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Date of Prediction: 2012-05-06 Version:13

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 By: Americanadian (D-ON) 2012-05-07 @ 18:24:50 prediction Map
Your confidence map does not reflect your prediction map at all.

You have AL at 70% GOP while only leaning GOP???

You also have MT at 50% GOP while being strong GOP???

Not to be too critical but I don't see a lot of this map happening in Nov...

 By: dnul222 (D-MN) 2012-05-09 @ 21:30:21 prediction Map
Actually this map is one of the scenarios that could happen after the gay marriage support, weak economy and good performance by Mitt in I think it is going to happen - probably no, as a later poll has Iowa in Obama's camp by a good per centage and New Hampshire too...where I see him still doing well is in the suburbs, which means Pennsylvania stays for Obama by a smaller% than last time, where I see him losing is possibly Ohioo with rural voters now enthused on the social issue and the energy issue (coal), maybe NC with rural ovters deserting to ROmney in greater numbers because of social issues.

ANyway close election..

I had an interesting trip back to the states via Canada/Toronto where I talked to a number of Americans about there concerns, non partisan conversations and most see the reelection of Obama and ROmney as a weak candidate...this is people flying all over the world from Paris, Japan and to canada and into the states...not scientific but if you can fly today you are generally not the working class many of whom are out of work...

 By: dimez_recon (R-KY) 2012-05-15 @ 20:09:03 prediction Map
Honestly, I don't bother with the %s. I'm pretty lazy in that respect, haha. Besides, I'm obviously not that good at this based on my 2008 prediction, lol.

 By: dimez_recon (R-KY) 2012-05-15 @ 20:26:33 prediction Map
I am making a change though. If Walker survives, I think the momentum will put Wisconsin well within play.
And the key thing I think will make this election NOT a close one is the economy. "Its the economy, stupid" is back with a vengence. Gay marriage is not an issue that will cost Romney votes. But I suspect most Democrats are more concerned with jobs and the debt then they are over the issue of gay marriage and sticking it to a particular class. I'm a partisan, but also a fan of the 'game'. The president's last few weeks is bewildering me. He is either getting as much cash as possible early on for the long haul, or he's not understanding what's going on right now.

 By: dnul222 (D-MN) 2012-05-16 @ 07:29:48 prediction Map
Recent polls have Obama ahead by double figures in MN and NH and though closer it may mean he will hold much of the Gore states if not all and maybe add some and still win..

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P 2012 President 46/56 11/56 57/112 50.9% pie 19 16 753
P 2012 Rep Primary 16/52 4/52 20/104 19.2% pie 6 - 193T
P 2008 President 45/56 25/56 70/112 62.5% pie 1 142 958T
Aggregate Predictions 107/164 40/164 147/328 44.8% pie

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