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Washington Polls (Aggregate = Slight Gregoire for 3-poll average)

Candidate Party Avg. #Wins Poll Graph
Christine Gregoire* Democratic 50% 3pie
Dino Rossi Republican 48% 0
Other - 0% 0
-Undecided- 2% 0

 Three-Poll Rolling Average
 Rolling Average Poll Graph

DatePoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2008-11-02Strategic VisionD +248%50%0%2%3%800 L0
2008-10-31Other SourceD +248%50%0%2%5%387 R0
2008-10-27Survey USAD +248%50%0%2%4%630 L0
2008-10-26Other SourceD +645%51%0%3%4%600 R0
2008-10-26Strategic VisionD +247%49%0%4%3%800 L0
2008-10-21RasmussenD +248%50%0%0%5%500 L0
2008-10-19Other SourceD +1239%51%0%10%5%405 R0
2008-10-13Survey USAD +147%48%0%5%4%544 L0
2008-10-01RasmussenTie48%48%1%2%4%700 L0
2008-09-22Survey USAD +248%50%2%1%4%682 L0
2008-09-16Strategic VisionR +248%46%0%6%3%800 L0
2008-09-10RasmussenR +652%46%0%2%5%500 L0
2008-09-07Survey USAR +148%47%3%2%4%658 L0
2008-08-12Survey USAD +248%50%1%1%4%718 L0
2008-08-06RasmussenD +443%47%0%0%5%500 L0
2008-07-27Strategic VisionD +245%47%0%8%3%800 L0
2008-07-15Survey USAD +346%49%2%3%4%666 L0
2008-07-09RasmussenD +844%52%0%4%5%500 L0
2008-06-22Other SourceD +839%47%0%14%5%405 R0
2008-06-11RasmussenD +743%50%0%7%4%500 L0
2008-06-09Survey USAD +347%50%0%3%4%637 L0
2008-05-12RasmussenD +1141%52%0%0%5%500 L0
2008-04-16Survey USAD +446%50%2%2%4%634 L0
2008-04-07Survey USAD +147%48%0%5%4%607 R0
2008-03-27RasmussenD +146%47%0%7%5%500 L0
2008-02-28RasmussenR +147%46%0%7%5%500 L0
2008-02-18Other SourceD +1242%54%0%4%6%300 R0
2007-10-29Other SourceD +542%47%3%7%4%600 R0
2007-10-05Strategic VisionD +245%47%0%8%3%800 L0

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