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Date of Prediction: 2006-05-21 Version:2

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Oh well whatever.

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Member Comments

 By: ryer (R-VA) - 2006-05-21 @ 23:47:40

You may have needed a second try, but your predictions appear to be entirely plausible.prediction Map

 By: Minion of Midas (G-DEU) - 2006-05-22 @ 06:21:06

I still don't know owt about some of these races, but I just went with the majority on those...prediction Map

 By: cnbpjb (--GA) - 2006-05-22 @ 21:16:06

Well, if you went to the majority on this site, the majority still has Ohio, Oregon and California going Democratic in November, you might want to check that thought, again, Lewis.prediction Map

 By: Olawakandi (D-CA) - 2006-05-23 @ 00:27:10

You might want to change IL, and MI I think they will lose.prediction Map

 By: cnbpjb (--GA) - 2006-05-23 @ 06:50:07

MLEFLO1, I'm not so sure that Blagovich, D. will lose. Part of that would be a function of third parties that are more geared towards the right, where it would much more hurt Topinka, R. than Blagovich. Also Kerry's win in Illinois in '04 was much more heavy than in Michigan (also the win by Senator Obama in '04 my help Blagovich; I think Illinois will be a state where they blame President Bush and the Republicans in Congress, in the end in November, than they will the incumbent Democratic Governor).

Although, I will agree with you MLEFLO1, that Granholm may very well lose in Michigan.

I also wouldn't go for a loss of incumbent Baldocci, D. (sp?) in Maine (I think similiar outcome to Blagovich).

And also in Minnesota's last poll, one of incumbent Pawlenty, R.'s opponents, DFL Attorney General Mike Hatch was running 10% ahead (not that will be the be all and end all), but it shows a sign of weakness in Pawlenty. Although Minnesota's primaries aren't until September.
prediction Map

 By: Minion of Midas (G-DEU) - 2006-05-23 @ 08:28:54

Hey, I said I went with the majority on races where I haven't a clue whatsoever, not on all races.prediction Map

User's Predictions

Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank
P 2012 President 54/56 42/56 96/112 85.7% pie 3 3 265T
P 2012 Senate 32/33 21/33 53/66 80.3% pie 3 3 56T
P 2008 President 53/56 44/56 97/112 86.6% pie 8 1 55T
P 2008 Senate 33/33 22/33 55/66 83.3% pie 5 4 28T
P 2007 Governor 3/3 2/3 5/6 83.3% pie 1 163 58T
P 2006 U.S. Senate 30/33 23/33 53/66 80.3% pie 6 1 88T
P 2006 Governor 33/36 15/36 48/72 66.7% pie 2 170 157T
P 2004 President 52/56 41/56 93/112 83.0% pie 9 1 98T
Aggregate Predictions 290/306 210/306 500/612 81.7% pie

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