Dick Morris's election map

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The Ex-Factor:
Hahahaha, as if the map couldn't get anymore hilarious, now apparently Dick's such an extraordinare he's able to point out that Virginia is lean Obama, but the Delmarva Peninsula is a tossup!

Where else could we get such stunningly brilliant, in-depth, and acute electoral college breakdowns, guys?

Dick Morris is the Zogby of political analysis.

edit: Oh, and if you go to the main Newsmax website right now, there's a big headline above the news showing "Breaking News: Dick Morris' 2008 Election Map Shows McCain Losing Even More Ground".

Forget the current financial crisis, Dick Morris' electoral map is the hot topic of the moment!

Oh my god, this is just too funny.  I just realized that he has the Delmarva Peninsula as a tossup by itself.  The funny thing is that that area actually really is a tossup in the Presidential race. 

Robespierre's Jaw:
Quote from: Dick Morris Maps the Election

Political analyst extraordinaire DICK MORRIS plots out the critical states that may determine whether John McCain or Barack Obama becomes the next president.

Although I find a vast majority of that map to be quite amusing (particularly West Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona and Louisiana all being considered tossups, not to mention Arkansas leaning towards Obama LOL), the funniest thing about Dick Morris' map is that on his website, they call him a political analyst extraordinaire (as quoted above). Hard to believe people trust him when it comes to these matters, and most importantly every self confessed political expert on the news media.

At least he does something different than the pollsters. If there is one state exactly like this, and McCain (like it was a couple of weeks ago) or Obama (now) wins this state surprisingly, he will say: Told you so!

Florida as strongly Obama?  LMAO


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