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Date of Prediction: 2007-08-06 Version:1

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Hillary Clinton Seizes power in a coup

Member Comments
 By: TrueRed (D-TX) 2007-08-07 @ 07:56:43
Hey jerk, it is MY JOB to make insane election maps, not yours!prediction Map

 By: gporter (R-TN) 2007-08-07 @ 08:37:52
This map is simply insane. I do not believe that the democrats will ever carry all fifty states.prediction Map

 By: floating_to_sea (D-TX) 2007-08-07 @ 11:59:29
hillary delano roosevelt lmao

Last Edit: 2007-08-07 @ 11:59:59
prediction Map

 By: floating_to_sea (D-TX) 2007-08-07 @ 12:05:15
lol i like how even in our nationwide electoral sweep, we manage to not be able to overcome dem-leaners like wisconsin, iowa and new mexico and they stay competitive. hahaprediction Map

 By: CR (--MO) 2007-08-07 @ 15:07:19
This map makes me want to move to Australia, lol. prediction Map

 By: db099221 (--CA) 2007-08-07 @ 22:50:18
LOL, this map's possible if the Republicans nominate Dick Cheney and he gets convicted of involuntary manslaughter on the day before the election.prediction Map

 By: CultureKing (D-WA) 2007-08-08 @ 01:50:32
naw, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Mississippi and Alabama would still vote for Cheney in that situation.prediction Map

 By: H John Heinz (I-CA) 2007-08-08 @ 11:35:12
This is what one calls a heroin induced hallucination.prediction Map

 By: bonncaruso (D-DEU) 2007-08-12 @ 07:36:53
but one fun hallucination. A dem will first win Idaho when Jesus returns....prediction Map

 By: AnythingGoes41 (I-IL) 2007-08-29 @ 20:20:20
Hillary Clinton and what army?prediction Map

 By: RodB (--IL) 2007-08-31 @ 00:41:22
Hi man in red! Im man in Green! Its nice to meet you!prediction Map

 By: bluemcdowell (D-WV) 2007-09-05 @ 23:53:32
Boy this is my dream come true. It will never happen in our lifetime though. Sad but true....prediction Map

 By: cnbpjb (--GA) 2007-09-08 @ 11:08:43
This might happen if there is a sudden outbreak of Craigism in the ranks of all of the GOP candidates and U.S. Senators. -:) prediction Map

 By: bonncaruso (D-DEU) 2007-09-09 @ 08:16:54
cnbpjb: roflmao..... loved it!

That's what you call the "wide stance" approach to politics, yesiree!!
prediction Map

 By: AnythingGoes41 (I-IL) 2007-09-21 @ 04:02:47
Just wait until Craig sells his tell-all book!prediction Map

 By: bonncaruso (D-DEU) 2007-09-22 @ 14:47:02
once again, roflmao!!!!!prediction Map

 By: bonncaruso (D-DEU) 2007-09-22 @ 15:44:02

Fundraising details, hard cash facts.

"Both the DCCC and the NRCC have released their fundraising totals through August. It is very bad news for the Republicans. The story is at CQ Politics. The Democrats have a net $19 million to spend on congressional races; the Republicans have a net of $-2 million. These figures mean that in close races, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), chairman of the DCCC, can pour money in to help his candidate while Rep. Tom Cole (R-OH), chairman of the NRCC, is broke. This situation is a massive reversal of the historical pattern in which the Republicans outraise the Democrats nine ways to Sunday. Coupled with more than half a dozen Republican retirements, it is going to be well nigh impossible for the GOP to take back the House. The Senate looks even worse, as we have reported over the past two weeks."

DCCC: (2007) 43 million raised, 23 million spent, leaving 22 million cash on hand minus 3 million debt = 19 million.

(Note: The numbers in the equation are rounded to the nearest million, which is why the arithmetic appears to be wrong.)

Now, here is the telling part:

NRCC: (2007) 35 million raised, 34 million spent, leaving 2 million minus 4 million debt = -2 million.

This means that the GOP must first raise 2 million to just break even, and then another 19 million to try to catch-up to the DEMS, who will certainly have raised more by the end of the calender year. predicted the 2004 presidential election exactly and predicted the senate and house elections in 2006 almost exactly to a tee.
prediction Map

 By: Liberalrocks (D-CA) 2007-11-29 @ 23:50:27
This map kicks ASS Loves It
Hillary Rocks!
I think it may be the best map yet LMFAO
prediction Map

 By: Liberalrocks (D-CA) 2007-11-29 @ 23:56:51
Not that it matters what percentage of the popular vote must she have had in this landslide lmao against Dick Cheney right? Hillary Rocks!!!prediction Map

 By: cnbpjb (--GA) 2007-11-30 @ 00:20:10
No, Liberalrocks, Hillary defeated Larry Craig in this map. -:) (Read above, my comments from early September). prediction Map

 By: Josh Lyman (D-PRT) 2007-11-30 @ 10:54:39
This is a Hillary agaisnt Homer Simpson scenario. But even in that case I think Homer would carry Utah.prediction Map

 By: bonncaruso (D-DEU) 2007-11-30 @ 14:46:52
This is Hillary against Homer Simpson in coma.prediction Map

 By: Liberalrocks (D-CA) 2007-12-01 @ 00:02:33
Utah sucksprediction Map

 By: CR (--MO) 2007-12-01 @ 00:24:36
Hey now I like Utah. :pprediction Map

 By: bonncaruso (D-DEU) 2007-12-01 @ 15:43:00
I bet you do. :)prediction Map

 By: tmthforu94 (R-KS) 2008-09-24 @ 12:44:01
Hell would freeze over before this happened.
Utah, Kansas, and about a dozen other states would NEVER vote for Barack Hussein Obama
prediction Map

 By: jlorenzen (D-OH) 2008-09-24 @ 13:52:20
But your Indiana might!!prediction Map

 By: wingindy (I-IN) 2008-09-25 @ 00:58:12
Indeed. :Pprediction Map

 By: FrenchEd (D-NJ) 2008-09-25 @ 01:39:58
Final proof that bigoted Obama bashers are either blind or illiterate: this map features a Clinton coup, not an Obama election... But never mind.prediction Map

 By: FrenchEd (D-NJ) 2008-09-25 @ 01:39:58
Final proof that bigoted Obama bashers are either blind or illiterate: this map features a Clinton coup, not an Obama election... But never mind.prediction Map

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