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Polls Entered by Member: MilesC56 (D - VA)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2012-11-03NHPublic Policy PollingD +447%51%0%2%3%1,550 L0
2012-11-03MTPublic Policy PollingTie48%48%2%2%3%836 L0
2012-11-03MOPublic Policy PollingD +845%53%0%2%3%835 L0
2012-11-03MOSurvey USAD +939%48%5%8%4%589 L0
2012-10-31NHMarist CollegeD +544%49%1%7%3%1,013 L0
2012-10-30MTMason-DixonR +349%46%2%3%4%625 L0
2012-10-30INDePauw UniversityR +747%40%0%13%4%800 L0
2012-10-28MTPharos ResearchD +344%47%0%9%4%799 L0
2012-10-25NCRasmussenR +1954%35%1%10%5%500 L0
2012-10-23NHRasmussenR +248%46%1%5%5%500 L0
2012-10-22UTKey ResearchR +4665%19%0%15%5%500 L0
2012-10-21NDPharos ResearchR +3163%32%0%5%3%807 L0
2012-10-21MTPharos ResearchD +245%47%0%8%3%828 L0
2012-10-21MOPublic Policy PollingD +1140%51%0%9%4%582 L0
2012-10-20WAStrategies 360Tie46%46%0%8%4%500 L0
2012-10-17NCRasmussenR +1153%42%0%4%5%500 L0
2012-10-15NDEssman Research / Forum CommunicationsR +3159%28%0%13%5%500 L0
2012-10-15NHRasmussenR +248%46%0%5%5%500 L0
2012-10-14WARasmussenD +245%47%1%8%5%500 L0
2012-10-09NCRasmussenR +1452%38%0%10%5%500 L0
2012-10-02NCRasmussenR +1654%38%1%7%5%500 L0
2012-10-01NCSurvey USAR +1251%39%3%7%4%573 L0
2012-10-01MOPublic Policy PollingD +1935%54%0%12%4%700 L0
2012-09-30NCPublic Policy PollingR +1047%37%5%10%3%981 L0
2012-09-27NCMarist CollegeR +1352%39%0%8%3%1,035 L0
2012-09-27NHMarist CollegeD +245%47%0%7%3%1,012 L1
2012-09-26WARasmussenD +145%46%3%6%5%500 L0
2012-09-20MOChilenski StrategiesD +1738%55%0%7%3%817 L0
2012-09-19MTMason-DixonD +143%44%2%11%4%625 L0
2012-09-17NHOther SourceR +147%46%2%5%4%558 L0
2012-09-11MTPublic Policy PollingD +539%44%8%9%4%656 L0
2012-09-06NCCivitas InstituteR +1655%39%4%2%5%500 L0
2012-09-02NCPublic Policy PollingR +645%39%5%10%3%1,012 L0
2012-08-30NCOther SourceR +1552%37%1%10%3%1,089 L0
2012-08-22VTCastleton Polling InstituteD +3426%60%2%11%5%477 L0
2012-08-12MOSurvey USAD +1437%51%5%6%4%585 L0
2012-08-05NCPublic Policy PollingR +745%38%7%11%3%813 L0
2012-08-01NCRasmussenR +546%41%3%10%5%500 L0
2012-07-25MOMason-DixonD +939%48%0%13%4%625 L0
2012-07-18NCCivitas InstituteR +1047%37%5%11%4%600 L0
2012-07-08NCPublic Policy PollingR +743%36%9%12%4%775 R0
2012-06-25NCRasmussenR +1449%35%4%12%5%500 R1
2012-06-19WAPublic Policy PollingR +343%40%0%17%3%1,073 P1
2012-06-13NCPublic Policy PollingR +747%40%0%13%3%810 P0
2012-05-31MOPublic Policy PollingD +1134%45%0%21%4%602 P0
2012-05-30WAStrategies 360R +443%39%0%18%5%500 L0
2012-05-22NCSurvey USAR +544%39%7%10%4%524 L0
2012-05-17NCRasmussenR +950%41%1%8%5%500 L0

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