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Pennsylvania Polls (Aggregate = Strong Trump for 3-poll average)

Candidate Avg. #Wins Delegates Poll Graph Election Details
Trump 50% 3 68pie
Election Date: 2016-04-26
Election Type: Primary
Eligable Voters: Closed
Delegates Total: 71
Delegates Awarded: 68
Apportion Method:
Cruz 25% 0 0
Kasich 22% 0 0
Other -1% 0 0
-Undecided 4% 0 0

 Three-Poll Rolling Average
 Rolling Average Poll Graph

 Delegates Awarded Prior to this Contest: 1,556 (62.9%)

 Projected Delegate Allocation Prior to this Contest:
Prior Delegate Allocation Graph

DatePoll SourceLeadKB R C T C W OthUnd MOE Sample#C
04-24Public Policy PollingT+2622%0%0%25%51%0%0%0%3%3%826 L51
04-24ARGT+2721%0%0%23%50%0%0%0%6%5%400 L27
04-22YouGovT+2322%0%0%26%49%0%0%0%3%5%934 L19
04-20Marist CollegeT+1824%0%0%27%45%0%0%1%3%4%571 L19
04-18Franklin and Marshall CollegeT+1026%0%0%24%36%0%0%0%14%4%549 L
04-07Fox NewsT+2522%0%0%20%47%0%0%1%10%4%802 L25
04-06Muhlenberg CollegeT+727%0%0%28%35%0%0%5%5%6%360 L11
04-04Quinnipiac UniversityT+924%0%0%30%39%0%0%0%7%4%578 L17
03-20Franklin and Marshall CollegeT+330%0%0%20%33%0%0%0%17%5%312 R47
03-02Harper PollingT+1710%0%19%17%36%11%0%0%8%5%353 L7
02-21Franklin and Marshall CollegeT+615%4%16%12%22%6%0%0%25%5%400 L16
01-23Franklin and Marshall CollegeT+103%5%11%14%24%5%0%12%26%5%276 L4
10-25Franklin and Marshall CollegeT+16%3%13%4%23%22%0%9%20%4%231 R
10-11Public Policy PollingT+13%7%6%9%24%23%0%24%4%5%479 L
10-05Quinnipiac UniversityT+63%4%12%6%23%17%0%22%13%5%427 R
10-01Mercyhurst UniversityTie3%9%4%4%18%18%0%26%18%5%483 L
08-18Quinnipiac UniversityT+113%6%10%5%24%13%5%23%11%5%462 L11
08-15IpsosT+131%10%2%3%23%4%5%25%27%7%182 L
06-15Quinnipiac UniversityR+11%10%12%5%4%10%9%35%14%5%413 L10
05-24Public Policy PollingW+50%9%9%6%0%12%17%41%6%5%334 L

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