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Polls Entered by Member: Lief (D - NY)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2012-11-04OHSurvey USAD +341%44%4%11%4%803 L0
2012-11-04OHRasmussenD +248%50%1%1%4%750 L0
2012-11-03WIAngus ReidD +248%50%2%0%5%422 L0
2012-11-01OHMarist CollegeD +545%50%1%4%3%971 L0
2012-11-01FLMarist CollegeD +943%52%1%5%3%1,545 L0
2012-10-30MOWe Ask AmericaD +445%49%6%0%3%1,217 L0
2012-10-29WIMarist CollegeD +147%48%4%1%3%1,065 L0
2012-10-28MNSurvey USAD +3129%60%4%7%4%574 L0
2012-10-28MAUniversity of New HampshireTie47%47%0%6%4%538 L0
2012-10-28MASuffolk UniversityD +746%53%0%1%4%600 L0
2012-10-28CTRasmussenD +645%51%1%3%5%500 L0
2012-10-26VAWashington PostD +744%51%0%5%4%1,228 L0
2012-10-25PAPhiladelphia InquirerD +742%49%0%9%4%600 L0
2012-10-25NYSurvey USAD +4222%64%7%7%4%554 L0
2012-10-24NMPublic Policy PollingD +844%52%0%3%4%727 L0
2012-10-24NVPublic Policy PollingTie44%44%7%5%4%636 L0
2012-10-21TNMiddle Tennessee State UniversityR +3859%21%4%15%4%650 L0
2012-10-21PAMuhlenberg CollegeD +837%45%2%16%5%444 L0
2012-10-21CTSurvey USAD +443%47%4%6%4%575 L0
2012-10-20WIAngus ReidD +342%45%3%11%5%502 L0
2012-10-20OHPublic Policy PollingD +544%49%0%7%4%532 L0
2012-10-18VARasmussenD +148%49%0%3%4%750 L0
2012-10-18FLSurvey USAD +840%48%4%8%4%600 L0
2012-10-17WIMason-DixonD +245%47%0%8%4%625 L0
2012-10-17WIMarist CollegeD +445%49%1%5%3%1,013 L0
2012-10-17OHRasmussenD +544%49%1%5%4%750 L0
2012-10-16CTPublic Policy PollingD +444%48%0%8%3%1,015 L0
2012-10-16CTUniversity of ConnecticutD +638%44%0%17%4%574 L0
2012-10-14WARasmussenD +1537%52%1%9%5%500 L0
2012-10-14PAPublic Policy PollingD +1139%50%0%11%4%500 L0
2012-10-14PAMuhlenberg CollegeD +239%41%1%18%5%438 L0
2012-10-11MAPublic Policy PollingD +644%50%0%6%3%1,051 L0
2012-10-10OHRasmussenD +146%47%2%4%5%500 L0
2012-10-10AZRocky MountainD +440%44%0%16%4%523 L0
2012-10-09WIQuinnipiac UniversityD +246%48%0%5%3%1,327 L0
2012-10-09VAQuinnipiac UniversityD +744%51%0%5%3%1,288 L0
2012-10-09VAMarist CollegeD +146%47%0%7%3%981 L0
2012-10-09OHMarist CollegeD +1141%52%1%6%3%994 L0
2012-10-09NVSuffolk UniversityR +340%37%7%14%4%500 R0
2012-10-09FLMarist CollegeD +1339%52%0%9%3%988 L0
2012-10-08PAPhiladelphia InquirerD +1038%48%0%14%4%600 L0
2012-10-08OHSurvey USAD +438%42%4%16%4%808 L0
2012-10-08NVSurvey USAR +847%39%8%6%3%1,222 L0
2012-10-04OHWe Ask AmericaD +244%46%0%11%3%1,200 L0
2012-10-04FLWe Ask AmericaTie44%44%0%12%3%1,200 L0

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