's best to go for a 50 state strategy, appeal to each district on a case by case basis, making better arguments towards their policies, and with less emphasis on amount of money they're able to raise, when it comes to candidate recruiting. A Berniecrat takeover to a large extent would do just that. Yet according to some, that means that somehow that'll result in ditching social progress (which IMO may result in more social progress since polarization is lower and thus easier to get stuff over the 60 vote threshold in the Senate) and/or that somehow they're ideas would be so unpopular that they'd be reversed by a GOP government.
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