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Date of Prediction: 2006-10-28 Version:15

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 By: Cuivienen (I-NJ) - 2006-10-28 @ 19:54:57

There is only one acceptable response.


Last Edit: 2006-10-28 @ 19:55:10
prediction Map

 By: padfoot714 (D-OH) - 2006-10-29 @ 01:47:09

This map is interesting to me b/c it seems very hostile to Democratic incumbents yet willing to give open seats to the Democrat (excepting Iowa). Very strange and unique. prediction Map

 By: Olawakandi (D-CA) - 2006-10-29 @ 02:04:59

He is going by disapprovals padfoot, but Arnold Schwarzenegger and Perry have the same disapprovals of Blagojevich and Granholm and they are shoe ins in their reelections, and he seems hostile more towards the Dems with the same disapprovals as opposed to the republicans.prediction Map

 By: cnbpjb (--GA) - 2006-10-29 @ 12:39:58

I think this is the best case scenario for the Republicans. But polls themselves are disagreeing with this map maker in Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

I would agree that Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin are still very vulnerable for a GOP upset, but I think things will be different in all three states.

I agree with Olawakandi's analysis, though, of this map maker's decision.
prediction Map

 By: db099221 (--CA) - 2006-10-29 @ 14:03:28

All of you realize that this is the hack with the double identity? I'm glad he's back; I can make fun of him some more, starting with this map.


You're out of your mind. Seek help.

Last Edit: 2006-10-29 @ 14:03:43
prediction Map

 By: downwithdaleft (R-NJ) - 2006-10-29 @ 14:40:57

Again, no skills to debate, go back to your caveprediction Map

 By: padfoot714 (D-OH) - 2006-10-29 @ 16:49:56

double identity? Do you mean he's got two maps? If so, thats not cool dude. prediction Map

 By: downwithdaleft (R-NJ) - 2006-10-29 @ 19:21:02

What the hell is wrong w/Idaho?prediction Map

 By: CollectiveInterest (I-IL) - 2006-10-29 @ 22:05:10

JNT isn't going to win Illinois. Many people think this is an injustice. But life is full of injustices.prediction Map

 By: BRTD (D-MN) - 2006-10-29 @ 23:04:34

HACK HACK HACKprediction Map

 By: db099221 (--CA) - 2006-10-29 @ 23:39:16


The loser hack started swearing and creating other maps, namely "ultra liberal," which had every race going GOP. Then he crawled into his cave for a month. He's back out now. He'll probably go back on November 7.
prediction Map

 By: mgrossbe (D-IN) - 2006-10-30 @ 16:53:21


back off a little he is just an overly optimistic kid who is just getting into politics and has some streaks towards idealism. I know your upset by the extra maps but really we got elections to win go out door to door and help our canidates that will show him much more than some words. Or my favorite thing find a undecided voter takem to a bar gets some brews and convince them why your canidate is right. If politics was decided over a cold one(not to many counterintuative then) in a relxed situation we'd all be better off.still, your a good man let it show be the bigger person.
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P 2009 Governor 2/2 0/2 2/4 50.0% pie 1 108 56T103
P 2008 President 40/56 20/56 60/112 53.6% pie 6 3 1330T1,505
P 2008 Senate 28/33 10/33 38/66 57.6% pie 3 3 371T407
P 2008 Governor 8/11 5/11 13/22 59.1% pie 1 343 232T264
P 2007 Governor 2/3 2/3 4/6 66.7% pie 1 171 102T167
P 2006 U.S. Senate 28/33 16/33 44/66 66.7% pie 19 2 299T465
P 2006 Governor 26/36 12/36 38/72 52.8% pie 15 10 268T312
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