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Polls Entered by Member: mds32 (R - PA)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2018-10-20VTOther SourceR +1442%28%7%25%400%4 L
2018-09-20AZMarist CollegeR +851%43%0%6%4%930 L
2018-09-15OHOther SourceR +542%37%0%21%4%1,048 L
2018-09-07AZGravis MarketingR +448%44%0%8%3%882 L
2018-09-01FLSt.PetePollsD +147%48%0%5%2%2,240 L
2018-08-30FLGravis MarketingD +245%47%0%8%3%1,280 L
2018-08-22NMOther SourceD +844%52%0%4%4%600 L
2018-08-21CTOther SourceD +437%41%0%22%4%502 L
2018-08-20MIGravis MarketingD +1537%52%0%11%4%637 L
2018-08-20CTQuinnipiac UniversityD +1333%46%5%16%4%1,029 L
2018-08-19NHUniversity of New HampshireR +1548%33%0%19%4%501 L
2018-08-16AKOther SourceR +1036%24%26%24%4%500 L31
2018-08-15PAOther SourceD +343%46%3%8%4%500 L
2018-08-13SCTerrance GroupR +1152%41%0%7%4%601 L
2018-07-31ORClout ResearchR +143%42%0%15%4%559 L
2018-07-29NVSuffolk UniversityR +142%41%5%12%4%500 L
2018-07-18ORGravis MarketingTie45%45%0%10%4%750 L
2018-07-07TXGravis MarketingR +1051%41%0%8%4%602 L
2018-06-28COPublic Policy PollingD +843%51%0%2%3%608 L4
2018-06-28AKOther SourceR +836%22%28%14%3%800 L14
2018-06-26NVGravis MarketingR +243%41%0%16%4%630 L
2018-06-26AKOther SourceR +432%28%28%18%4%602 L19
2018-06-25PASuffolk UniversityD +1336%49%0%15%4%500 L
2018-06-25MNOther SourceD +641%47%0%12%3%1,574 L
2018-06-23OHMarist CollegeR +446%42%0%12%3%1,000 R
2018-06-21AKOther SourceR +538%33%23%6%4%654 R33
2018-06-17WIMarquette Law SchoolR +448%44%0%8%4%800 R
2018-06-17TXUniversity of TexasR +1244%32%8%16%3%1,200 R
2018-06-09MDWashington PostR +1752%35%0%13%4%968 R
2018-06-06RIHarvard University/Saint Anselm CollegeTie33%33%16%18%3%501 L
2018-05-21TXJMC EnterprisesR +1249%37%0%14%4%575 L
2018-05-15GASurvey USAR +546%41%0%13%4%1,231 L
2018-05-10WIPublic Policy PollingD +445%49%0%6%4%644 R
2018-04-30NHSuffolk UniversityR +2349%26%0%25%4%800 L
2018-04-22NHUniversity of New HampshireR +2450%26%2%22%4%379 L
2018-04-19MDOther SourceR +1745%28%0%27%4%617 L
2018-04-12NMOther SourceD +245%47%0%8%4%608 L15
2018-03-29AKIvan Moore ResearchI +744%0%51%5%4%761 R17
2017-12-12TNGravis MarketingR +940%31%0%29%4%563 R1

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