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February 26, 2020, 01:12:31 pm
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  If the evangelicals buck and go for a third party, will it cost the GOP 2008?
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Question: If the evangelicals buck and go for a third party, will it cost the GOP the GE in 2008?
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Author Topic: If the evangelicals buck and go for a third party, will it cost the GOP 2008?  (Read 6276 times)
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« Reply #50 on: November 12, 2007, 01:40:07 pm »

The % who say they believe in creationism depends greatly on how the question is phrased, because a very large % of americans will say they are in favor of anything with "christian" "biblical" or "jesus" in the title. In general, Americans (outside the deep south at least) like the idea of fundamentalist christianity a lot more than they like it in practice. For example, large numbers of Americans tell pollsters that they think creationism or intelligent design should be taught in schools, but whenever a school board tries to implement creationism, they usually get booted out of office.

Thancks strangeland

If I don't put doubts in your word when you tell me that americans in general like the idea of fundamentalist christianity more than they like it in practice, we maybe could agree to say that it is at least a positive ground for these proselytist movements that are evangelicals. Like I said in my last message, the most worrying thing to me is that peoples in general go more and more in the irrational, all over the world, and from what I can see USA seem to be far to be an exception, even France, "country of the reason", of "les Lumières", with an history deeply anti-religion since our 1789 revolution and deeply rationalist. Evangelicals profit a lot of it and use more and more of it and it works. Like I said, when peoples begin to lose reason and stop thinking, I find it worrying, especially in a democracy.

Now to me the question is: will the evangelicals continue in this way gaining more and more peoples, and one day majorities of peoples? I think it could be a possibility in more or less long-term for lot of places in the world and also for USA which are important cause the most powerfull country.

Actually the most probable to me is that evangelicals will be far diseverd in 2008, and it could make 3 or 4 years to reorganize them and come back stronger.

More of that, it could be 3 or 4 years during the ones lot of things could change in the world and international troubles could happen. I think that if USA choose a president in retreat on the international scene in 2008, and if important international troubles happen, USA could want to choose a very interventionist president on the international scene in 2012.

G.W. Bush wanted to impose freedom in the world, will an american president one day try to impose Jesus in the way to make the comunion of all peoples of the world with God? Anyway that's the big project of evangelicals.
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