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Source: Field Research Corporation (url)

CandidatePolitical PartyPollGraphPoll Details
DKnowlesDemocratic43%piePoll Date: 2006-06-04
RPalin^Republican39%Number Polled: 600
IHalcroIndependent0%Margin of Error: 4%
-Undecided-18%Voter Type: Likely

  ^ = Incumbent Party (Current Governor Retiring)

Knowles (D) makes a strong showing against all GOP candidates

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-07 @ 18:49:34

Question: Who would you vote for for Alaska governor if the election were held today?

Poll Demographics
Tony Knowles (D) 53%
Frank Murkowski(R) 21%

Tony Knowles (D) 43%
Sarah Palin (R) 39%

Tony Knowles (D) 45%
John Blinky (R) 37%

GOP Primary:
Sarah Palin 43%
John Blinky 27%
Frank Murkowski 17%

Dem Primary:
Tony Knowles 82%
Lt Gov Berkowitz
Eric Croft 14%

Sampling error of +/-4 percentage points of 600 likely voters polled done by Ivan Moore Research/Field Reseach poll company.

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Poll Technical Comments

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-07 @ 19:00:00

It was done by Ivan Moore Research who is sponsored by Field Research.preciction Map

 By: SamSpade (D-NY) - 2006-06-08 @ 01:27:24

It would be nice to have a link to some posted numbers or details.

The site you posted provides nothing.

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-08 @ 06:44:26

The link is or

Last Edit: 2006-06-08 @ 06:52:12
preciction Map

 By: SamSpade (D-NY) - 2006-06-08 @ 13:47:39

Oh, wait. I remember this polling company. It's the one associated with Democrats who said they were Independent pollsters and kept giving us numbers that they said were correct, leading me to think that Knowles would beat Murkowski.

I'm willing to listen to them once again, since they're probably the only poll we're going to get out of Alaska, but I won't trust them.

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-08 @ 17:34:31

But don't you listen to Strategic Vision or Mason Dixon they are the GOP pollsters. And this poll is more dem leaning. All polls are influenced by political parties.

Last Edit: 2006-06-08 @ 18:24:20
preciction Map

 By: leip (I-NY) - 2006-06-09 @ 09:37:30

Its important that the actual primary source of the poll is referenced (via the url link). Secondary sources may not be accurate. The link above just re-routes me to the home page. If you can find the primary source of this poll on-line, please edit and add it - otherwise, this poll will be marked for deletion.

Last Edit: 2006-06-09 @ 09:48:09
preciction Map

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-09 @ 10:47:14

The correct site is Mr. Leip.
Ok Mr. Leip I finally found the poll where you can find it that is the web site. And the numbers are Knowles 53-21% for Murkowski. Mr. Leip you can go to either one of the web sites. And SamSpade that is another poll done by hotline and it is not biased.

Last Edit: 2006-06-09 @ 15:49:09
preciction Map

 By: Alcon (D-WA) - 2006-06-10 @ 17:24:25

MLEFLO1, it's nice to see someone adding polls, but would you mind standardising your poll names to the format used for all of the others? It does look a bit sloppy.preciction Map

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-12 @ 14:34:28

This race is a tossup depending on the primary results.preciction Map

 By: ryer (R-VA) - 2006-06-22 @ 01:17:51

MLEFLO1, Mason-Dixon is an independent polling firm. They are not available for hire by candidates of either party.preciction Map

 By: MLEFLO1 (O-IL) - 2006-06-28 @ 06:52:20

Always talking about Mason Dixon. The president is at 37% approval rating and he is going to lose seats. And on who would you vote for in general Dems lead 54-38%. Those are the facts.

And those polls aren't good enough, back in 2002 and 2004 most people approved of the war, but now 52% want a timetable for an immediate withdrawal of troops.

Lastly, Mason-Dixon, strategic vision, and rasmussen over sample republicans. Among the likely voters, they have more republicans than the other surverys.

Last Edit: 2006-06-28 @ 09:05:52
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