2000 Presidential Electors - Louisiana
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Elected: Republican Slate

Pledged to: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

ElectorPopular Vote Presidential BallotVice Pres. Ballot
Mike Foster927,871George W. BushDick Cheney
Suzanne Haik TerrellGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Patricia BristerGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Donald EnsenatGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Al LippmanGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Michael Woods, Sr.George W. BushDick Cheney
Elizabeth LevyGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Heulette Fontenot, Jr.George W. BushDick Cheney
Steve JordanGeorge W. BushDick Cheney

Defeated: Democratic Slate

Pledged to: Al Gore and Joe Lieberman

ElectorPopular Vote
Ben Jeffers792,344
Phyllis Landrieu
Bonnie Powell Tynes
Diana E. Bajoie
Jack D. Smith
Michael H. Wainwright
William J. 'Joe' McPherson
Sibal S. Holt
Doug Foreman

Defeated: Green Slate

Pledged to: Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke

ElectorPopular Vote
Tonya M. Jordan20,473
Marlynn Morse
Timothy John Gerage
Christy Paxson
Mary Tutwiler
Bradford A. Bowen
Nancy L. Wood
Aaron Hecht
Marieelle Pautz

Defeated: Reform Slate

Pledged to: Patrick J. Buchanan and Ezola Foster

ElectorPopular Vote
Deede Mule14,356
Linda D. Deffet
Dorothy H. Watson
Ronald J. Leonard
Richard Herberg, Jr.
Paul Carrington
Charles Ethell Bowman
Gilbert Faulk
Billy J. Monk

Defeated: Libertarian Slate

Pledged to: Harry Browne and Art Olivier

ElectorPopular Vote
Rebecca Breeden2,951
Richard C. Johnson
Ian P. Hawxhurst
Wayne Clement
Ken Mercer
William Arnold Jacobs
Carey P. Hendrix
Michael K. Perkins
Charles E. Sallier

Defeated: Constitution Slate

Pledged to: Howard Phillips and J. Curtis Frazier

ElectorPopular Vote
Mary Condit5,483
Keith Parker
Leo P. Champagne, Sr.
Jorge Maspons
Mildred V. 'Millie' Westcott
Shelvia Carroll
David Rockett
David J. Doiron
Karen L. Crocker

Defeated: Natural Law Slate

Pledged to: John Hagelin and Laura Ticciati

ElectorPopular Vote
Jennifer McHaffie1,075
Anita Rosenthal
Martin Albert Rosenthal
Rodney J. Colleti
Carol J. Johnson
Catherine Murrell Carter
Margaret O'Keefe Trotter
Lola Ritchie
Jason L. McHaffie

Defeated: Socialist Workers Slate

Pledged to: James Harris and Margaret Trowe

ElectorPopular Vote
Sandra Dillon1,103
Michael T. Howells
Alex Miller
Hubert R. Dobard, Jr.
Sam Horvath
Sadie W. Harper
Willie Evans
Stephen G. Donahue
Terry L. Armstrong

Louisiana Results for 2000


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