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Date of Prediction: 2016-10-28 Version:7

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Well I tweaked some percentages and flipped North Carolina and Iowa. Although it should tighten I feel that CLinton will win although I do not know how I am voting yet...I am lost without party this year.

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 By: dnul222 (D-MN) 2016-10-28 @ 06:32:03 prediction Map
I will probably update this one more time before election starts on Nov. 8th although more than 10% have already voted.<br /> <br /> I love elections but this one is worse than anyone I have participated in since the 1840's (no I did not participate in those but close)...

 By: wingindy (I-IN) 2016-10-29 @ 11:45:17 prediction Map
How about McMullen or Kotlikoff?

 By: dnul222 (D-MN) 2016-10-29 @ 15:05:20 prediction Map
I believe that Utah may flip to Independent...I am hoping more Clinton voters there jump ship to the Independent. <br /> Recent revelations over Weiner's pornography do not say much about the quality of action from the FBI. I believe there is not much there but that the FBI note was a corrective for the early gaff. <br /> <br /> Where it may hurt the most is down ballot.<br /> <br /> <br /> Amazing election and far fewer dirty tricks than people think...not like Nixon in '72 or even LBJ in '64 not to mention his Texas senate runs....<br /> <br /> anyway I really wanted to vote GOP for Pres this year and would have if anyone but Trump.<br /> <br />

 By: JPPablo (D-CA) 2016-11-04 @ 17:19:52 prediction Map
dnul222, vote for Clinton! What America seriously needed was a Democrat-led Congress, after these last six years of Republican obstructionism. But returning back to a Republican President - especially Trump - is out of the question. A vote for anybody but Clinton is a vote for Trump.

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 By: dnul222 (D-MN) 2016-11-07 @ 11:53:17 prediction Map
Well you are right about some things. But I think that Trump is speaking the right issues when he talks about finances. We need lower corporate tax rate (less loopholes) and most important we must have a balanced budget AND lower the debt. The biggest threat to American democracy is the debt not ISIS or Russia but the debt. The Soviet Union fell apart because of finances. I do not see Clinton tackling this. But in the end the possibility of trump will drive me to vote for Clinton and that is tomorrow.!

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Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank#Pred
P 2016 President 50/56 16/56 66/112 58.9% pie 8 1 614T678
P 2016 Senate 32/34 11/34 43/68 63.2% pie 8 0 317T362
P 2014 Senate 32/36 16/36 48/72 66.7% pie 19 13 240T382
P 2014 Governor 31/36 16/36 47/72 65.3% pie 2 162 97T300
P 2013 Governor 2/2 2/2 4/4 100.0% pie 1 229 1T153
P 2012 President 54/56 30/56 84/112 75.0% pie 46 2 630T760
P 2012 Senate 31/33 7/33 38/66 57.6% pie 8 3 283T343
P 2012 Governor 9/11 5/11 14/22 63.6% pie 1 78 157T228
P 2012 Rep Primary 26/52 4/52 30/104 28.8% pie 1 - 154T231
P 2010 Senate 34/37 11/37 45/74 60.8% pie 50 7 306T456
P 2010 Governor 34/37 18/37 52/74 70.3% pie 26 6 143T312
P 2008 President 53/56 24/56 77/112 68.8% pie 83 1 625T1,505
P 2008 Senate 30/33 14/33 44/66 66.7% pie 4 122 281T407
P 2008 Governor 9/11 5/11 14/22 63.6% pie 1 286 212T264
Aggregate Predictions 427/490 179/490 606/980 61.8% pie

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