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Date of Prediction: 2018-11-06 Version:135

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My final map. Who knows? Anything can happen. Wait and see as always!

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 By: bluemcdowell (D-WV) 2018-11-07 @ 00:50:48 prediction Map
This nation is in big, big trouble after tonight. I am disappointed but not at all surprised that I think of it, not surprised at all. Somehow the GOP has managed to get away with deceiving my fellow Americans, the white evangelicals especially. It's looking more and more like Trump will be re-elected in 2020. It's a sad night to be an American. I should be surprised, but I am not. You get what you vote for. We will regret tonight, 100 percent.

 By: bluemcdowell (D-WV) 2018-11-07 @ 00:51:29 prediction Map
I blame my fellow liberals most of all. We self-destructed yet again. We keep shooting our ownselves in the foot time and time again, and can't get out of our own way. We handed this election to the Republicans on a silver platter, 100 percent certain.

 By: bluemcdowell (D-WV) 2018-11-07 @ 01:04:18 prediction Map
Like it or not, Hillary Clinton was still on the ballot in many Americans' eyes, even though her name technically wasn't. Perhaps Barack Obama too. Until we Dems can shake her ghost off (and probably his as well), we will not win a national election until our demographics eventually takeover. Sure long term Trump will help the Democrats, but the USA just cannot wait long term I'm afraid. I'm scared there won't even be an America after tonight. We needed help right now, and didn't get it. Sad but true for a final time.

Last Edit: 2018-11-07 @ 01:04:45

 By: man_of_honor885 (-PA) 2018-11-18 @ 19:43:23 prediction Map
Well, honestly, we will see and you may end up wrong or correct about this on many aspects or all of the fewer. Also time will tell as it impeccably seems to do. I was surprised by the results too, as we predicted similarly. I'll say that you shouldn't worry about this one election because things always change whether you or I like the current political climate is invalid to what Im saying here which is that the USA will find its way to greatness one way or another in the end.

 By: man_of_honor885 (-PA) 2018-11-18 @ 19:47:23 prediction Map
in my current prediction for 2020 I'm going to say that if the democrats pick either Bernie Sanders or Joseph Biden, they will beat Donald Trump. In reality it can be proven by the 2018 midterms that only a progressive or a democrat with high name recognition can defeat us Republicans in 2020.

 By: bluemcdowell (D-WV) 2019-01-24 @ 01:20:17 prediction Map
Looking back, I think we Dems have a slightly better than 50/50 shot of winning in 2020. It all depends upon the candidate. Yes the "messenger" does matter, just like it did in 2018. Hillary Clinton wasn't the right one. Man_Of_Honor, on America finding its way back to greatness, I have to disagree with you right now, as much as I hate it. Right now, the moderates are losing big time to the extremists both liberal and conservative. I only vote Dem most of the time because they are the "least of all evils," (I know many Republicans and conservatives who say the same thing), but I am very displeased with our political discourse right now. I think this hatred has sadly always loomed large unfortunately, but it's been magnified and exposed recently because of social media. They say most Americans aren't in real life what they say on social media. Sadly, they are. It's just that they're "too chicken" most of them to say that "face to face" in real life. The hate is real sad to say. I don't see it ever changing either. Sad but true for a final time. I think if the 2020 presidential election were held today, MI, WI, and PA would all flip back, and the rest of the states would remain the same. Trump can easily still win this thing. He could even lose more popular votes, and still win. We Dems are "intelligent but not smart" as they say, and in the USA, "intelligence" doesn't win elections, "smartness" does, and there is a stark difference between the two. Only Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have been able to figure that out since 1980. I think Bernie did too, but he just couldn't convince enough minority voters to win the Democratic nomination, which is an absolute must to win the Dem nomination nowadays.

 By: bluemcdowell (D-WV) 2019-01-24 @ 01:22:11 prediction Map
Election Day 2020 is still an eternity away, and anything and everything can and will happen in politics, and does so daily. Wait and see as always!

Last Edit: 2019-01-24 @ 01:22:36

 By: man_of_honor885 (-PA) 2019-02-18 @ 15:35:23 prediction Map
Yes, I agree with you on your predictions. Thank you for the reply!

User's Predictions

Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank#Pred
P 2020 President /56 /56 /112 % pie 535
P 2020 Senate /35 /35 /70 % pie 297
P 2020 Governor /11 /11 /22 % pie 205
P 2019 Governor 2/3 1/3 3/6 50.0% pie 6 3 104T192
P 2018 Senate 33/35 24/35 57/70 81.4% pie 135 0 24T483
P 2018 Governor 34/36 21/36 55/72 76.4% pie 66 2 122T372
P 2016 President 51/56 23/56 74/112 66.1% pie 290 1 473T678
P 2014 Senate 35/36 20/36 55/72 76.4% pie 22 13 122T382
P 2012 President 54/56 39/56 93/112 83.0% pie 85 2 401T760
P 2011 Governor 4/4 3/4 7/8 87.5% pie 5 36 2T106
P 2010 Senate 33/37 26/37 59/74 79.7% pie 63 0 63T456
P 2008 President 53/56 43/56 96/112 85.7% pie 167 1 74T1,505
P 2008 Senate 33/33 17/33 50/66 75.8% pie 21 7 117T407
P 2008 Governor 11/11 7/11 18/22 81.8% pie 16 0 50T264
P 2007 Governor 2/3 1/3 3/6 50.0% pie 4 27 135T167
Aggregate Predictions 345/366 225/366 570/732 77.9% pie

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