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Date of Prediction: 2016-08-04 Version:218

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* = Pickup via defeat of incumbent; ^ = Pickup of an open seat

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Confidence States Won
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34 |
50 |

State Pick-ups

Gain Loss Hold Net Gain
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Predicted Senate Control (115th Congress):
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Version: 163

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2016 is winning <br /> Lean Democratic <br /> 45)CO-Bennet-D<br /> 46)IL-Duckworth-D<br /> 47)WI-Feingold-D<br /> Tossup<br /> 48)FL-Murphy-D<br /> 49)NV-Cortez Masto-D<br /> 50)NH-Hassan-D<br /> 51)OH-Strickland-D<br />

Version: 162

Democrats regain control of the US Senate by winning vulnerable Democratic held US Senate seats in CO-Bennet-D and NV-OPENReid-D/Cortez Masto-D and winning vulnerable Republican held US Senate seats in IL-Kirk-R/Duckworth-D,WI-Johnson-R/Feingold-D,NH-Ayotte-R/Hassan-D,OH-Portman-R/Strickland-D and FL-OPENRubio-R/if Murphy-D is the Democratic nominee plus Democratic nominee for POTUS Clinton or Sanders wins the Presidential Electoral College.

Version: 110

This is tribute to former Arkansas US Senators Dale Bumpers who died at the age 90 last week.<br /> Dale Bumpers represented the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. Unlike the recent former Democratic US Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor. Bumpers made a good decision retiring from the US Senate in 1998, a Democrat but a wrong Democrat replaced him.<br /> A Bumpers retirement in 2004 would have end up with a Republican replacing him due to Bush/Cheney coattails. A Bumpers retirement in 2010 would have resulted in a Republican replacing him. Republican wave.

Version: 34

Democrats guide to regaining majority control of the US Senate.<br /> Win US Senate races in CA,CO,CT,HI,IL,MD,NY,OR,VT,WA,and WI,-47D plus pure Tossup Races in <br /> NV and OH -49D and wild card races in<br /> AZ-McCain-R loses the Republican nomination to Ward-R who ends up making a gaffe in the General Election.<br /> FL-Murphy-D wins the Democratic nomination or Grayson-D faces Conteras Lopez-R or Desantis-R in the General Election.<br /> IN-Stutzman-R wins the Republican nomination and makes a Mourdock like gaffe in the General Election<br /> NH-Hassan-D decides to run for the US Senate.<br />

Version: 32

2016 US Senate Election.<br /> Democrats are strongly favored to win<br /> 37)CA-Harris-D<br /> 38)CT-Blumenthal-D<br /> 39)HI-Schatz-D<br /> 40)MD-Edwards-D<br /> 41)NY-Schumer-D<br /> 42)OR-Wyden-D<br /> 43)VT-Leahy-D<br /> 44)WA-Murray-D<br /> Republicans are strongly favored to win<br /> 31)AL-Shelby-R<br /> 32)AK-Murkowski-R<br /> 33)AR-Boozman-R<br /> 34)GA-Isakson-R<br /> 35)ID-Crapo-R<br /> 36)IA-Grassley-R<br /> 37)KS-Moran-R<br /> 38)KY-Paul-R<br /> 39)LA-Boustany-R<br /> 40)ND-Hoeven-R<br /> 41)OK-Lankford-R<br /> 42)SC-Scott-R<br /> 43)SD-Thune-R<br /> 44)UT-Lee-R<br /> Democrats are favored to win<br /> 45)CO-Bennet-D<br /> 46)IL-Duckworth-D<br /> 47)WI-Feingold-D<br /> Republicans are favored to win<br /> 45)MO-Blunt-R<br /> 46)NC-Burr-R<br /> Democrats are slightly favored to win<br /> 48)AZ-Kirkpatrick-D(if McCain loses in the primary)<br /> 49)FL-Murphy-D <br /> 50)IN-Hill-D(if Stutzman-R wins the primary)<br /> 51)NV-Cortez Masto-D<br /> 52)NH-if Hassan-D runs<br /> 53)OH-Strickland-D<br /> 54)PA-McGinty-D<br /> Republicans will win<br /> 47)AZ-if McCain-R wins the primary<br /> 48)FL-if Grayson-D wins the primary<br /> 49)IN-if Holcomb-R or Young-R win the primary<br /> 50)NV-if Republicans win at the Presidential level.<br /> 51)NH-if Hassan-D does not run.<br /> 52)OH-if Republicans win at the Presidential level.<br />

Version: 2

NV is the only Democratic held US Senate seat that is likely to be a lean Republican takeover. <br /> Democrats are going to hold onto CO,WA,CA,OR,CT,MD,NY,VT,and HI- 45D <br /> Democrats will pick up Republican held seats in IL and WI- 47D <br /> Without NV, Democrats will need to win 3 more Republican held seats <br /> OH,PA,and FL.

Version: 1

Democrats will win CA,CT,HI,MD,NY,OR,VT,and WA by a double digit margin. 44D <br /> Democrats will win CO,IL,NV,and WI by a high single digit margin. 48D <br /> Democrats need to win FL and OH or NH or PA to regain control of the U.S. Senate.

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 By: nkpolitics1279 (D-MA) 2016-08-04 @ 18:33:25 prediction Map
Democrats are favored to hold onto CA,CO,CT,HI,MD,NY,OR,VT,and WA- 45D<br /> Democrats are favored to pick up IL,NH,and WI -48D<br /> Democrats need to win NV,OH,and PA.

User's Predictions

Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank#Pred
P 2016 President 52/56 38/56 90/112 80.4% pie 20 4 10T678
P 2016 Senate 30/34 18/34 48/68 70.6% pie 221 4 164T362
P 2014 Senate 34/36 25/36 59/72 81.9% pie 97 16 42T382
P 2014 Governor 28/36 16/36 44/72 61.1% pie 1 325 171T300
P 2012 President 52/56 43/56 95/112 84.8% pie 111 1 314T760
P 2012 Senate 31/33 21/33 52/66 78.8% pie 27 38 74T343
Aggregate Predictions 227/251 161/251 388/502 77.3% pie

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