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Date of Prediction: 2010-09-07 Version:1

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* = Pickup via defeat of incumbent; ^ = Pickup of an open seat

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Prediction States Won
19 |
37 |
37 |

Confidence States Won
19 |
37 |
37 |

State Pick-ups

Gain Loss Hold Net Gain
Inc. Open Total Inc. Open Total Inc. Open Total

Predicted Senate Control (112th Congress):
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Prediction Score (max Score = 74)

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takethis reactionaries!

Member Comments
 By: [Faye] (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 17:29:43 prediction Map
Wow, this is a nice change of scenery! Are you a Democrat now Faye?

By the way, a person of "reactionary" ideology is a conservative! ;)

 By: Faye, (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 18:34:48 prediction Map
thank goodnessthere is another faye on here other than that bed headed commie with three maps shewas really getting on my nerves

 By: Faye, (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 18:36:01 prediction Map
shewas my former neighbor one crazylady for sure

 By: Faye, (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 18:36:23 prediction Map
bennie sanders for president !

 By: Faye, (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 18:52:32 prediction Map
I'm shocked nobody has begun guessing who I am. Apparently my faye-style grammar is doing the trick.

 By: Faye, (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 19:32:20 prediction Map
This was set up to be a joke, and the punchline is coming. Don't take it too seriously as it is intended to be EXTREMELY unserious.

 By: KS21 (I-KS) 2010-09-07 @ 19:45:06 prediction Map
Of course someone is making this puppet map.

I don't even think the Republican Faye is real.

You are not CR.

Or bonncaruso.

You are not me.

You are likley not Miles.

Most definently not LR or Doniki.

Not BushCountry.

Most likley albaleman.

 By: KS21 (I-KS) 2010-09-07 @ 19:49:27 prediction Map
But albaleman would likely have WI at D>90.

 By: KS21 (I-KS) 2010-09-07 @ 20:09:58 prediction Map
So, I don't know, suprise me.

Who are you?

 By: albaleman (D-MN) 2010-09-07 @ 20:26:21 prediction Map
I don't know who this person is but I can say with certainty it is not me. Whoever it is is a jerk who needs a life.

 By: CR (--MO) 2010-09-07 @ 20:43:39 prediction Map
Even though its only a joke map it still kind of makes me want to throw up.

 By: Liberalrocks (D-CA) 2010-09-07 @ 20:49:07 prediction Map
Its Miles?

 By: [Faye] (D-NV) 2010-09-07 @ 20:52:30 prediction Map
No, I already have a Faye map.

 By: KS21 (I-KS) 2010-09-07 @ 20:58:06 prediction Map
I have mine, although this one was intended to hint to me, no doubt.

Missouri, Washington, Arkansas all D>90.

 By: FrenchEd (D-NJ) 2010-09-08 @ 04:18:07 prediction Map
You guys really have way too much time on your hands. :D

 By: KS21 (I-KS) 2010-09-08 @ 07:40:50 prediction Map
Yeah, we do.

User's Predictions

Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank#Pred
P 2010 Senate 14/37 0/37 14/74 18.9% pie 1 56 457456
Aggregate Predictions 14/37 0/37 14/74 18.9% pie

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