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Date of Prediction: 2010-10-28 Version:40

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Along with wins in both houses of congress I predict 13 pickups for the GOP and 5 pickups for the Democrats. A net gain of 8 for the Gop. Lets take a look at the races!

John Kasich vs Ted Strickland
This is my home state. Under Ted Strickland Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs. Ted Strickland has made Ohio the seventh highest taxed state in America. John Kasich has a huge lead in the polls. He should win this one.

Tom Corbett vs Dan Onorato
Democratic governor Ed Rendell has been an absolute disaster as governor of Pennsylvania. Corbett with a large amount of popularity and a massive lead in the polls along with Rendells unpopularity in Pennsylvania being baggage for the Democrats Corbett should win this one easily.

Rick Snyder vs Virg Bernero
Jennifer Granholm was one of the worst governors in America. She will be massive baggage for The Democrats. The Democrats are simply offering more of the policies that helped destroy Michigan and along with high unemployment the voters will most likely vote Rick Snyder into office as governor.

Bill Haslam vs Mike McWherter
With the Democrats unpopularity in Washington and Bill Haslams massive lead in the polls this heavily Republican state should come back into GOP hands in November.

Dave Heineman vs Mark Lakers
Nebraska is one of the most conservative states in The Union. Dave Heineman should easily win.

Matt Mead vs Leslie Petersen
Another heavily Republican state where McCain won 65% of the vote in 2008. Without Freudenthal running and a massive lead in the polls from Mead this state should easily go to Mead.

Bill Brady vs Patrick J. Quinn III vs Rich Whitney
With the Blagojevich scandal hurting the Democrats and a lead in the polls for Brady this seat should go for the GOP. Rich Whitney will definitely not win. Brady will win.

New Mexico
Susan Martinez vs Diane Denish
Susan Martinez is ahead in the polls and has a positive message for her state. This will be a very close race but in the end Martinez will win.

Gary Herbert vs Peter Corroon
Gary Herbert has a huge lead in the polls in a conservative state where McCain won by 62% of the vote and Bush in 2004 won 71.54% of the vote. Herbert will easily win.

Meg Whitman vs Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown is well known in his home state. He even ran on a 13% Flat Tax in the 1992 Democratic primary against Bill Clinton and Paul Tsongas. But Meg Whitman is more conservative than Jerry Brown and she has business experience that being a plus for I think she will win in the end.

John Hickenlooper vs Tom Tancredo vs Dan MaIn a conservative state in a Republican year this race should hve gone Republican. But in a 3-way race I dont think The Republican or Tom Tancredo can win. John Hickenlooper will win.

Terry Branstad vs Chet Culver vs Gregory James Hughes
Iowa is center-right state. They are tired of Obamas agenda. Terry Branstad has a huge lead in the polls. Gregory James Hughes is impressive but in the end will not win. I predict a win for Terry Bransted.

Jan Brewer v Terry Goddard
Jan Brewer has taken on illegitimate citizens giving her a large amount of popularity in the state that she didnt have before. She now has a huge lead in the polls. I predict Jan Brewer wins a full term in office.

Mary Fallin vs Jari Askins
Fallin has a huge lead in a very conservative state. McCain got 66% of the vote in Oklahoma. Mary Fallin will win.

Rick Perry vs Bill White
Rick Perry even though he is a moderate will win this Texas race. Texas is very conservative state. I predict a win for the GOP.

Deval Patrick vs Charlie Baker vs Tim Cahill
Deval Patrick is in trouble in Massachusetts. He ruined the state. Charlie Baker is also having problems with Tim Cahill in the race whose drawing votes away from Baker. In the end I predict a win for Baker.

Mark Dayton vs Tom Emmer vs Tom Horner
Minnesota has traditionally been a very independent state. They have voted Democrat in presidential elections since 1976 almost losing in 1984 with Reagan. They also voted for Jesse Ventura an Independent and Tim Pawlenty a Republican. This race is clearly a toss-up. I predict a win for Mark Dayton.

New York
Andrew Cuomo vs Carl Paladino
Andrew Cuomo is more of the same while Carl Paladini represents change. There is alot of anger in New York over taxes and irresponsible government. Lazio is out of the race. but I think with the polls on Cuomo's side he will win in the end. This race will go to Cuomo.

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 By: {Faye} (D-NV) 2010-10-30 @ 11:04:43 prediction Map
"Carl Paladini represents change."

You think Carl "Paladini" represents change? Well I'll tell you who really represents change - Jimmy McMillan, because The Rent Is Just Too Damn High.

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