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IPR Readers? Questions for Candidates at LP National Convention? (May 4, 2012, 08:44 PM)

IPR correspondents will have the opportunity to interview candidates for various internal and external offices here at the Libertarian National Convention.

So far, I have been told that Judge Jim Gray will be made available (depending on his schedule) and James Burns also offered to be interviewed, but many other potential interviewees are here.

Please suggest questions for the candidates and which candidates they are for in the comments. Please keep in mind that we will not necessarily be able to interview everyone we would like to, but we’ll do our best.

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Token count for LP presidential candidates (May 4, 2012, 07:30 PM)

After more than a day of campaigns trying to round up tokens in order to appear in the debate and be considered for the nomination, the count is in for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidates.

To participate in the debate, a candidate must receive 53 tokens. However, only 30 are required to have their name placed into nomination.


  • Gary Johnson: 263
  • Lee Wrights: 127
  • Carl Person: 28
  • Jim Burns: 27
  • Sam Sloan: 12
  • Rita Neumann: 3
  • James Ogle: 2
  • Jim Gray: 1
  • Lori Sunthonchart: 1

Candidates may still receive tokens to have their name place into nomination tomorrow. I’ll have the VP numbers as soon as they are available.

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Four Candidates Seeking National LP Treasurer Position; Debate Space Sought (May 4, 2012, 07:26 PM)

Two candidates have joined the LP national treasurers race, where George Phillies and Aaron Starr have been running well in advance of the convention.

Joe Buchman of the Utah LP and Tim Hagan of the Nevada LP have both been recruited by a number of delegates unhappy with the other two choices. As of the last time I talked to them they both still plan to run.

Two or more of the candidates would be willing to participate in an informal debate if we can find a space to hold it in. Dr. Phillies has a suite which he has been using for debates/candidate interviews; last night Phillies ended up interviewing chair candidate Mark Rutherford. Wes Wagner was also there but since Wagner dropped out there was no debate. Mark Hinkle declined his invitation.

Aaron Starr told me that he had been told be could debate Phillies as well and showed up for that purpose, but was told that there was no more tape for the video. He believes that he was deliberately excluded and is no longer interested in participating if it is held in the Phillies suite.

If I recall correctly Joe Buchman said he would be willing to participate.

If an alternative venue can be found perhaps we can include all the candidates or as many as possible. If not, it is possible that two or more of the candidates, but not Mr. Starr, will debate in the Phillies suite.


1) Aaron Starr writes for IPR
2) I borrowed Joe Buchman’s computer to provide some of today’s IPR coverage, and he has been a commenter here many times, as has George Phillies.

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Wagner et al Unlikely to Put LP National Ticket on Oregon Ballot (May 4, 2012, 07:02 PM)

In conversation with Wes Wagner, he indicated that while he has not completely ruled out putting the Libertarian National Ticket on the Oregon ballot, he does not believe that it is at all likely that his group, currently recognized as the ballot qualified party by the state, would do so.

There is a lawsuit to challenge that qualified status, but several attorneys present here have told me it is extremely unlikely to switch control of Oregon ballot access in time for the election. Thus, the national LP will almost certainly have to petition to get its ticket on the Oregon ballot (13k valid), which they would not have had to do had Wagner et al been seated as the Oregon delegation.

I also asked him whether his team would now make the national LP a party to that lawsuit.

He said it would in fact mean something “much worse” for the national LP but did not say what. It seemed to me that he did not want what that would be to be public yet, but maybe I was jumping to conclusions.

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Only Top Two Candidates Make LP Presidential Debate Cut (May 4, 2012, 06:46 PM)

Just announced from the convention podium, only the top two candidates for the Libertarian Presidential nomination (Gary Johnson and Lee Wrights) made the cut for tonight’s debate.

From the floor, someone yelled “Whoooh Top Two Yeah!”

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Buchmann Announces Campaign for Libertarian Party Treasurer (May 4, 2012, 06:34 PM)


Press Release

4 May 2012, Las Vegas

Buchman announces campaign for Libertarian Party Treasurer

Joseph Buchman, PhD,  announced his intention to seek the position of
Treasurer of the Libertarian Party.
Buchman, 54, holds a master?s of science (MBA equivalent) in finance
from Purdue University (1983) ? a top-20 school of business — (as
well as a PhD in mass communications (1989) and a BS in Marketing
(1980) both from Indiana University.  He has been a registered member
of the Libertarian Party since 1984, and is a Life Member.

In 2008 Buchman ran for the United States Congress in Utah?s First
District, and received 6,287 votes.  He served as State Party
secretary during that time and was a media advisor to the 1992
national Libertarian Presidential campaign (Marrou/Lord).

Buchman lives in Park City Utah with his wife and three youngest of
four children.  He was a tenured professor of marketing and academic
department head prior to joining Cardean University (a partnership
with Stanford, Harvard and the University of Chicago) as a developer
of early online MBA education.  Today he serves as a part-time member
of the MBA and PhD business faculty at Argosy and Davenport

Buchman has been an active contributor to IPR (including serving as
the sole blogger for the December Las Vegas LNC meeting), and
describes himself as a ?Principle Based? Libertarian.  ?There?s no
value in watering down our brand.  I support the political positions
that naturally derive from the non-aggression and self-ownership
paradigms.  In short, I am not a “Reagan-Libertarian,” or a “Common
Sense Libertarian.”  I am a strict “Non-Violent Libertarian.” I
believe in social change through education and persuasion and have
dedicated my life to those pursuits — personally, professionally and

For more information

435 602 0798


Joseph G. Buchman, PhD
175 Paradise Road
Park City, Utah 84098

435 649 7927 home
435 602 0798 cell

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IPR Writers Seeking LP Positions (May 4, 2012, 05:15 PM)

- A flyer on my table seeks delegate votes for Brian Holtz for Judiciary Committee. If my memory is correct, Brian previously said he would not seek another term on JudCom

-Starchild is reportedly running for LNC At Large

-Aaron Starr is running for Treasurer. Two new candidates have joined that race; I will post a separate article on that.

That’s all I know off the top of my head; others in comments and/or future revisions of this post.

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Random Comments About the Weekend?s Libertarian National Convention (May 4, 2012, 02:40 PM)

Here’s a thread for anyone attending the convention to leave comments. Or, if you’re not at the convention and want to say something, that’s okay, too.

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Libertarian Party Rejects Bylaw Banning Registration Fees (May 4, 2012, 01:01 PM)

The Libertarian Party National Convention rejected a bylaw proposal from Jim Lark that would have said:  “Delegates shall not be required to pay a registration fee to be credentialed or to access the floor business session.”  The vote was 166-112.  Delegates first rejected an amendment to cap the fee at the level of sustaining dues and to waive the fee for sustaining members.

The convention subsequently passed a resolution proposed by Pat Dixon: “The LNC is directed to establish a National Convention Delegate Fund to reduce the minimum registration cost for convention delegates. Donors may contribute directly to this fund for this specific purpose.”

At 9:34 a.m., there were 517 delegates and 12 alternates credentialed at the convention.

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Token Count Currently Favors Gary Johnson, Then Lee Wrights (May 4, 2012, 06:04 AM)

The token system at the Libertarian Party National Convention is a way to determine which Presidential (and Vice Presidential) candidates will be able to participate in the debate on Friday night (which is being shown, live, on C-SPAN). Over at the Reason Hit&Run blog they have some coverage of this token system, as well as pictures.

As of 4:15pm today the token tally showed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on top with 63, followed by editor Lee Wrights with 18. Jim Burns and Carl Person (pronounced peer-son) received two tokens each while a handful of others picked up just one.

30 tokens are required in order to get on the debate stage Friday night, so as of this report, only Gary Johnson was going to qualify.

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