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Date of Prediction: 2016-10-02 Version:2

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I think the polls are not completely accurate. I believe that there are a lot of voters who are not admitting that they support Trump and and are going to vote for him.<br /> <br /> The beauty is we have a secret ballot election. No one will know how your vote was cast. You may tell a pollster that you don't support Trump, but once your alone in the booth you will vote knowing that no one will know how you voted. <br /> <br /> Hillary has been doing this her entire adult life; and she couldn't crush a non-politician in the debate.

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 By: cptarmy03 (R-MA) 2016-10-20 @ 09:11:22 prediction Map
Trump clearly won this debate and exposed Hillary for the crook she is and how corrupt she, bill, and the clinton foundation is. <br /> <br /> They enriched themselves at the expense of hungry children in haiti

 By: wingindy (I-IN) 2016-10-20 @ 11:26:15 prediction Map
They enriched themselves at the expense of many, as has Trump. At least Trump doesn't claim to have been a "public servant" at the time. Polling may not be completely accurate, but this map shows it in complete meltdown, which it is not.

 By: cptarmy03 (R-MA) 2016-11-04 @ 12:36:49 prediction Map
after what happen this week with the FBI reopening the investigation and the polls tightening and her lead in states she should carry being wiped out, sounds like a Meltdown to me for the Hillary campaign....

 By: wingindy (I-IN) 2016-11-05 @ 02:21:31 prediction Map
May be! You'll see I changed my map since commenting

User's Predictions

Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank#Pred
P 2016 President 42/56 24/56 66/112 58.9% pie 2 37 614T678
P 2016 Senate 32/34 19/34 51/68 75.0% pie 1 2 60T362
P 2016 Governor 9/12 4/12 13/24 54.2% pie 1 2 119T279
P 2014 Senate
P 2014 Governor 28/36 12/36 40/72 55.6% pie 2 1 241T300
P 2012 President 41/56 28/56 69/112 61.6% pie 2 35 735T760
P 2012 Senate 21/33 7/33 28/66 42.4% pie 2 30 334T343
P 2012 Governor 7/11 4/11 11/22 50.0% pie 1 30 211T228
P 2012 Rep Primary 11/52 2/52 13/104 12.5% pie 2 - 206T231
P 2010 Senate 28/37 8/37 36/74 48.6% pie 2 13 422T456
P 2010 Governor 24/37 13/37 37/74 50.0% pie 2 13 253T312
Aggregate Predictions 243/364 121/364 364/728 50.0% pie

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