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Total Results - New York

Home State Political Party Popular Vote Delegates
ptyBernie SandersVermont Democratic13 50.00% 187 58.6%
ptyJoseph BidenDelaware Democratic6 23.08% 86 27.0%
ptyElizabeth WarrenMassachusetts Democratic3 11.54% 0 0.0%
ptyPete ButtigiegIndiana Democratic2 7.69% 0 0.0%
ptyMike BloombergNew York Democratic1 3.85% 0 0.0%
ptyJohn DelaneyMaryland Democratic1 3.85% 0 0.0%

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Election Information

Note: State primary and caucus election information is still preliminary. Info below may be incorrect
Method to Apportion Delegates: State-run Primary
Election Date2020-06-23
Eligible Participants: Closed (only members of the Democratic party)
Delegates Awarded in this Contest: 273
Delegates Total: 319
Method of Awarding Delegates: Proportional - the candidates are awarded delegates in proportion to the percentage of votes received. A candidate must receive a minimum of 15% of the vote to receive delegates. (all votes from candidates receiving less than 15% are discarded when calculating the allocation of delegates) Note: generally, delegates are split into smaller groups to be awarded by congressional district and statewide (aka 'At Large'). This level of detail is omitted here - all delegates are awarded as if they are 'At Large'.

Voting Statistics

Democrats Republicans Independents Libertarians Other
Total: 19 Total: 0 Total: 2 Total: 0 Total: 5
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Note: The Primary Mock Election is being run as an open primary - meaning that anyone from any party may vote in the Democratic primary. In reality, each state has different rules - see individual state pages for voter eligibility rules. Like the real election, the Mock election only allows the voter to cast a ballot in only one party primary.

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