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Author Topic: Nancy Reagan to Bush: 'We Don't Support Your Re-Election'  (Read 4950 times)
The Duke
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« Reply #25 on: August 03, 2004, 02:18:13 am »

i never was one of these republicans who worships ronald reagan.
Ron did nothing worth noting with his life, so he used his father's name to break into the media.  And now, they wrap themselves in their father's image.  What a crock?

And Bush II hasn't???

W. at least went into legit business.  Ron Reagan went from theater dancing to a reporter.  What a leap.

Now he broadcasts the Westminster dog show.

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Dick Nixon
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« Reply #26 on: August 03, 2004, 04:11:57 am »


I'm going to call President Reagan's office to see which story is real...
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« Reply #27 on: August 03, 2004, 09:55:45 am »

I liked a lot of what Reagan did as president, but I never thought much of his family.  His kids were pretty messed up and it was pretty clear that whatever his political attributes, Ron (and Nancy) Reagan were probably not great parents.

Well, then if the Reagan's kids are to be taken as a reflection of their parenting skills, then who raised Michael Reagan?...you can't also blame the parents!

Also, Nancy Reagan is an occultist, so it is no surprise she is siding with the Dems....However, I do greatly admire her treatment of her husband.

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« Reply #28 on: August 03, 2004, 08:24:55 pm »

My guess is that Nancy Reagan supports Pres. Bush's re-election with some reservations.

Nancy was never really a "movement" conservative - she was more devoted to her husband than to any set of ideas.

As far as the kids go, they really didn't turn out all that well, unfortunately.  And there seems to be a definite split in the family, as we've seen with that family in the past.

Nobody really commented on it, but I noticed that Michael seemed to be pushed to the side a lot at the Reagan funeral, while Nancy surrounded herself with Ron and Patti.  It's a shame, because even though Nancy is not his mother, Ronald Reagan was his father, and he seemed to get the classic stepchild treatment.

I don't blame Nancy if she doesn't plan to attend the RNC.  Her husband's death is so recent, she's frail, and it no doubt would be an extremely wrenching experience for her.  And who would she get to go with her?  Certainly not Patti or Ron.  She couldn't even get them to accompany her when she went to get the Congressional Medal of Freedom on behalf of herself and her husband.
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« Reply #29 on: August 12, 2004, 11:44:27 pm »

 Well, I just watched Larry King Live and The Bushes had just finished talking to Nancy Reagan and she is 100% behind the President and his Re-Election. I guess her crazy son is not changeing her mind.

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« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2004, 01:12:27 pm »

Earlier, Bush and his wife stopped by the home of former first lady Nancy Reagan in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles, where Mrs. Reagan said she fully supports Bush's re-election. After meeting for about an hour, the three emerged from the house and the president told reporters that he and Mrs. Bush were "honored to pay our respects."

"I'm so glad you came," said Mrs. Reagan, who later issued a statement expressing "my hope that everyone will join" in supporting Bush's campaign. The president and Mrs. Reagan did not discuss their disagreement over Bush's restrictions on stem cell research, caps that the former first lady opposes. They took no questions from reporters.


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